Sunday, April 26, 2009


My dad condition has improve alhamdullilah but he still need the ventilator to pump in air and o2 into his lung. we was discussing which hospital and what unit and boom CCU.... i raise my hand and the doctor laugh... screaming "apa?" i smiled and say "erm What is CCU" and they laugh again

i never in this service before ok mana lah tahu what CCU is.... CPU i know lah... duh!

so what is CCU: it stands for Critical Care Unit it is basically like ICU. but it is so intensive even to visit we need to be vacuum for any foreign object/virus and also put on their special baju..... divide into few chapter (mcm aiesec lak)

* Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
* Special Care Nursery (SCN)
* Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
* Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
* Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for heart disease
* Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CSICU)
* CardioVascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)
* Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
* Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU)
* Medical-Surgical Critical Care Intensive Care Unit (MSCC)
* Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)
* Overnight Intensive Recovery (OIR)
* Neuroscience Critical Care Unit (NCCU)
* Neurological Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
* Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
* Burn Wounds Intensive Care Unit (BWICU)
* Trauma Intensive care Unit (TICU)
* Shock Trauma Intensive care Unit (STICU)
* Trauma-Neuro Critical Care Intensive Care Unit (TNCC)
* Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (RICU)
* Geriatric Intensive care unit (GICU)

but my dad need for something that i can't find in here...... huhuh.. pray and help us pray ok... they will have placing for us ... we currently in que for this... thanks..... knowledge is the best thing to share .....

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Pray for My Dad

yesterday at 5 AM MYGMT my dad admitted to the hospital.... He is now fully depends on life support.... help us Pray for him.... to make ease on what the Fate set for him... for better or worst, to let live or end help us to pray and lead him to tranquility... thanks for friend and family who help us pray, who visit us today or even SMS and call us..... Thanks... May Allah be with us and lead us and let us stay strong ~ Amin.......

p.s special thanks to my brothers for coming back for Walid and for Eppy who called me from Japan not forgotten My Dearest Is......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Type A "Cool"?

geh geh so now i know why... so i was dropping by my friend blog @My Tale Stories@ and find this... what my blood type says about me.... to read other blood types click here

Blood type:A
Roughly 34% of the world is A +ve and 6% A -ve.

Obedient, Careful, Sympathetic, Self-Sacrificing, Polite, Honest, Loyal, Emotional, Introverted & Nervous.

Are reserved calm and even tempered. Sensitive to public opinion. May be Introverted, shy and nervous or ill at ease with others. May be Pessimistic. Value relationships and are loyal. Hesitant to change. Nature lovers and dislike crowds - need a private place or secret hideaway. Can be indecisive. Good at team work and obey rules.
Dislike to touch or be touched by others.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bliss and Turd?

haha saje saje pilih weird title. anyway it has been a long time since i went out with friends and family. since am so flat today because i had a meeting with Mr Chai at Jalan semarak until quite late and thanks to NKVE, the express way so empty i manage to pick up my laundry still.... and i cant sleep peacefully yesterday.... IS~ IS~Kenapa Kenapa?....... i can't construct myself that well anymore... anyway... wakes up early today still... reading Wan and Ed sms.... take my shower and !teeetttt! <-my phone warning tune for unread msgs and miss calls jeng X 3 huhuhu Ehem2 sent MMS from Japan (an Efford to make me jealous of him)
Alamak Lalink~ Jealousnya... i really wanted to go to japan.... my ichiban choice of country to visit.... well am so jealous and samore the Cherry Blossom tree on the background..... bila nak dapat pergi jauh jauh and hidup sendiri..... maju cemerlang gemilang terbilang...... Congratss Cik Abang Eppy.... you deserved it........ Gambatte kudasai.....

sigh what a weekend was thinking of meeting the newly wed Nuruls and Taufik but Balik Batu Pahat pulak... owh man now i have to face the facts that am not going to have chance to go around..... Wan(my office mate) when back to JB last night he finish his JOB here.... Bushannnyaaaa.....Ed ni Dok semunyik kat U5 takkan nak ajak Fizzy kot? Nampaknya kena sambung stress if i can't find things(good things to do)... hurm, was thinking of others and sia sia my time all this while in believing my own theory with constraining my life... but well IS ~IS ~ can't understand it...... NVM i also confuse with what i type....... chet

