Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get Ready To Turn OFF you Light TONIGHT for Earth Hour

Why i change my Blog BackGround Color to Black : It is because Am turning off the light....
/me following google step = "We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn - Earth Hour."

Everybody is concern about our mother earth, we said it, but we drive cars and increase our carbon foot print everyday.... join and register for earth hour here (1 hour to due) and join facebook group for earth hour and vote for Malaysian building or landmark that you would like to see go dark during Earth Hour?

Vote Result So Far:
Update So far(Taken from

» Landmark : Menara Taming Sari Pledges To Earth Hour

» EHM Compilation : Call 2 Arms

» AFC Supports Earth Hour

» MyTeam Supports Earth Hour!

» Caldina Club Supports Earth Hour!

» Landmark : Putrajaya Pledges Support to Earth Hour

» Earth Hour T-Shirts Available (While Stocks Last)

» Blog Theme : Earth Hour (Wordpress)

» Landmark : Historic Dataran Merdeka Pledges To Earth Hour

» Landmark : KLCC Pledges Support to Earth Hour!

» Landmark : Sunway Intergrated Resort Switches Off!

» Earth Hour T-Shirt : SOLD OUT

» Landmarks : KL Sentral

» Landmarks : KL Tower Switches Off For Earth Hour

» Landmarks : Malaysian Icon, Penang Bridge Joins Earth Hour

» Earth Hour Poem

» Fly FM's Campur Charts : In Support Of Earth Hour!

» Earth Hour Penang Launched!

» Earth Hour Malaysia Desktop Calender

» Images : The Making of EHM TVC,Print & Radio

» The Making of EHM's Commercials

» Media Coverage : Earth Hour Malaysia Launch

What you can do:

Turning your lights off for an hour is a great start. However, there are many other things you can do to make Earth Hour 2009 a success.

  • Sign Up Now. Become a part of Earth Hour and get useful tips and tools to reduce your carbon footprint everyday

  • Tell A Friend. Better still – tell them, your family and even your work mates. Encourage them to sign up. Email them a link to this website and mobilise even more people!
  • Tell Your Story. How is climate change affecting your family and your community? We want to hear how you're becoming part of the solution.
  • Your Earth Hour. What will you be doing at 8.30pm on Saturday March 28? We're keen to know what you have planned for Earth Hour 2009. If you'd like to share your plans with Earth Hour and the media, then please send us an email describing with as much detail as you can what you have planned to Don't forget to include your name, where you live (City and Country), and your contact telephone number including your country code.

  • Blogger Tool Kit: Create a blog post about the importance of global action on climate change and how participation in Earth Hour can make a difference.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Argh Graduation day is coming to town

hurm my graduation preparation..... malas nak cerita but need to jot down still.... if not am going to be much devastated......

My Kasut Graduation

after being turn down by "someone" to accompany me buying shoe i completely lost my mood. he also will not be going for my graduation day(Even Close friend- hello )... hurm i lost my mood totally but well i still have to make my appearance right. so after paksa-ing my colleague, he agree to accompany me buy my shoe today so am okay.. but not satisfied.....

The Place to Angkut Jubah

Before going to Nurul's and Taufiq's Wedding the other day we(me and my best friend) went to settle down everything... from queuing in bank to pay our convocation fees, to confirm our attendance and picking up our jubah. Wish i can talk to my friend about my stuff but hell he is to happy for graduation day... Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang lah katakan... anyway....

My Dear Best Friend

Congrats to Nurul's and Taufiq's ... you guys wedding was a blast /me happy for you guys.

Fees Freezer (Album Title Datang, Pergi dan Kembali) feedback and review

Lastly the EP i order from Fizzy(Fees Freezer Basist) arrive Yesterday..... thanks a bunch (it was much easier to have the CD and listen to it).... anyway

FEES FREEZER label them self as "The Modern Malay Grunge Rock..!!"
the music arrangement was all cool except they really have to think about Febley (Didnt say his voice suck because live show=okay) tone in some song... i think it should be at least 1 tone higher... it's to low for the song.... so there..... "Datang, Pergi dan Kembali" rated from me = 4 out of 5..... listen from CD is way much better...... so my Ideal song will be the Long Time Gone the unreleased demo, Kaulah yang terbaik and tak menentu... Listen to them :) here:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My story today and Watching The Watchman with the Peeps

