Monday, September 28, 2009

Flash light on day light????

Thanks Ibu and My 2nd Bro for the surprise visit at my work place just now

The Cake..... nice one surprisingly

Bengang with my 2nd brother- dia ingat KFC is just like coffee house in Holiday villa agaknya.....
he ask everyone to sing for me... malunya luckily parit raja = kampung so they are not sporting for this kind of things... yes! 1-0

Meniup sedaya upaya-mum ask me to pretend for picture taking purpose only... but mana boleh... nak tiup jugak

My mum tak tahan see the children yang memang macam 17 dengan 19 years old

kena kacau still..... and that smile....
Malunya guess what my mum cari me in the office... well she is very good in buat tak tau and masuk restricted section but more worst...
walking from the gate to meet my bro in the car mana tau he standing there and sing Happy birthday.... and he park in front of bryani best and it's lunch hour and and and and maluuu... but thanks bro you made my day 10000000*
Muka pucat gila... go to work dengan berkabung.... wanna join friend for mogok makan after this
Kesian my bro nak jugak set up the kek... and send back my car key to parit raja hahahaha :P

Kesian - we all kongsi 1 dinner plate but full like hell
P.S: thanks to everyone for the text and sms and those FB wall post and calls for the wishes for the concern about my post earlier... am happy today hope fully last the whole year... and don not worry i still can stand along in the line... just wish for the best and millions of star thanks to you guys.... love + >hugs<

Aku masih disini dan ......

Aku masih disini
hari hari yang ku lalui seperti ini
Aku masih disini
buat segala yang termampu untuk diri
Aku masih disini
buat segala yang termampu untuk keluarga
Aku masih disini
bezanya aku tak sekuat dahulu
Aku masih disini
menjahit luka dihati ini

today is the day where people celebrate with friends and family.... but today for the first time Walid will not join me. I mark my lowest point today....

being a winner or not in Ramadan doesn't change everything
and today

i was Awarded with ultimate ego as my birthday pressie......

no... i don't think any words will describe how i feel today
I was planning to go home and sleep away..... do the normal routine today...
but my head was okay until at 8am ... am losing it.... Pening kepala langsung no mood

i wake up with this empty feeling....

What did i archive this year?

well..... i think everyone well known of my position this year

No Master
No Dad
No Love ones
No job I love
Minus Goal
Minus Achievement
Minus Plan
Minus principal

and a present for my self=none/ nada/ nothing/ yeeelekkkk/ mei yau/ TAK ADA APA APA

Disclaimer: Thanks for those who text me via sms, wall post or anything... thanks... but am sorry i just wish everything will be different after this...

Semoga Hari anda lebih baik dari saya...

p.s thanks Abang dell your SMS really made my morning :D ..... i hope it will last the whole day at least.....

yup need to continue working....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stop it already

Damn.... my head cant stop ringing.... uh am damn tired .. no super super tired this raya.... Fatigue ... hurm my remedy just sleep the whole day.... am working today but my head stuck to yesterday...

stop it already... enough is enough... to my stupidity i tot when i decide to gave up everything that i used to have i will gain better things in my life... but no.... this year just simply frustrating and disappointing....
turn left or right ... no more other option...

i hate myself today more then when i still have that stupid yours truly blog... 2009 just not the year for me.... i might turn psycho in few days.

urgh and one more thing.... i just don't want to talk about my relationship... because there is none... and no am not getting marry marry any sooner......

come on guys... no more quality guys around ka?humpph..... watch Ugly truth yesterday... all i can say is "Ya Right, bla bla bla"

i officially being abuse mentally this raya.... Just stop asking .... am tired and it's almost my birthday and i am not HAPPY at all this year.... please..... give me some light here..... i keep stumble and didn't notice the big wall...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

