Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post Raya + Doa Selamat

well i just wanted to label it as doa selamat... a post raya meet actually... this time around i would not bother to re arrange the pix and all but ya so, here is some of the pix
Attendees: Post grad lab, SMC, Tutor FTMM and FPTEK
p.s Thanks Guys... for tolerating the food and the delay :D

Makan time
Grilled Chicken Tortilla
Self timer Family pix
ahaks dessert :Pengat jagung and my all new self made orange cake new recipe
Self Timer first round
Why lah i have to cook and i have to adjust this damn things....
yup the guy were so excited while the girls malu malu kambing
Still: They call them the beach boys
All new Shashukar recipe
Al fresco dining my personal choice for hi-tea
And again
Makan makan... alamak there is the tray for jalapeno poppers and i didnt manage to snap the output
Almost perfect family picture

Jalapeno poppers .. serve hot... so tak ada gambar baru kuar oven :P tak sempat

Monday, October 18, 2010

apa sebenarnya

2 month earlier i had a Minor eye sight goes blank... gelap habis- but only lasted for 3-4 second with elapse of 10-15minute

this month.. i hardly sleep or didn't sleep at all

this 3 days... baring telentang tapi rasa belakang kepala macam kena pijak!

peliknya.. tak ada severe headache...

damnu.... keep mixing up the Eng and BM, and i don't care about it....

to my body: please don't ask me to do something stupid like taking cough syrup + flu pills with coke...onegaishimasu... when i am not suppose to... i wont go for it since i promise myself I will not take even paracetamol after those ridiculous minor surg

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Itu pilihan kita

~menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia sempena bulan bahasa kebangsaan walaupun gagal beberapa hari untuk menggunakan BM selama 24jam sehari~

~tidak itu bukan isu hari ini
~ya saya busan membaca status di muka buku
~ya saya rasa itu pilihan kamu
~ya saya rasa ia pilihan saya untuk menulis coretan harini ini walaupun mungkin mengundang sesuatu.
~ya saya rasa geli membaca status di muka buku
  • kerana saya rasa kamu tak layak berkata seolah olah ilmu Agama didada bergitu mendalam kerana ternyata, kami mengatahui apa yg kau lakukan.
  • kerana saya rasa kamu tak patut bongkar segalanya kerana kamu lebih mengetahui pilihan yang kamu ambil selama ini ternyata salah. bukan sekali kamu membuat pilihan tersebut, tapi berkali kali
  • kerana saya rasa orang yang membanding-bandingkan Agama sesama kita tak layak duduk di negara yang berbilang Kaum, Adat dan Agama.
  • kerana saya rasa kamu suka berpura-pura
  • saya tak suka penipuan
  • saya tidak mengambil pihak
  • saya tak suka kerana akhirnya bangsa dan Agama saya dicela kerana kamu.
  • saya harap keduanya berhenti, saya berharap saya tak perlu baca lagi

bukan satu atau dua orang dalam hidup saya mengatakan saya kebudak budakan..... tapi saya rasa kamu berdua lebih teruk lagi kerana segalan pekung 5 tahun yang telah berlalu dibiarkan ketahuan. Maaf kawan, tahap kesabaran saya tidak dapat menampung pandangan saya yang semakin rapuh untuk menghormati kamu. tapi kalau kamu berdua boleh berpura-pura kenapa tidak saya. Ya ini pandangan saya sebagai seorang kawan!.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

4 Down few more to go and haih~ unfortunate event

Huhu the door gift

Firstly sorry if i can't make it to your wedding... 7 wedding reception and i only manage to attend 4 of them... but for tomorrow, need to discuss with mum about this...

first stop: Lily and Maha..... Wedding reception
congratsss may love bring you wealth and prosperity until the end... and sorry cant give you the two door fridge for your wedding gift... but since i was told that you really going to try for kids, i think that is a perfect gift :P wink wink

Second stop: Afiq and Fana
Bebudak kecik tahniah cepat cepat dimurahkan rezeki hendaknya.. uih best wei kawin anak.. belum sempat tua anak dah besar...

3rd stop: Zainal's off Zainal and Din construction Daughter Wedding reception
Huhu i love roasted kambing... and the gamelan too.... thanks for the invitation

4th: si kudud FUAD:
aihhh dah habis mengah dah makan aje.... but sorry i am so tired and turn to a selfish bitch and park right in front the tent :P ahaks manage talk for a while and... time toooo.. wohhh no not yet sista

5th: Open house (Avon jln rahmat)
uh didn't manage to even get out from the car.. just sekodeng from a far... huhuhu

Anyway the bad news is

on the way from first to second stop... suddenly there is a large stone... hit my car..saw it clearly it's coming from a lorry opposite direction of where we going to... and there (moral of the story.. you will be lucky if you use expensive glass materiel and be lucky the shield didn't burst to you and you still save felt at ease but... once you have a mark there :( )