Friday, March 19, 2010

Sixth Sense Technology by Pranav Mistry

Brilliant. That is the only thing i can say about this. I do some research... you can build yours with editable freeware. Wish that am as creative.... Watch the Vids to understand more .....

Monday, March 15, 2010

will be missing SMC

Well well well... getting a chance to work in SMC really touches me..... thus eliminate my perspective towards kinship's in my own society created back in my school and university years......
the people and activities were extremely overwhelming it bleeds my heart out to step out of this chamber....

what will i remember the most?

numerous almost"Surprise birthday party"

Achievement Celebration

Farewell party

Any other celebration

Bully on Act
i don't think you guys will be surprise about this... yup they always bully me ... thanks to Hana for this pix :P

mangsa keadaan
Potluck Breakfast + Lunch
yup, i am going to miss our pot luck day (and maybe English day too :P)

I used to the word so much but the Togetherness I've heard before was totally fail and fake.
In SMC no news will not be crossover less then 5 minute, secret is history, bad habits is seen as unique persona, PMS is like a party, moody is generic, laughter is the best medicine

is a strike notice

and last but not list the people

Favorite Quote: Apa sebenarnya + Malunya kak malunya malunya + Sangat.......
well i always get to laugh out loud because of her expression 'well exaggerate'..... owh you should not attempt to talk to her if the first thing she does is slamming the door..... talking to her will blow your mind, most of it because of her supreme knowledge in the field that i tot she will not well verse... clearly "don't judge a book by its cover" is well implement here...

Famous quote: Pergi basuh tangan.... Panas... Panasla + sy8
no pi-sigma or back propagation discussion should came across while AOB. She loves to eat and indecisive about what to eat or even where to eat. Love shopping and well known because of it....... owh she previously famous for Budak A1 BM in the lab but now.... you should not converse with her in BM.... ahaks *wink*

Jue Shahrul
Famous quote: panas, Kan aku dah kata... mesti punya, Habiskan nasi tu kalau tak nanti malam dia datang dalam mimpi........
She always on the phone talking..... you hardly hear what she says........ even in intense situation... a famous camera phone invader..... and very neat... am jealous with her relationship with her hubby... congrats honey..... *hugs* miss you so much

Famous Quote: Nanti kita teman akak eh, tak pe nanti kita tolong akak
SMC's sweet heart, soft spoken and very relax. Extremely calm thou Mr Hatta will be around in a moment

Adeq Ucu
Favorite quote: "akak kita kena jadi diri kita sendiri (but not applicable to her own self)" , Kethek, Akak Jujornya, Monyol dan bon___,
vice versa to Hana. She rough and rocks the house but once she know Mr Hatta will be around in a moment. she will be the quietest person on earth.
her nickname Gegel
Kak Jam
Always busy, receive phone call to 8092 at least 5 times/day and always buy extra food but never ate them. she will ask everyone in SMC to finish it .....

Favorite quote: Aku nak berak
Always give me supplement once i said am down with fever, stomach ache or migraine. she and hanna fight for who will finish computer games earlier..... always supply SMC with fresh fruits.....

Pak Bana
Favorite Quote: Aku pulang dulu ya!
the only real hero in SMC.... always make us happy, just call his name and he will come to save you. state your problem PHP?, Matlab?, Matematica, and Linux ..... always smiling and follow SMC's peeps bullshitting around. very down to earth. We Loike!

En Hatta
Famous kaki bully of all time. am not sure whether PTM's loves to be sarcastic or it the M disease... sorry i genetically born to fight back with sarcasm....
we somehow did listed him as No 2 on SMC's most wanted Bachelor. Well that is before we get to know about Pn Sam, and before he constantly bully us

Abang Hafiz
Listed as No 1 in SMC's most wanted Bachelor until he was found married in his facebook status... well not like we don't know about it just that he is not guilty yet until the status is proven :P. but its okay somehow kampus bandar seems to have his identical twins walking around the property

Cik Akak Siti Marlinee/Kak Yam
always helpful. thanks for all the help..... the cable... the application... and guidance

Famous Quote: Pulok + *Her Accent*
The only place she wanted to go after slumber party @ my house is : Tasik Y... "eh Tasik Y?, apa je ada kat tasik y?"... she answer "Dinosaur". she is famous with her east coast accent

Saidatina Fatimah
She seldom around but will be available only if there is urgent important matters.. shared the same birth month with me...... she is a silence killer.... her reaction always shock people....

Prof Mus
My Ayahnda (Supreme boss)... Thanks for giving me this opportunity to work with you, always calms me down with my unawareness, lack of knowledge towards my job..... very supportive and understanding towards my sickness. thank you very much

Budak ni aku malas nak comment..... next time maybe

Macammana pun thanks for all the support, thanks for being there for me, thanks for all the laughter and joy we share together...