Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still Practicing

Am supper tired today.. 4 dozen of Whoopie pie.... i sent Fydayu's at noon... i promise to sent in Mr.hatta's/mama Sam theirs at 5 but i was stuck in traffic after sending Eric's order... arrive UTHM a bit later than schedule..... Thanks for all the order.... langsung tak sempat nak amik gambar.. but i left 3 pieces for my self... sempat lagi pau En.Hatta n his friend Petai fresh from kebun.. yeay... (sah aku muka tak malu- nak tanam sendiri lom tentu leh buah kan)
Anyway due to my extreme headache i cant sleep and try to finish reading this book:

well as you know ... i never good in any language.. i wrote this blog in English.... kengkonon practice my knowledge... but ... sigh.... i failed to understand every-bits of it... darn... how am i going to be good in English... well conversation wise, and most importantly writing!..... huhu
practice practice practice..... with no gurus to point my mistake.. this effort seems worthless.... but am trying still thou :-}... hurm.. i was expecting a long distance call... but at this rate ... now almost subuh i think there will be no call tonight.... warui....

oh oh student baru masuk telah flo0ded my gmail chat ahahha (siapa yg buat flood prediction NN untuk master tu apesal tak hantar warning kat sini huhu diam je awek SMC tu)...
ayat skema: Miss blackboard tak boleh masuk la... tak payah buatlah ek exercise tu...
jawapan: saya dah lampirkan kat sini sampai lab 3 .. tolong agihkan ye.... huhu.....
>>>>(apasebenarnya)maaf miss tak boleh rock lagi kang miss yg kena insert delete ni kang..... nasib siap siap dah bagi email yg lagi satu.. floodlah flood jgn bagi spam ngan Fw msg dah....

Apesal aku rindu sangat kat workstation dalam SMC tu... rindu nak pakai Linux hoho tak lah buntu :P tak lah aku rasa aku rindu men kat Terminal hohoho sekali kena guna dos aku yg pening... kenapakah... lagi satu oleh kerana busy yang amat... tak dapat nak explore web /desktop n os.... baru dapat cloud eyeos... yang lain .. belum cuba betul betul...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sheila Majid - Dengarkanlah youtube vids and lyrics

Berkerdipan bintang di langit malam meneman bulan
Mengasyikkan memadu asmara di sebalik awan
Oh bulan ku ingin berterus terang
Meluahkan perasaan

Angin lalu meniup menghembus membisik namamu
Menemankan senyuman menawan dibuai khayalan
Bahagia itu yang aku inginkan milik kita selamanya

Dengarkanlah laguku ku ciptakan untukmu
Menghargai dirimu di sisiku
Dengarkanlah laguku ku nyanyikan untukmu
Buat sekian lama hanyalah dikau di hatiku

(ulang bridge & korus)

Percayakan aku segala yang ku janjikan
Hidup bersama seperti bulan dan bintang

(ulang korus)

Dengarkanlah laguku
Dengarkanlah laguku
Ku nyanyikan untukmu
Ku ciptakan untukmu

Bila aku dengar ringtone abang aku n... entah terasa kat hati bila sampai pada ayat "percayakan aku segala yang ku janjkan, hidup seperti bulan dan bintang".....

seperti bulan dan bintang adalah pesanan yang aku terima .... kelakarkan hidup ni...

we keep hoping and we keep believing until on one fine day without a single warning ...clearly it is not going to happen....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Masa untuk layan jiwang

Di saat

Disaat kamu ingin melepaskan seseorang
ingatlah pada saat kamu ingin mendapatkannya

Disaat kamu mulai tidak mencintainya
ingatlah saat pertama kamu jatuh cinta padanya

Disaat kamu mulai bosan dengannya
ingatlah selalu saat terindah bersamanya

Disaat kamu ingin menduakannya
bayangkan jika dia selalu setia

Saat kamu ingin membohonginya
ingatlah disaat dia jujur padamu

Maka kamu akan merasakan arti dia untukmu
Jangan sampai disaat dia sudah tidak disisimu,
Kamu baru menyadari semua arti dirinya untukmu

Copied from: Blog Hanis Zalikha

Am not feeling well recently.. i am not sure what is happening to me..i complain to my mum about minor vibration at my knee joint and elbow...
starting 3 days ago...i experience lightheaded .... felt a similar vibration but this time around it was my brain.... macam contraction pun other... almost every 10 minute.. sometime 5 minute.... not sure how to explain but when it occur my sight went a little blur..

