Thursday, July 30, 2009

my childhood life: zaman saya kanak kanak dulu

Reporting 15 interesting Fact about my childhood little secret... (uih QSO at this age...)
RULES AND REGULATION : Letakkan gambar sewaktu kecil anda(Attach together your picture). Adalah baik sekiranya anda menulis 15 perkara yang orang tak tau semasa kecil anda(with 15 things that people didn't know about you when you were little). Di hujung entry, anda harus memilih 5 orang untuk ditag(at the end of the post tag 5 peeps to do this too). Anda amat bertuah jika ditag oleh saya sebab saya ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang zaman comel anda dulu.. p.s thanks kepada Pn Jujah for tagging me... :P jahat dengki malu tau

1. I was raised by my 3rd Brother (so some of his ideology, what ever his logy influence me, i think he still suffer painful memory growing me up-sorry Bro but I love you)

2. Am always my daddy little girl

3. owh i never stop crying.... do not i repeat do not detach me from my 3rd brother and my dad

4. Always ruin my dad painting.... but am just the follower....

5. always look up to my mum although i know she's lied..... (yes in this picture she said my dad will be back soon.... and my dad is in the UTC+8 to +10.5 time zone)

6. i don't drink other than milk and "Air juk je" basically basic H20

7. Owh i wave to every single plane pass by .... and hoping that my dad will see me .....

8. not exactly approachable but you can try with cats....

9. i was force to celebrate my birthday together with my 4th Brother every single year FGS but but but i want my own party

10. at age 3 i only wear baju kurung

11. i tot i help my mum with house chores but she said i never do

12. manage to ruin my dad typewriter from carbon to electric

13. !'m Fat...well until now

14. I use to hate my 4th brother so much because i was force to share alot of things but whenever he cries i cried too... or sick.... or fall... or...

15. People mistook me as my 4th brother elder sister because of my size

5 peeps i tag:
1. Doria
3. Faisza
4. Ayu Shamsi
Princess Aida- SMC/UTHM

p.s If you reading this from facebook you should view from original post.... 15 laughable picture for you guys...aww

p.s Enough with tag please penat tau nak siasat diri sendiri :P

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vent....sick and stress

Alamak hi really there is no body from mimos and apgrid (recive 1 email:unless i was in the UPM trainee team they will entertain my question and receive another email with completely understandable ... what you saying again?) able to answer my question.....
all the post on the web is just to show off is it......

damn .... thanks to my rotten body... now from normal cough i just acquire another batch of fever.... thanks to En.Ayah ... u did this.. dah lah gastrik since morning.... no i just keep complaining because i was force to consume extra pills .... he gave me this energy pills but i still weak as the day i just got out of hospital... so okay i think am incurable... not within this month... he and my eldest brother keep telling it has always been my job that do this to be but... man am restless.... i sleep early everyday but i still weak the next day... so any suggestion

7 weeks
pills? sick of it...
work? aha... yup work
home? got a call what banjir?
study? no chance
quit? long sigh...
removed? nope
so as always ..what year is this?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pause And Play: Yet Another big Lost

it takes me a while to congest the news....Yes, the great Director who touch Malaysians in different way and perspective left us last Saturday 11.25pm.....

while the Family and friend grief for their lost i hate to read some bloggers (and commenter's) commented on her, use a curse words on her gawd give some respect man!.....

i think her movie never was controversial(Yup Malaysia authorities you guys out of you mind... stupid movie like Rempit... and what the so called Malaysian too fast and furious....or that bohsia movie passed for what again - even half naked Muslim actress was there yuuhooo... ring bells? ) ... besides parents should watch it... it was pick from the real event in Malaysians youth community (Yes mom and dad, that what actually happen around us) and what yet the best is she uses the softest way to enlighten us and remind us what we should have been doing.

her advertisement never fail to portray muhibbah-ness.

i prayed for her to Rest really in peace... and

those people who acquire PHD from their blood should just shut up and try and learn to portray yourself and your religion wisely... stop making people think otherwise about our religion just because of your own anxiety and stupidity...

