Friday, April 30, 2010

Baking and baking

My chocolate chip cookie

I gave up following a recipe... on net, in YouTube... AFC I've tried it all...
so today i am so stress .. i told my self.. hey lets crank the oven up... (thou i hate my molten chocolate cake i baked 2 days ago)

i don't even fluff the butter up...and i use my hand... i put anything came in my mind... salt, sugar, coco, Milo, oat, flour, dry coconut flakes, cheap chocolate chip and vanilla... the batter taste is awful not even close to my spoon liking good moist chocolate cake batter.....
and i still put it in the oven which i preheat at gas mark 6 and reduce to 5.
and wallah
for not even close to semisweet or dark chocolate chip that i use to used for all other recipe... i made up a nice batch of cookies and to tell the truth...sangat sedap... tinggal dua je beskot aku ... owh tidakkkk... well if i have my own child they will love me like hell ....
Disclaimer: hey they look like old woman tits... shuuuut up ahaks

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ticks me

I am keen to read my mum family history... in fact... my sibling and i ... speak sufficient Bugist and always proud of it.....

i think i have been reading almost every link shown in
but sadly there is one article offended me as Malaysian which was copied from

Yes Bugis is widely known here in Malaysia because of the 5 Daengs.... The Sultan's and PM Background. BUT

1. Malaysia does not originated from Bugist
2. the statement

"Jadi kalau memang masih merasa bersaudara, dan merasa bagian dari Bugis jangan lagi negeri Anda membuat marah kami"

what the.....what is the purpose of that word?

which is similar to one Indonesian post grad student in Malaysia who receive scholarship from Malaysia always smash my country and somehow one of this word once pop up....

why they always need to Claim something, Provoke Something, and Snob at everything?

They provoke, they feel offended, then they start to piss off.... and guess what among themselves (Instead of Veni, Vedi, Vici)
I don't know but it making me want to label something to these people....

Moral of the story: We should not be
divided to Race or Nationalities. or keep provoking among each other.

Everyone came from somewhere and stayed somewhere and move to elsewhere... D'oh!

What gotta do

(please no offense.. the truth is the truth ok)
Shitz i hate to be piss....
I have this cute little "sister" going out with a Kelantanese

so i told him.... i am hungry and he suggest me to go to 7E
and then struck to my mind to ask.... "kat sana ada 7E ke?" (besides i can only see the copycat 7E from the last visit in KB)

then he said "Ni lah Kerajaan bla bla bla" .... hold on a second..... ada yg kena sepak ni lain yg aku tanya tiba tiba wanna talk politik to me.

What la mindset these so called Markas Pas teach to these people... belum besar lagi.. dah sibuk berpolitik... i really don't care who do you vote... but come on.. make some sense please before making any statement.... this is all talk man..... even they can influence kids to talk this way... i don't knowlah..
ni statement aku pulak(untuk semua because i stop talking to him): patutlah rakyat kelantan redha je duduk kat negeri yg kotor macam tu.. dengan pondok warung bersepah sepah kat tepi jalan, jalan lubang sana sini, habuk tak hengat, kelantan rated the highest HIV/AIDS cases in Malaysia.. and most importantly for every1 = health...they are living without a proper sewage system (zaman kuno negeri babylon lg ok).. jap lagi aku nak tgk berapa orang nak bising kat aku cakap macam ni..that's why i don't do political statement like this... in the respect of friends and families.. don't start... aku smash orang laju je (jangan kata ko tak macam tu gak)...... so apa yang aku cakap ni tak betul... step out and look for yer selflah.. tell me how many percent i am wrong about me later they blame kerajaan tak buat apa apa kat negeri mereka (rupanya diaorang lupa dia vote siapa.... well kalau yg ko vote tu menang tapi tak buat apa apa kat negeri tu salah sapa.. tak kira lah parti apa pun, kerajaan atau tak.. nasib kitalah kan)... come on... see it differently... Kaduk mana tak besar kepala bila naik junjung ....

Jangan jadikan JB or Batu Pahat as contoh (sebab budak atas ni ingat aku nak suh dia tgk negeri aku sebagai contoh... sadly no i am not going to do that.....As i said it really depends on the person you vote on- do they really care). Thou BN win all the time here... there is still places yg teruk jugak but they still put up an afford to make JB or BP to look better and have a place to sit, eat and relax..

Relaxlah sikit... nak politik pun jangan ah cari aku pon.... i am not interested lagi lagi ada statement yang bais secara tak semena mena dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan apa yang dibincangkan.