(not sure whether you guys experience this) sometime when you driving you see yourself accident further up the road... it was like 1 sec but you see the visual clearly...

weird because what i see is blank.....blank almost as if your time was taken from you 1sec++.....

it annoyed me because i cant focus .. makan cukup, tidor cukup... what could be the trigger ek?

balik dari meeting tadi i sat inside my car almost 20 minute..... i do felt a little nausea thou but i always experience that especially when temperature drop to 25 degrees ... but in hot whether selalu pengsan terus mana ada vibrate ni semua hoho.... anyway... hopefully i will be okay thou...

Monday, July 26, 2010


i am seriously tired..... because each time i wanted to rest i cant get enough of it....

a lot of thing went through my mind..
ibu tak sihat, my future seems shading semuanya sebab ayat ibu pagi tadi and i feel like all my plan was not going to be any part of me.... i keep calling my eldest brother to talk.. just to talk .. nothing in particular about my problem... am just sick and tired... i wish he was here.. with me.... siapa "he" tu.. well Daddy of course.. Kejam tak kalau aku suruh balik sini just to talk to me.....

felt like crying and i badly need hug...... i shouldn't think too much... i shouldn't hope too much...

i just wish i can talk to someone about this... just that this is my problem don't think i can trust anyone.... banyak masalah okay bukan bab plan n kerja je

(jump citer lain sat)
masa dapat msg FB dari Reen semalam tu pun aku dah terkejut dia suggest macam ni= ala jual je kek n cookies macam tu... (Aku tau berniaga tu memang idea yg bagus.... cuma aku ni yg problem..... nak kata inferiority complex... aku rasa semua tak setuju kot.... but i will consider it- itu bila fobia menjual makanan ni dah hilang.... eii fail betul bab letak harga ni pening)

bersambung balik dengan masalah sebelum suggestion Reen tu...
I should learn from dfy.... aku patut lenyap je... vapors into thin air.... dah lama plan nak tinggal kan FB memula haritu okay lah gak.. men game je.. sekali sekala tahan tahan terjoin juga conversation lastly i was suck into it.....

pastu seperti biasa... ada je new news... and gossip... and... it just tires me up.. pagi ni dapat schedule.. pelik .. apesal pulak aku dapat schedule... apakah sebenarnya???? sorrylah Imran n Zaini tak dapat che nak nolong

Whoopie pie/whoopsie pie and my busy weekend


as always... prepare for Ibu and her peeps breakfast every Saturday and Sunday... but on Saturday i attend funeral.. well tell the truth i hate funeral.... it remind me of my late dad : Walid. Anyway i was happy to know that my family grief calmly and respectfully towards my dad departure.... we weren't laughing and we don't shed too much tears....

everybody(My siblings) calmly manage the kenduri... my "AUNT" disagree on this.. but i know deep in my heart my dad will agree on me

Although my parents push me to read Malay literature ...
surprisingly, i am not that bright.
one of the books i loves read was "Hikayat Awang Sulong Merah Muda" ...
according to the book

W.E Maxwell said
"A Small Reward, a hearty welcome and a good meal await the Malay rhapsodist wherever he goes and he wanders among the Malay villagers as homer did among the Greek cities....."

