Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walid's Birthday Yesterday

since am little till am adult i always forget walid's birthday suppose to be on the 30th. Nothing much can be done.... was planing to ask brother to be back home.... but at this time around not be much appropriate.....

i wanna share with you his letter dated on 07-07-07.

Al-Fatehah For Arwah Walid.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LOST R.E.S.P.E.C.T: Season 3 Lynette Lincoln

for 3 days in a row it is all about our Almarhum Sultan Johor defamation topic... we are now upgraded with Defamation of The last and the greatest Muslim Prophet.

what with this people...... ?

the picture taken from:

cant even differ between: God in BM or God in Arabic... Boring~~

Update on Aduka Taruna

4 days remand order for Aduka Taruna on his defamation case after he report to Kota Bahru balai police......
According to Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim the current Malaysian Information, Communication, and Culture Minister what he need to do is properly apologize to The Royal Family of Johor on his statement.

on my earlier post i slotted a link on tiada tindakan bagi yang tidak berkabung

His Royal Highness stated that He will leave it to police to take action

see how easy that is....

I hope this will help Aduka Friends to also realize what are they fighting for and start to tone down....

congrats to Aduka for his self submission to the authorities

Not even forcing: Mourning for His Royal Highness

Istana: Tiada tindakan bagi yang tidak berkabung

"Baginda (Sultan Johor Sultan Ibrahim) telah meminta saya untuk menyatakan bahawa pemakaian perkabungan itu adalah secara tulus ikhlas daripada rakyat dan tiada sebarang unsur-unsur paksaan."

"Pemakaian perkabungan itu adalah untuk menunjukkan taat setia dan kasih sayang rakyat kepada (Almarhum) baginda dan adalah dilakukan secara tulus ikhlas," katanya pada persidangan akhbar di Johor Baharu, hari ini.

Beliau berkata, Sultan Ibrahim merasa terkilan dengan penyebaran
khabar-khabar angin itu kerana Tuanku amat prihatin kepada keadaan rakyatnya dan tidak mahu menimbulkan sebarang kesusahan kepada mereka.

Abdul Rahim berkata, penyebaran khabar-khabar angin itu bertujuan untuk memburuk-burukkan Sultan Johor.

"Ia tidak masuk akal dan tidak benar (dakwaan tentang tindakan terhadap mereka yang tidak memakai pakaian perkabungan)," katanya.

Well i am not surprise to see such comment anymore..... as in my previous post... am not sure where or in which line did i force

maybe this word make he think that way
"Friends do make sure you friend and all of us/around you to pay our respect for the dismiss."
or Maybe
"Jom Johorian"

i don't understand a lot of things this day... so ... will it be wrong if am suggesting... would it be wrong for me to respect the culture......

so my work place is educational sector..... we receive pop-up from PC agent to wear such and such..... some how i never feel force to do so....


for me it is just like meeting your friend for CNY, getting crazy for new year and merdeka day, getting puttu mayam and curry from neighbor for Deepavali or even having thanks giving dinner with close friend. But for this matter it is paying a respect.

Paying a respect is how we should live in. to make properest, to make peace where we live in

who are we to judge who is sin and who is sinner...

Even a Chinese uncle and the shop owner reminded me on the first day... "Eh mana kamu punya tudung, ni Ribbon nak beli" i just answer ... eh uncle dah confirm ke?..." the he tell me his ribbon all sold out.... told my self what a stupid ignorant i am.... terus jadi budak baik ask my mum where did i put away my pasmina. of course this is not a great example... but am a human..... not some political or religious extremist....

harmony is the best thing i have in my memory... why is it so hard to do so....

who am i to condemn other people standings and believes

Monday, January 25, 2010

LOST R.E.S.P.E.C.T: Season 2 Shahrul Reezwan dan Mohd Amzar

ada yang ikuti jejak Aduka, selamat datang Shahrul Reezwan dan Mohd Amzar

Copied from

Sedih Macam ni... even i didnt wear Hijab... i did try my best to find one.... am sad to read all those word coming out from somebody with a good name!

Kecewa pada Aduka taruna dan Rakan rakannya

tulah dia nak buat baik pun salah nak ingatkan pun salah, bezakan what I've post with theirs...

i don't think i even once contempt them but what i get from them = "Bodoh".... sadly am not political influence nor i am Malay... I've also commented the other blog and even publish the other link from non-Malays about this issue.... even post it to Mazidul blog for him to take similar action...... siap puji rating dia naik pun kena .... sigh

owh ni lah bahagian yang saya dapat pujian Bebal dan Bodoh free tu... Alhamdullilah

Tulah dia kenapa guna bangsa sampai macam ni?