Political influence bastard are like custard..... or more like a turd.... hate Singapore and Singaporeans ... but if i pretend that i forget about the drivers and kiasu + kiasi attitude....i love/enjoy and getting crazy over their clean country.. AND shouldn't we be the one with a clean country.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Typing bee :P

yes i am bord
try 2 times this typing speed test... might try again when am bord again

49 perkataan

Speed test

Kamu mencapai 255 markah, jadi kamu berada di posisi 183 dari 3510 dalam senarai kedudukan

Kamu menaip 318 aksara seminit
you mendapat 49 perkataan betul dan
kamu mendapat 0 perkataan salah

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Birthday Baking Project

Owh .. dont get it wrong.. the crazy part was i came back from work normally 9pm++ and come as early as 7pm++ so you know how limited my time is.... but hey got it all don't.. owh owh owh.. this is the step by step process i promise

-Fondant Making-
you ill need Icing Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Almond Essence, Vegetable Shortening, and glycerin..
Knead Icing sugar to the liquid stuff and knead until the dough not sticking to your hand and easy to mold
Extra Love to give to everyone near me,

So for this month we celebrating for two lovely sisters in SMC (Eyeda and Ham)

-Kek Making-

Beat the Egg with sugar till fluffy, mix in milk and canola oil

mix in coco and flour
bagi for 80 Minute Melt the Creme and Cooking chocolate

wait for the chocolate to cool a bit till you are sure that the chocolate ganache coat the cake not to thick not to thin. Start to decorate

And Wallah ... i loving it
My first complete birthday cake project - done
i should skip the skirt piping ahaks... smudge habis

--Cup cake--
yup i decide to back chocolate cupcake with Chocolate ganache and butter creme

well i can't buy small amount for the cupcake cup and decide to use muffin cub (Which a mistake -well there is two mistake am going to show so cont)

Melt the Ganache on double boiler (since i done it the day before so this is the remelt process)

And the output
nice to melt in mouth not for love at first sight
my second mistake was Icing coated Strawberry where it spoil the whole look

ahaks i love this set (well the peeps think this would be suitable for kids )

and wasted resources...... bought this cuppies holder but cant utilize it...
so there my crazy birthday baking project

Happy Bday Eyeda and Hamreeza

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Maybe people will say it is not my fault... but darn presenting progress is what i hate the most... and yes i blame my self....

my supreme supervisor always helpful and understanding.. Alhamdullilah..i just wanna say i am relieve what ever the output are..... :) yataiiiii

Monday, April 19, 2010

Almost accident

The yellow indicator was blinking 6-5-4-3-2-1-0 so i stop my car, and free my gear. the red indicator counting from 80-79-78-77-76-75 and i heard a break pad screaming from my rear end... the car is nearing i can't escape... there is a river of car crossing in front of me.... damn i should do something.. but there is no space for that. i stared at my rear-view mirror and just wait for the car to collide... and astonish and my heart stop beating and just keep staring....
and he manage to stop
the guy was laughing, i blink my eyes once and keep my eyes in front... the moment end just like that
what??? laughing
i hope i met the jhb5912 guy and sepak his stupid ass..... idiot scumbag.... it was red long time ago....
i drive fast but i still obey my traffic light okay!
what a sudden adrenalin rush am ok... Thank god

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tak ada kena mengena dengan Sekolah

sebenarnya aku marah sangat harini... yup i am piss... who spread the info (never went to my place and speak so loudly about it).... I am not related to the school... sekolah apa.... korang lebih taukan... lol *Applause for acquired MPHD syndrome*... my dad never teach me to claim it.... ye kecuali kaum kaum tak malu anak cucu trustee yg claim it is theirs.... orang yg aku anggap bodoh sebab diaorang pandai... pandai claim tapi bodoh! .... sebab tak tau undang undang trustee dan caveat ..... am not them so ..... don't ever relate me..... it is not a joke.... it is not funny.... apa sebenarnya tujuan nak cakap pasal "dalam" "Jalan" dll ...... i hate it when it come to this! Yes i am sensitive with the issue... and everyone have one...... don't you guys know the rule... even Vegas know it.... what happen in Vegas stays in Vegas

Friday, April 02, 2010


I don't even know there is such a census.
what the eff.... LOL and I don't even know where to start..
have you ever receive a call asking you what political party would you choose in the upcoming election?....
wasn't like my vote PNC?... so if i answer Democrats would i be banned if republicans wins (And vice-versa)... well i start to think this way because she ask me that kinda of question...
what is the purpose and why she keep saying "please answer am just doing my job".... Ridiculous.