I wish to keep that tradition forever it takes. as how my parents greet and welcome friends and families to the place we call home.

it was restless night after my dad in ICU and lastly back at home for the last time.... i remember how the last 1 month Walid here with me.... Miss him loads.... and i hope the person who will marry me loves me as much as my Dad did.... yes the person who will take over my dad place, whom my children hang on to..... which we call Daddy.....and hopefully Walid


Last night midnight I've waited for Fara to deliver the cream cheese.... she order whoopie pie.. which I change it to whoopsie pie... somehow it sounded as sinful as the desert itself.... i was pretty busy i told fara i will come over at 10am but i completed baking at almost 10.30am.... i grab my jacket and went straight to far's house... it was empty.. (she said she went out at 11 must be we selisih on the road) anyway i deliver at 1pm at last.. that is after i deliver another order...some picture to share

Whoopie Pie: Chocolate cake sandwich with cream cheese filling and top with chocolate ganache....

yes and the last part is the part which i tell you is the hardest part for me to write.... but since a lot of people ask me for the price i think i should put the price in.

if anyone interested to order...

i will only take order for
1 Dozen: RM 35
2 Dozen: RM 60

no window boxes... you need to request window box ... and FOC delivery only up to bukit pasir, BP Mall, Taman Soga, Taman Tanjung and Jambatan Sungai Batu Pahat.... there....

trust me It's all for LOVE...

p.s for cheese haters like me... i can substitute ;) the filling with butter cream/ chocolate butter cream

P.S.... Special Thanks To Fara for the order....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amazed about changing into "in a relationship" status in FB

Actually i was disappointed ...
because i was hoping this make believe ritual turn to a prayers but what happen is

it turn out to be pop quiz

today i was not say piss but i was speechless by a friends.... if he is near i definitely kick him on his ass (kenapa kenapa ko kata cam tu tadi... uwaaaaa)
few question and words that are a little popular on my chat box and inbox
  1. sapa BF ko ni
  2. ah ko tak nak bagi tau aku tak nak doakan
  3. pakwe ko orang mana
  4. orang jengka eh? (untuk kesekian kalinya aku bg tau EJAL dah kawin 2 Tahun lepas ok-dan bukan dengan aku)
  5. pakwe ko kat malaysia kesekarang
  6. dia orang mana, malaysia ke
  7. aku tau pak we ko ni ECU/DIT kan
  8. alah alish aku tau mamat tu kan (aku sebenarnya pun amazed kalau ko tau siapa sedangkan aku tak tau lagi)
  9. ko ngan Apiz ke, eii tak lah kan aku dah kata bukan dia.. =.="' (dah lah awek yg dia suka ex roomate aku mana leh) tapi nama hafiz tu sedap... kenapakah?
  10. orang sabah eh (Bukan bukan bukan sarawak pun bukan)
yes untuk kaum yg meneka neka tu apa kata ko berhenti meneka sat.... start doa lak untuk aku eh...
untuk yang dah doakan untuk aku tak kira siapakah orang tu.. TERIMA KASIH

amazed can't believe most of you guys taken deep interest in my personal life.. happy thou....but please do pray for me... first of all FYI... i would love to make my mum happy and support her.... extend my capability and only then... this will happen... yup 3 years after this maybe there will be a good news for you guys... but for now.... that is just it....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jay Chou - You Can Hear It (Ni Ting De Dao) Sub'd

Not sure how can i put this.... reschedule was not in my plan.... life hard now.... i know... i can bear to wait this long..... extend and move my plan further up t 3 years... sabishii yo... i know i am to dependent but i cant help it.... boleh ke aku sabar ni.... kenapa aku rasa sangat kehilangan minggu ni.... lost on my own path i guess..... dame desu... atashii............ chotto sabishii..... defychan wa daijabu desu ka... atashii wa daijabu janai yo.....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Faith And Answered

I've waited and you answered me ALLAH Thanks thanks...
Ya Basit, Ya Salaam, Ya Fatah, Ya Moiz Ya Latiff, Ya Karim, Ya Wasih.....
Thank you ... it is all for love, for ibu and my future undertaking

and special thanks to
FKMP Peeps who back me up (Dr.Zawati, Pak Win, Zaini and Imran)

FTMM Peeps who help me through the Way (Dr. Nazri and his GRA Ham + Zubair)

SMC and FRIENDS for the prayers

ANATA who see me through my sadness without i have to tell you anything.. thanks

am praying hard.... please let it be for another chance in UTHM

Nelly - Fly Away Youtube vids + Lyric

This was like my fav song ever.... keep me on the right track you know :D listen and sing along... from one of my favorite movie "The Longest Yard"