For readers from FB or this blog itself.... don't try to give advice, no harsh word should you use or involve anyway with 'em.. I find entering that blog is regretful..... defamation is anywhere from aduka, to his overprotective friends, and then came in politics and more racist statement.... i would say... i rest my case.... let it be... i believe our constitution... well said

p.s I wish I am Malay or even UMNO member so what they say "kena tepat pada muka saya" but seem more like "Meludah kelangit maka jatuh di badan sendiri"

p.s to friends who are confuse still... thou you are born or was raise in Malaysia.....
Muslim Doesn't meant Malay!

The new Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is regarded as a caring person, His Royal Highness is very popular among the Rakyat because of his personality... I believe His Royal Highness will forgive the fella if he and his friend seek forgiveness...... Daulat Tuanku... You ARE the Best, Justice must be straighten up!

myMetro | 40,000 benci Fasha?

myMetro | 40,000 benci Fasha?

Macam mana tu ?

Firstly she said she was okay with it at least people still acknowledge her existence
secondly she will do something about it. This is what the TABLOID wrote

“Kami masih berbincang dengan pihak pengurusan dan keluarga Fasha mengenai hal ini. Peguam Fasha berkata laporan polis boleh dibuat,” katanya.

haha Laughable

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aduka Taruna should be punish + Other blogger in act of the same defamation

he writes, but he is ignorant, Aduka taruna blog might be hit with a lot of numbers.... but sadly this person is oblivious. I am ashamed to know a person like this existed in Malaysia Negara BerDaulat.

but i am satisfied thou.... the more surprise i found it is from a person who put this in his blog (which is the was removed with a notification - click here to read)
Kesian...... Kenapa ada orang macam ni?

you should see his shout mix box... still defensive and trying to straight things up by using issue like "Daulat is Khurafat" .... kesian....

read this:
Walaupun berbeza idealogi politik, saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada blogger UMNO kerana membantah dan menekan keterlanjuran saya. Kemudiannya saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada rakan-rakan yang telah menegur dan menasihati saya. <--- kesiankan... not from his own feeling of guilty but was ask from others....

Apa yang sangat dikesalkan ialah kealpaan saya bahawa saya tidak lagi membawa imej persendirian, sebaliknya membawa imej satu kumpulan jalan sisi untuk Islamic State. <-- sangat...

Jadi dengan ini.

1. Saya memohon maaf kepada seluruh warga Malaysia umumnya, warga Johor khasnya atas keterlanjuran saya. (Why to rakyat only?)

2. Berjanji akan memperbaiki tingkah laku dari masa ke semasa.

3. Menarik semula artikel luar norma kemanusiaan itu dari blog saya sebagai tanda saya akui kesalahan saya.

Yang benar,


Semoga jadi pengajaran kepada kita semua... kebebasan bersuara yang dikatakan tiada di Malaysia.... inilah hasilnya, tapi bagaimana pula jika ada orang seperti ini?

Agama dan Adat menjadi sendaan... lebih memalukan bila ianya seperti meludah kelangit (akhirnya jatuh ke diri jua)

Update : Huiyo ....Funny i only wrote: Maaf sahaja tak cukup , he block my IP... must be piss off a lot off people condemn him
View His Shout Box

Update : Sila baca artikel bertajuk "Pasukan khas siasat blog hina Almarhum Sultan Iskandar",di alamat


Update at 1.41 PM Jan 25

more defamation

Saturday, January 23, 2010

kemangkatan Sultan Johor + Mourning Attire + Flag

As everyone know our Beloved Sultan Johor Almutawakkil Alallah Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail passed away yesterday at 7.15PM

I would like to express my sadness by Mourning with Johorian.
Jom Johorian
if you still can go for the burial service
guys get your White ribbon songkok, and girls fully white attire and visit the Mahmoodiah Royal Mausoleum...

The others.... for 7 consecutive day...
(Muslim)- wear a songkok with with ribbon attach
(Non-Muslim) - Tree Inch black Ribbon or cloth on you left arm

(Muslim and liberal/sporting non Muslim) White head scarf/selendang/tudung
(non-Muslim) - black ribbon on your left arm

Friends do make sure you friend and all of us/around you to pay our respect for the dismise.

p.s I would love to extend my condolences to Her Royal Highness Sultanah Zanariah and Family on the dismiss of His Royal Highness The Sultan Johor

Jangan jadi saya - only after lunch I remember I have not yet fix the flag... but now sudah.... Ampun esok beli bendera baru... tau uzur dah... sigh........