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Friday The Holy ~Day

Hurm, I felt much much better today... life was hell but hey It's me ~alish.. how hard the test is i will still try to survive and go through with it... cuma tu lah.... dear friends and fams i was hoping for you guys to do me a favor i would happy if you guys went for friday prayers and help to Ask from GOD that i will be okay, Zahir and Batin of course.... i know most people think that am ok from my facial expression or attitude but some how this particular test from GOD that i receive some how make me not me... i was hoping to turn my leaves starting from today.. wish me luck and pray that i will survive it ... thanks ~on the other note.. hurm i undergoing my delusional state today haha... nvm.... alish Gambatte kudasai ne...... anata hotoni segoi...... daijyabuda....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Rainbow and I

This year there is a lot of things happen. somehow i never find things are all fine happened around me. i almost loose myself and give up. Tired of waiting for somethings which refuses to reboot. i was having a course in Precint 2 PJ now....and while i was otw to the powder room i found this

Kadang - Kadang ALLAH hilangkan sekejap matahari (GOD hide The Sun once in a while)
kemudian DIA datangkan pula guruh dan kilat( and bring in The Lightning And The Thunder)
puas kita menangis mencari dimana matahari (We cried ~and got tired somewhere~ and search for The sun)
rupa-rupanya ALLAH nak hadiahkan kita Pelangi yang indah ( But Guess what GOD wanted to give us the Colorful Rainbow )

it might doesn't make sense for some people but it was the prefect time. as i say i almost lost .. lost myself and found this.... I am glad to be here yesterday and today I decide to stop pushing and try too understand that world and things and whatever around me wont revolve as how i wanted for it to be. May the force be with me and us*. Amen~.....
///bab lain pulak\\\
Anyway on Monday night I sent Ehem2* to KLIA, Ehem2* going to japan and finish his final year in Japan.... hopefully everything will be fine there.... and thanks for the call.... really happy to hear you arrive save and soundly... it was a memorable night in KLIA.... :D Siap ah balik M'sia nanti
Disclaimer: Ehem2* = Eppy bukan nama sebenar haha

Saturday, April 04, 2009

apehallah dgn aku ni...

sigh at first ingatkan nak cerita pasal graduation... huhuh kali ni gua bengang sangat ... sebab apa....sebab kusut.. kusut sangat n sampai dah tak tau nak bg tau sapa.. rasa mcm kurang bermakna kongsi..... alkisah kena ngoratlah ni sambung cerita haritu rasa mcm dah ckp berulang kali kat semualah yg wujud kat sekeliling aku " I AM F###ing not Available" ko buat lah andaian apa apa lah.... yg pasti kisah kena kejar sebab katanya sayang sgt kat aku yg comot ni... sampai umah mengah mengah sebab bwk mengalahkan too fast too furious..... esok pgnya aku tak pergi keje.. takot.... hahahha...sekali malam ni makin kusut... wahai jejaka jejaka yg berniat nak kat aku.. cinta ni serious tak boleh paksa... it suppose to start with something sweet that we will remember till death break us apart.. i wanted relationship which make me feel comfortable... as i said before it is either the one i fall in love with or in love with which ever goes first (Period.)... alot of people miss took me or never know me well..... even my own brother .. yes.. my third brother still didn't believe how much i hate western food... it is not what you see... it is the person preference.... i hate guys who spend to much on GF unless wife, i hate guys that is to emo and senseless, i hate guys that is to refraining me from doing jobs, unless you are my BF i know how to limit my self, believe it or not am not a play girl type... once i love that somebody i will not ever hurt him or betray him...... memang marah betul msg yg aku baru terima ni.. rasa nak sepak sepak je pokok kat luar tu... nvm lah tulis ni bg lega sikit......... tense like hell now..... org yg kita sayang tak amik port lak... sigh