[Nelly Talking]
Free City
This is a shout out to every young brother ya know
Thats doin his thing right now
Keep ya head up...
He’s walkin the yard wishin he had wings
Ya know so he could fly up out that joint

If I could fly away
Ooo and I wouldn’t come back no more
I, I’d turn around,
Just to see it for the last time,
See, now I know
Hey, that it won’t be easy
I done fought through the battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard

[Verse 1]
Man, it’s the longest yard I ever had to get in my life
And see my life ain’t right, if my wife don’t write
My niggas cant eat if the fish don’t bite
My raise the gross sales, like Mike at night
Like big brother almighty
I keep a gamma ray, I’ma G-Phi-G
Take a G-Phi jeep, G-Phi deep
To some of their bare feet
And that jeep don’t speak
Listen man they lock it down round herre
See body bag and gag and you're found round herre
This as serious as it sound round herre
The guards guard the ground, 4 pounds round herre
And they ain’t playin, they’re just lettin you know
That anything they want to happen, it can happen real slow
Get the word from upstairs, put you in that hole
I can't take it, I’m just ready to go

If I could fly away
Ooo and I wouldn’t come back no more
I, I’d turn around,
Just to see it for the last time,
See, now I know
Hey, that it won’t be easy
I done fought in a battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard
Yeah yeah, its still the longest yard
Uh uh, its still the longest yard
Um um, its still the longest yard
I done fought in a battle and I done made it this far

[Verse 2]
I’m in my cell 20 hours a day
And doin push-ups ever hour a day
Cause I'm tryin to keep the cowards away
Thats why I'm markin off the calendar days
Tryin to get it out of the way
And I'm just tryin to keep a peace of mind
And I'm gon shank a mother------ with a piece of mine
Cause he tryin to take a piece of mine
So I'm gon slice his --- a piece at a time
But now that they close the door
Lock me in and cell 30 deep but its built for 10
Tell me what kind of world they got you in
With the barbed wire fences, box you in
From now, til they turn off the lights
I’ma read anything in sight
It's kinda hard tryin to read at night
But I’ma change my life
And hope another brother take this flight


[Verse 3]
(Oohh no) I gotta make it out this place some how
(Oohh no) Man I really believe that I can turn it around
(Oohh no) You see, all I need is that second chance to show,
since incarceration, my obligation to rehabilitation
(Oohh no) Punch me high, and kick me low,
(Oohh no) Spit on me its gonna take more than that for them to break my soul
(I said Oohh no) Man its hard for people to understand what its like to be,
gated, incarcerated , Most cant take it, but I’ma make it man to see better days


If I could fly away,
If I could I turn around,
If I could fly away

Nota mengada ngada

"Ya Allah kurniakan Alish kerjaya yang stabil untuk bantu dan jaga ibunya, dan sampaikanlah segala hajat dan doa beliau untuk masa depannya, kerjayanya, dan jodohnya,Amin"

Yes am a little to put it restless with my life... i am currently working on two things... i am juggling up my fate and life and hopefully the newly arrived light in my life will lit up the whole package.

I badly need to work up on my career so i can back up Ibu.... and my future.... i need something solid... i hope my friend will finally gave up the contact i need... i won't move to K**** thou... that was my initial plan this year... but i hope this will be the right choice..... i need to be close to ibu even KL is not near...... i hope i can help her so much.. i hope i can support her forever it take....

at the same time i want my love life going on perfectly... it is not easy to maintain this long distance...... but i keep my head as positive as ever....