RIP Yasmin Ahmad..... Amin... Al-Fateha

and what year is this a again?

p.s so sweet Actress Azean Irdawaty wrote a special poem for her (so nice of her to find some time and wrote it)

She was an angel
God sent us
No, he lent us
To be a storyteller
Who spun stories of
Magic, joy and enchantment
Who we often lose sight of
Her fight was brief
Her leaving was a grief
Just like her movies
The end came too soon
But her wisdom remain
like words to a tune
That we will hold dear
Forever you will be near.
I love you Yasmin
I will miss you always.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Odd Post: Pregnant and What to do

so woohooo this going to be a back fire post... but since my two closest friend is pregnant so am sharing few things to do

For Muslimah's


1. Sura Ya-seen
2. Sura Yusof(Joseph) (It's advice to read Surah Yusof to get a Soleh, perfect and beautiful child)
3. Sura Luqman (to get a Bright blissful child which follow your path and obedient, the child will observe and understands its surrounding)
4. Sura Maryam(Mary) (for you-labor and to get you child to be patient and obedient)
5. Sura Al-Ikhlas(Purity of Faith, The Fidelity)

also suggested to read

1. al-Fatiha(The opening), Al-Baqara (The Heifer, The Calf),Ayatul Kursi (verse 225 of Al-Baqara (The Heifer, The Calf))
- to protect your child from bad vibes
2. At-Tawba (The Repentance)

Disclaimer: how ever Read the whole Quran is the best things to do lah but the Sura stated above is the chosen one.... so there....
p.s okay some of old Malay archipelago petua can't be use well as we know before Islam came to AP most of d ppl were Hindu ... we don't want to listen to things that will back fired us... old folk mostly put up this pantang larang just to protect us but never the less they made it up as they don't know how to explain... we much brighter now so do what we know the best ...

so what's the do and don't

1. listen to classical music like Mozart... scientifically proven the song improve the child brain development
2. Growing evidence suggests a link between gum disease and premature, underweight births. Pregnant women who have gum disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too small. [Taken from Colgate]


1. drink caffeinated drinks and pineapple as this will slowdown baby development and worst abort.
2. stop what you doing now

p.s so i don't have that many do and donts but i believe no pantang so there....

btw... just do you normal activities and don't stop exercising or walking as walking and exercising will help you to deliver the baby easily so ... end of odd post....

Friday, July 17, 2009

3OH!3 Don't Trust Me lyrics + Youtube Clips

Black dress with the tights underneath,
I got the breath of the last cigarette on my teeth,
And shes an actress (actress),
But she ain't got no need.
Shes got money from her parents in a trust fund back east.
T-t-t-tongues always pressed to your cheeks,
While my tongue is on the inside of some other girls teeth,
T-tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef,
That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him.

She wants to touch me (Woah),
She wants to love me (Woah),
She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh),
Don't trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
Won't trust a ho,
Won't trust me.

X's on the back of your hands,
Wash them in the bathroom to drink like the bands.
And your setlist (setlist),
You stole off the stage,
Had red and purple lipstick all over the page.
B-b-b-bruises cover your arms,
Shaking in the fingers with the bottle in your palm.
And the best is (best is),
No one knows who you are,
Just another girl alone at the bar.

She wants to touch me (Woah),
She wants to love me (Woah),
She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh),
Don't trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
Won't trust a ho,
Won't trust me.

Shush girl shut your lips,
Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said, Shush girl shut your lips,
Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said, Shush girl shut your lips,
Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.

Woah, woah, woah...

She wants to touch me (Woah),
She wants to love me (Woah),
She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh),
Don't trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
Won't trust a ho,
Won't trust me

something to chill with:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hospitalize, Discharge and Trauma

with my 6th IV niddle

Yup not that odd story for me since in previous few years my red blood count is so low (no you idiot lukemia is white blood... ok sorry am so harsh)... anyway thank Gawd it is not because of my blood count totally.. but am quite annoyed they(the doc) keep asking about my manstrual cycle which is just fine... but aih suddenly i felt a bit of delay this month owh crap..... i rarely exprience delay so it a crap. so i going down with 39.5 fever.... escorted to ER by En. Doktor and admitted to the hospital
so here is the picture. my IV first needle of the day. and i was push to the ward(Ward 4 to be exact) and choose a room with completely nobody... i choose that cubicle but everyone say "eh! kesiannya you other cubicle got empty space for you .Do you want to change?"... i said "no! i want to be here" so i dont care....