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Findings in pasar cangkung

Call it pasar tani, call it pasar pagi but i cant resist the temptation to accompany my colleague for a stroll there.... the best thing about this i bought fresh ikan kurau masin... sorry no picture taken since no phone with me... but this other two item i paksa my Junior cum practical student (Diana) to lend me (yup forcefully *wink*).........

i tot it is Jalapeno but thru observation the fruit is standing from the stem ... but the smell is rather similar to bell pepper family. (Had it for lunch... the smell the texture is to0 mild for the famous cili padi family)

huhu thou i fail to become a scientist but still my prediction is this chili is Capsicum Annum and Capsicum frutescens mix breed... haha.... -the spiciness is also in between of both family

And Nasi Ambeng... i never in favor of nasi ambeng... but since they prepare basic lauk and you can add your main course... i take more lauk than my limit... huhu should snap the pic... i finish it all hahah

Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Adam

On Sunday due to my frustration toward my carelessness I decided to meet Nuyul and Her New Born Baby.

Hi my name is Adam
Me + Adam in his Sleepy mode

Adam looking at the cams

Ty Ish ni Adam nak tido nak amik gambar pulak

So happy to meet Adam + Nurul. after planning for such a long time ... congrats Nurul + taufiq...

P.s My HP can't be use anymore do contact me via gmail/googlewave ok.... yup i know i want to cuti from HP this week but seems like the HP can't take it she decided to commit suicide in coffee mug yesterday Amen~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gift from Ayin and Abang Wan

Firstly thanks to Ayin for dropping by BP on Tuesday and bring a long a great gift.....

T-shirt Wild Borneo + BVLGARI
but i really hope we can go for outing together :(

Secondly... Pressie from Abang Wan...huhu thanks but now /me feel bad about it since i was the one who told him "I want something from Sarawak"... nah..... a nice Bracelet + key-chain... never get one like it :P kesian jakunkan!

Thanks Ayin and Abang Wan *Hugs*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fretful and possibility of ......

I am down... and in a mess....

will not use all of my number anymore starting next week.... living life without phone!

do contact me via my Googlewave, Gmail and FB....

will update if i change my mind....

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Shocking News

No Perm or Hairstyle post will be publish by me. Ibu Masuk Hospital. There . not sure how to explain she was okay the whole night and suddenly at 4 am she in pain. Rush to Emergency room and how she is still need to be inspect.... Help me pray y'all

To Jay: My Dearest friend congrats and lastly Adib is yours... i will always pray for you and Adib... sorry i can't attend... do take care


Friday, January 08, 2010

Should I Perm or Cut my hair

i don't care what will happen i will do something about my hair this weekend and i still don't know which one to pick care to help?

Should i Perm?

cut it short like this

4 my last year hair cut
or keep it long but cut to style

did try this but hampeh :P

what should i do.... which one suits me better

juju tambah yg ni

Why do we do this?

I really hate to read the news... I am not sure how to explain or comment on the burning church event...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lunch box story

I didn't prepare anything for my lunch starting new year..... and i think because of that i gain my weight.... just to share with you guys some of my lunch (which i manage to snap the pix before the lunch box emptied).. i make afford so it will be enough for breakfast and lunch

nugget and sausages for breakfast
rice + sambal tumis udang + some tomato+ salad leaves for lunch

veggie sandwich + drummet for breakfast
Rice + Sambal sotong hitam + sausages + apple for lunch

sausages and drummet for breakfast
rice + salad + Ayam Masak serai for Lunch

Apple+ Rice + Raw carrot+ Kari Ikan Masin for lunch (Thanks Doria for the ikan masin)
Sausages(notice some empty spaces as always makan dulu baru ingat nak snap the picture)+Drummet for Breakfast
Rice+Salad+Sambal belacan+ kari for lunch

Nasi+Sambal sotong hitam+ Salad+ Sambal belacan for Lunch

Roasted chicken and beef tortilla for the whole crewApple+Salad+Rice+ beef in soysauce
Seaweed+Chicken+ Fried Puyuh Egg + Drummet and beef patty for brunch
Salad+Apple+Rice+Blackpepper lamb for lunch
Apple+Beef Sandwich for the whole day
Lepat luih and bejabu'
Chicken ham sandwich for the whole crew

another batch of chicken and beef tortilla

Pemalas Version:Out of can tuna sandwich

Chicken Ham+Cheese+Sausages for the whole crew
Sandwich and drummet for breakfast
Nasi Goreng and Curry for Lunch

Roasted Chicken tortilla with sweet chilly sauce-home made
Didnt remember what in this sandwich might be chicken ham because the bread =neatly slice

Roasted chicken in Ginger marinate

egg+ crepe for breakfast

fried senangin with rice

herbal chicken soup for my sick appetite (so far most of the time i prepare this for my lunch- pop in herbs+Ginger+garlic+chicken+cups of water + seasoning- put on stove or microwave... get prepare for work and pack it.... suitable for me as am always sick)

Grilled Chicken +RiceAnd a few batch of Md Shah Nasi Bryani