Hope and prayers is all i got now... please please please make it work... Amin

Whoever read this blog post ...please help me pray... i badly want things to start going with a nice flow and burst to flying colors...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

【グルメWalker】 横浜 うなぎ料理 横浜野田岩

How can i survive doing this.... okay 3 things:
1. Fresh lobster
2. Fresh crab
3. any fresh fish or eel

Dia once ask me... mmy habis kalau ikan fresh mmy buat camne
well as far as i remember ikan sembilang ke keli ke aku campak je dalam freezer
hohoho sedih lah... Lord give me strength.. kenapa la dia ni sangat suka bebenda ni..... i love to eat.. and i love cooking ... killing... owh please Lord give me strength... i love unagi.. i would love to prepare one, can i cheat with tesco marinated unagi? bwahahaha selamat

Saturday, July 17, 2010

3rd Week in KL

I don't have much activities thou third week... atashino ボーイフレンド ada hal kat KL ....
we finally get to meet up after a year.. yup i know... my friend warn me me if am careless i would lost him thou i just don't want to push it... we promised and i believe we could withstand all interruption... i do jealous but i found it ridiculous to fight over the girls who like him... yes you guys should impress we meet once a year.. well we met once last year a very short 3 hours... we met this year.. jalan jalan kat Putrajaya and that's it..pergi Alamanda cari A4 size envelope for sending in his proposal... exit from Alamanda.. pusing pusing inside precint 2 and 3
..... amik MEX sebab jalan tu jauh sikit we manage to talk more... exit bukit jalil... patah balik sebab salah amik exit to kl, sepatutnya seremban.... sorry ボーイフレンド... lupa... aish ingat nak balik tdo da. Urgh i miss him loads.....

no makan story as well... but i do a lot of shopping thou... a lot of things on my list but i didn't manage to bought it all like those pot herbs in jusco... or anchovies in olive oil or those canned blueberries and raspberry ... hurm seems like my cake plan will be put on hold.... i have like 45 item on list ... tak cukup duit pulak.... i showed my friend my shopping list he shock his head because i put SANMA there... then he ask what is SANMA i just had to drag him there.....
Yes this is sanma... only available in kl grocery store
my plan for this would be sanma takikomi gohan

So the things that i do in my 3rd week:

SSing: Every morning


Try to replicate this but failed... but love the look thou.... damn it i suppose to pull this out since am in midvalley city (lotsa lotsa shop-lots).... i can't even manage to replicate and restyle this look.. boring...

my friend and i notice there is missing frame on the wall.... the IGB hallway

uh the best part about living in my brother apartment is
1. it is like a lego land.... no pulling out hand breaks are allowed
2. you get to park it you HEBAT enough
3. if the car park in building compound are full... feel free to do this
see that proton saga he totally taken my place...
Doria stayed with me once... we park at the side pavement kesian , she help me to align the bricks so i can manage to get my car up there

as always i use streamyx at home i cant bring it around with me... I left my Sony cable if i use bluetooth for modem connection it will be too slow.. on third week abang sal bagi pinjam broadband kak win and every night surfing till morning

i always wanted to try this in noodle station

i ordered wonton in soyu and mix my own spicy favor to suit my buds
there's a white pepper, soyu, chili onion shrimp oil, and chili flakes...

Had vegetable soup ..
that is while watching England kalah..
why did i order this eh?
owh hurm well my so long never met ボーイフレンド he claim I gain to much :P blekkkk

arghhh to much love from my brother - banana fritters with vanilla ice cream drizzle with maple syrup is indeed the best last dessert in KL...

mee rebus in sri hartamas
(Funny orang johor makan mee rebus kat kl pelik tu)
Meet my elders brother in sri hartamas for our last dinner in both of them... thanks for the hospitality.... well we never look alike ... you should see my other 2 brothers.... too different

Goreng telur masukkan nasi dalam bekas mangkuk baki sambal tumis my mum makan... sikit kicap + slice of bird eyes chilly... nothing like home cooked meal and jasmin rice

hurm i like this lamp thou.... nice

i learn few things... skipping rice will not help you shave off those lump.....
i have salads, sandwich and noodles almost every single day and i still gain weight
rupanya DON'T take butter head, or ice burg lettuce they only help you to gain weight
should have stick to my favorite : romaine lettuce