the first night i keep staring at the ceiling my dad once told me the roof is kinda nice(on the last few days of his life) keep asking my dad thou which part was it again he think it is nice....
owh i was hospitalize because of my fever spike and my acute tonsilitis level 2 thingy.....
the doctor made a joke on me... he said "you know what normally my patient will get tonsilitis because of bacteria infection guess what yours are viral infection... dont worry we listed down the worst possible condition you might go thru and viral infection that you might acquire... so don't worry".... the doctor keep reminds me "please! do not get anymore fever"... it was weird aha i will ask the fever to move their ass from mine so.... ok
this is only 3 days record of my fever they got scare on my 4th day my tempreture spike too 39.9 and ask me to sit in the shower to keep it down so it wont effect my brain and nerve so they say i stay in the toilet sampai tak boleh tahan it was crazy in there. and there was this intern doctor specialize in ENT he come to me and ask "can i see your tonsilitis"... i say "hell no" with a smile and he smile... "owh thats bad, but dont worry the last famous person died with tonsilitis is George Washington so that is so long time ago"... and he keep bringing his doc friend to see my tonsilitis and most of the time the conversation when to far.... they say i dont look like i in pain... i say yup they painkilled me everyday but swallow is still painful thou... it was fun talking to them

on my 4th day i got my self a neighbour... just across my bed.
and the list of medication that i recieve everyday thanks god its all in jab form not consume form.....
my brother visit me and well the person who drank the strawberry f&n and soya bean drink get me into trouble with my doktor pakar... with a high pitch tone... "you shouldn't have taken any carbonated drink if you still wants it remove all the gases"..... due to my sudden cough on day 5... hooorayyyy now i have to consume cough syrup....(Thanks to En yang tinggalkan those bottle on my table)

so i was on this soft diet "strickly no hot, spicy and hard food for her" my doctor tell the staf nurse... this one is blended porrige and carrot
this one is nicer ... blended porrige carrot and celery...

blended porrige, carrot, flat parsley and celery

they start to gave me normal porrige and the sides... i cant swallow for god sake i ask them if there is no tonsilitis diet for me just gave me fruit instead... sometimes the staf nurse forget to order from kitchen at the end they gave me normal porrige and food i am not choosy but i need food that i can swallow easily.....

it was awful experience with the food i just pray i might get club sandwich from holiday villa but it was just a dream thou
at first it was stated just acute tonsilitis

and add level 2
then there was level 3

then i was happy they say i can be discharge today ... well it was few days ago i only abit stable today to write this.... woohooo so i pack my bag got my bill from counter they say i cant get my mc if i didnt pay so i go G level guess what the payment counter is close. i got panick i wanted to go upstair but the stupid pak guard wont allowed me.... i called someone tell him my situation about the mc and all and there i was back in the ward...... the nurse by the name HALUYAH yes HALUYAH.... which is ugly witch a nurse with bad attitude bad mouth me... "kenapa awak mengadu pada KKM... kalau awak nak MC awak ni amik... saya tak kata tak boleh" ... and there she was feeling so degraded althou she was the one who tell me i cant get my MC and warding confirmation letter if i didnt pay and i ask even pak guard is there any other counter i can pay my bill.... i felt really humiliate by the nurse, itimidated, she was screaming at my face and tell me how rude i am to report to KKM and the person i called punya pandai threat that he will report to pengarah hospital batu pahat if she didnt release my MC so there... i was confuse running here and there asking about how to pay my bill , got a call that my MC is settled and i may pick it up at the ward counter just to find my self being humiliate.... and she continue "kita tidak layan org yang ada pangkat ke, ada line KKM lebih dari org biasa".... the only things i say..... "Ok fine, saya minta maaf memang salah saya, lagi pun kalau saya nak special treatment saya dah bawak GL saya ke sini okay... lagi satu saya cuma bagi tau 'En. Dr' masalah yang saya hadapi berurusan dengan kaunter ini dengan harapan saya dapat jawapan cara untuk mengatasinya".... she keep bising bising.... and i say "okay, Gawd... relax la saya dah minta maaf nak panjang kan kes ni ke"... i was so piss with what she said about i am using my status... hello kalau bukan pasal my connection with KKM i tak hingin (INGIN) masuk hospital ni lah... Batu Pahat hospital.... I was not surprise the Pengarah hospital got a very bad review with the rate of H1N1 increasing and the bad attitude of the nurse... others is okay only 2 of the nurse in ward 4 is with super bad attitude....they should have review this besides the ward 3 Dr Sarathi and Faris should go away too..... or ask them to marry each other... sometimes married people change attitude from worst to okay after married... i bet the Nurse by the name Haluya is not married, can tell by her not good looking and small body.... so trauma i promise my self i go with what i used to next time... doesnt meant i work with government i should go there as well go to hell with MC from gov hospital only..... that is my first trauma and my second trauma from this is: flexicam from my nose to throat... 2 kaLI OK.... and my 3rd trauma....i was force to change to their cloth which give me rash and thanks for that i need allergic pills pulak......

Dead am so dead i didnt even realize it.. my mc is 15 days (well plus the 3 days extra which end today and i still sick) what 15 days no way! and why the hell they ECG( Electro Cardio Gram) me haha i was surprise it was that long .....15days.. man !