P.S 22 Chorus Lovely and sweet

yup P.S 22 Chorus is my new addiction... you hafta check the out so sweet.... they cover song from Tori Amos to even lady gaga....... here i embed my fav vids from them but basically just youtube P.S 22 you will serve with tons of result... you can visit them here(Blog) ...visit the blog till the end of page you will see their list of work... so here some sneak peek

Tori Amos-1000 Oceans

Tribute for Micheal - Ben

Coldplay-Viva La Vida

Lady Gaga-Just Dance

Keane-Everybody's changing

Alphaville-Forever young

Tori Amos-Flavor

one of the comment that caught my eyes
Enjoy!!! miss my choir days thou am not the best in the bunch but certainly love it

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 Dessert and 1 Side Dish

I hate take out food i think close friends and families know this already (Must be tired hearing am complaining take out food... not worth buying... take out for pemalas and well unless fast food that you cant cook it yourself) so its week end and guess for buka puasa... we need something extraordinary

So whats on Menu: 2 dessert and 1 Side Dish?

Desert 1: Home made ice cream...

with the help of my 4th brother we made french ice cream... yup the only difference is the egg yolk..... so the end product is similar to Gelato...

sebelum itu... am so frustrated..... wish there's cold storage here... seems like we stuck with one brand for the whipped cream... but haih ... bolehlah.... because this recipe was taken from a restaurant in UK i vows not to publish the recipe and what is it... but basically ice cream recipe almost similar so here.... Whisk egg yolk with sugar... agak agak rasa mcm nak buat cake means the ingredient is enough
since we are using dried smoked fruit so we need to cook it with brown sugar to soften the texture and after that blend it and chill in room temp

After the batter turn to pale color we combine the chilled blended fruit ...and whisk in the cream... chilled it and whisk once a while... or u can put in ice cream maker... after the texture required archived ... makan lah apa lagi

Dessert 2: Baked Choco Banana serve with Vanilla Ice Cream

For this dessert all you need is Chocolate and Banana..... you can use any chocolate... preferred dark choco ok

firstly i cut my Hershey's into 6 pieces

Slit the banana and stuff the chocolate

baked it at 250c for 15 minute.... you can just eat it hot that way or sit for a while and scoop in vanilla ice cream .... superb dessert in 15 minute.... smells really nice... the banana is super sweet and the dark chocolate bitterness levels the taste..... vanilla ice cream work wonders with it

The side dish.....
Kerabu Mangga
disclaimer.... Thanks to Puan Uyul for sharing but i added some other stuff and remove some
i think kerabu suppose to taste what you prefer to be in it...just make sure the main are there.. sigh... lapar balik....

so what we need:
Udang kering, Cili Api, Lada, Fried Anchovies, Bunga kantan, finely julienne Mangga muda, Ground nuts (10 pieces max), a little bit belacan, and julienne Onion........

bash those lada's, cilis, udang kering, friend anchovies and belacan finely.... put in the bunga kantan and Mangga muda.... bash a little and mix well..... salt and sugar to taste..... pergh sedap dimakan bergitu sahaja

The End product...... yummyyyyyy

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Motorola Vs Sony Ericsson

yes! i love Sony Ericsson but why i prefer to use Motorola instead. yup so i miss my motorola.. planning to buy V9 but... nvm next time maybe

Top 5 List why i prefer motorola

1. privacy

believe it of not the only phone able to lock the file we choose.... yes not keypad lock not phone lock....
Example: multimedia folder > so we can enable others to play and view music list but we can lock video and picture..... or msg... so you phone don't actually lock. others still to use it but not nearing some part that really crucial ...we can secure it... yes we can

2. Sleek design
okay i love super super slim phone okay.. especially flip phone... come in various fancy color OK.....

With the famous aluminium case
so wanita ganas like me should use aluminum case... both HP buruk v3i and L6 jatuh entah how many times but 3 and 5 year survive until was recently stolen.....