of track issues:
why the hell i dream about Farashafina again...
she was crying , she has the look on her face when she look at Syam... why is that..... after i ask about her well-being suddenly a man came to me
it ended with he asked to follow him or i will end in matter of that week.. but i just don't want to share what happen in that's awful even the person i love was... NVM... ALLAH please save us all....
i never finish discuss with my ボーイフレンド about the hate sms and all those BS
we don't do sharing that much... he never ask about my past....
especially pasal kes ugut ni..... it all happen after he went off outstation, out of Malaysia, he IDD called me only on weekends.....i feel bad talking about what happen.... maybe i felt guilty when
i almost share it with my ex bf..... i am trying not to be nice with all my ex now... in my respect to my
... problem for me clash doesn't mean you need to be enemy.... hate, dislike every-other thing should not be spoiled by your ego..... i like to explain so that we can be close again.. i am lucky to have him (He know when i start to doubt... he always explain)thou it might sound a little stupid or childish...
contoh habib... how much i hate him... i still try to make him feel comfortable thou he is totally absolutely ridiculous

Friday, July 16, 2010

2nd Week in KL

can't remember much of second week am slowing down some activity thou


i think i only had my lunch box so no picture kecuali SS-ing in elevator
but now i think i remember why i skipped lunch because i save it for Karate Kids with few classmate
and had this for dinnerthat night
i just realize last night even "the mentalist" use motorola... my moto ok but if am not mistake his is v8 and mine is v9... tu pun kena kutuk gak ... uwaaaaaaaaaaa :(

Had Something from
but i am not sure what it is... tak ingat... ops owh owh dah jumpa apa... taken in my K770i.... so i had yong tau foo?
and am so hungry because i had yong tou foo for lunch... gila ke apa alish ni... hahaha as you guys know me i always fail to diet... so there..... dinner :

So this is again Thai basil chicken stir fry ke apa... anyway... it is not as spicy as they stated there
and as always no.10
(The waiter:
password wifi sini 10 20 30 40 -
my friend terus mencelah ye saya nak: no 10 satu... kelakar la)
thumbs up for this... i think each time we stop by noodle station i order this

more SS-sing in elevator perut saya semakin bulat telah kelihatan

so i had jom jimat set- RM6.70c
don't be deceived i have extra chicken because Chong is vegetarian at the end i share my lunch with johnny...
left: Chong the vegan, Right : Johnny Diet king
and we watch A-Team @ signature

Atikah And Fads... Thanks for much for the movie and dinner... Aku doakan kejayaan dan kekayaan korang supaya leh lanja alish lagi yeay

Malu they younger than me yet they belanja me... mudah mudahan korang di murahkan rezeki amin.....
and we so in love with this shop near my brother apartment - this people with Calpis (カルピス)
100yen shop
yes i notice i gain weight here...... teruk gila gain weight
started my day with my brother's power juice
if am not mistaken celery stalk, 1 carrot, 1 apple and entah (today is his of day- he made this if he manage to wake up early- Love you bro)
had pan mee for lunch... 6 ringgit mangkuk besar gaban
and refill my salad stock......

And this is my dinner... yup number 10 again

i only had this for lunch my breakfast box....
and i didn't had lunch.... i think i do had dinner but with my brother... FIFA showing USA vs something... i cant recall
owh me and my class mate habiskan duit dekat Lowyatt Plaza that night

Lepas kene pukul dengan aida sebab jual wireless headphone yang aku kirim dia belikan.. aku beli balik different design... bwahahaha (aida ham sekarang kitanya wireless hp sama la :P)
Saturday Sunday

Mostly house chores... i tot i suppose to lepak at Ayin's house the whole day lepas sending my laundry, but i cancel it off... Ibu tell me not to bug peoples house... anyway since Ayin's mum and my mum are so close i decide not to break rules so i do house chores the whole 2 days...... and watch the whole season 1 and 2 the mentalist.... yup Eat junk, mamee tomyam with blackpepper sausage and my tuna or chicken black paper sandwich to je..

kecuali on sunday morning lapar sangat so i tapau hailam traditional chicken rice special.... which.. hurm so-so

on the other note.. am getting scared each day.... i meant not the KL trip with what happening now.. at-least i had my period today after absent for 3 month