3. The Charger/ Data Cable
yes the USB Firewire is also your charger... you can sync, transfer data while you charge your phone... beside you can share your car travelling charger with your iphone or ipod.... uh really help alot...... big time ok... besides i know Nokia and Sony come out with this USB charger
but you have to buy it separately ... while i just curi my external hardisk USB to charge my phone... no my battery still ok... ya... (while nokia and sony user start to complain about their specially bought USB Charger)... owh + the charger light help me a lot to

4. keypad
the aluminium keypad allows me to key in word easily... alamak Sony just making my life slow .. sigh... the alphabet changes very slow... really slow.. i hate it..... well making my life hard abandoning road rules.

5. Setting up ring tone
do you know that Motorola allows you to set 1 ringtone for the person or group.... yes other phone can do that too but hey... for sms and call tones completely the same for the group or the person.. so i can neglect (not totaly- sengaja lambat angkat atau kejar nak baca msg) unimportant contact :)

So the top 5 why i love Sony

1. Camera
yup even my dream newly release Motorola ROKR still stuck with 2.oMP cams.... Diff from sony which now came in with 10++MP

2. Note
two things why i love the note function...
firstly it may become your wall paper.... which means it can help you to memorize things while on the go with out hafta check in the folder..tengok jam see the note.. haha best..
yup the note can be share using blue tooth.... yup i am cheap skate... but to mengumpat ni dewan kuliah yg besar really helpful without spending on it ok....

3. Organizer function.. you don't really need smart phone if you have this.. unless you are heavy document reader....

4. setting up your phone
Sony some how really user friendly unlike Motorola..... you hafta go folder beyond folder inside a folder... so there.....

5. fancy theme
yup the most easy to find theme on net.....

so now you guys knowlah what to buy for my birthday.. V9 ke V8 je... 1600ming ke... haha

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gift story

well while some of us busy waiting for the premier of toy story i went out for gift frenzzy around Batu Pahat...

yup i spotted some place which i already recognize but at the end... the search was fail..... sigh how can Ex-ICXers fail her search while working in the field a year... so i was frustrated .. i think my luck will be great if we got a chance to go Danga Bay in JB instead... 1 stop for everything now days... well last time for me, to find gift for friend before they go back to their respective country...

Arrive home cook for breakfast and solat... remember i had this 3 box of gift but still i have no idea what to give away..... (i should give my daughters all the gift i get-soon) anyway.... and come to my surprise there was 2 more box behind all the boxes.... 1 gift from my dad and 1 more my raya + birthday card.... reading all those card i receive from schooling days remind me of how many friend who turn to "Friend". owh i love all those card..... but the most is from Fara and 1 card that inspire me to DIY for my dad is from Elly's ... the reflexion

today i realize i had tons of key chain and each one of them was given by my dad... places that he went to... Cameron highland to even Ipoh...... one card catch my eyes.....

embedded to the card

i am waiting for a falling star
so that i can make a wish
to be with you forever
and continues with hand writing
& Ever
& Hope for the changes
& Success
with Love,
My dad never fail to sent me one each year.... sometime there will be 2 card arrive in my mail box.... i guess he couldn't make his mind which one would be suitable for me....

this year... Raya which also My birthday..... will definitely different as he leave us and stay in a better place... i do believe that... rest and happy without sins ...... i still remember the day he Passed Away.... with proud in my heart, me and my brothers stayed calm and compose to make sure we able to manage the situation. the first thing i said to him after i hugged and kiss him is "I tot you promise to Nikah me first yourself". i can't stop laughing remembering how stupid i am to whisper that to him on the hospital bed.... but we never know when Allah decide to take him away..... and i was so piss at my brother on the 4th day after he open all my Ferrari miniature car (Which was a gift from my dad 3 years different colour each year although i tell him so many times my dream car is Fairlady but he seems to love Ferrari anyway) and give away to my nieces..... but am okay now .. i found it back...... i don't know why i post this ... just to sudden.... to tell the truth my mind still set that he is still in ICU or watching TV with his favorite show wonder pet somehow..... ???? Weird....