/////The Watch Man trailer\\\\\

The Movie Review (my side)
Overall: OK
stars: 3 1/2
why: well the super heroes thingy was okay but it was under my expectation since it is from DC COMIC. ... love the fighting scene, music in the film, special effect and Rorschach. the story line is not boring except for the cheesy part (well making love with the boom as background and all). Read the review from WIKI. it was a nice movie to watch just ignore the cheesy part it will be perfect.. and the making out scene was rather amusing than arousing hahahhah what the hell i was review about.. anyway it was ok but not perfect :)

Today(my leads....)
after the whole morning facing my deepest frustration which just got heavier. Then Doria Contacted me for an outing (which a promise over due as well- on the other note i really love the t-shirt THANKS). so there was Doria, me, Fads, Rennis and Tina<huhuhuh....filling up my lonely days, thanks to fizzy too he always came out of the blue and make me laugh but i kinda embarrass when he call me today morning.. not exactly the right time....hurm so the story.... i was so piss of.. i hate to let people wait thou that is their option... i have to reject people but as i said to my office mate and all... I AM NOT AVAILABLE.... i don't mind about money or looks.... i want to be only with the one i fall in love with and in love with (which ever go first) felt like running so far .... funny somebody didn't believe i was still HOT TO GO at these age haha... sorry for you guys.. i know you guys are prefect but 4 people came in at the same time i rather reject all, well after all my heart belongs to somebody... thou he is... well... em.... Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made it out of clay what the...... alish stop sings that haha...... it was okay i survive today.. it was great to drive until no one existed on the road and will hit the road again after this...... i should pack up moral of the story... will not be online this few days :) personal note: it has been a very long time since i review or write anything about movie.... which means i skipped twilight, inkheart and bedtime story... nite All... Semoga hari anda semua lebih baik dari saya :). before i forget

Disclaimer: Takziah diucapkan kepada Faizal (I hope you okay by now) for his lost.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Laila's Lounge Mawar Khayalan lyrics + youtube Vids Taken from KAMI

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan
Dia wajah yang berkeliaran
Aku, kudamba kehadirannya

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasi awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa

Seluas laut yang terbentang
Buihnya terapung di awangan
Derita dunia yang mencengkam
Cuba untuk aku bertahan
Semua jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasi awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa

Kecewa tak bermakna
Semua hanyalah tipu daya
Modenisasi hanya…

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan
Dia wajah yang berkeliaran
Aku, kudamba kehadirannya

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasi awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa
Kecewa tak bermakna
Semua hanyalah tipu daya

Modenisasi hanya…
Untuk haiwan di rimba
Globalisasi cuma
Jadi tuan si hamba
Ooo monarki untuk apa
Badut-badut istana
Lalalala oh

Oh oh oh oh lalalala
Mawar khayalan

"Dairi Hidup Seorang Replacement"

Ada tiada tak ada beza
rasa diri tidak dihargai
pusing kanan kiri office mate semua bz
hari hari balik pukul dua tiga pagi
yang tu bukan hidup seorang replacement ini

paling penting yg pelik sekali
kanan kiri due date semua semakin dihampiri
tapi gayut dengan awek kanan kiri
boleh pulak meraka ni?
mula terketik logic di hati
alasan apa lagi
hari ini penat esok bz
mcm lah diri sendiri tak bz
baca SMS lama semuanya tak ada erti penat dan bz
tercari cari logic dihati
seminggu dua sabar lagi
masuk tiga bulan masih menanti
rindu dihati tidak terperi
bagai mengorek dasar bumi
dua tiga memetik hati
satu persatu ditolak tepi
gundah gulana mengenangkan nasib diri
setia pada kekasih hati
pergi enjoy langsung tidak seperti rasa dihati
makin kusut seperti misai pak ali
tapi itu cuma sari hidup si replacement ini

harga diri ditolak tepi
menuntut kasih pada yang ditinggali
sudah tahu bakal nasib diri
masih mencuba tanpa menyesali
mula mula ok lagi
wallet ada gambar bekas kekasih hati
padahal sudah berbulan ditinggali
masih ada hati lagi
kekasih dihadapan mata cuma untuk mengisi hati
macam 'touch n go' pula si replacement ini

bukannya susah untuk diimplementasi
bagi tahu sahaja isi hati
sayang, suka , menyampah ,tiada perasaan atau sahnya pengganti
asalkan diri dan hati ini diadili
tapi apakan daya si replacement ini
cuba memahami cuba mengasihi cuba sentiasa disisi
rupanya bertepuk tangan sendiri
hari hari fikirkan activiti
supaya tidak menganggu kekasih dihati
kekasih sentiasa penat dan bz
akhirnya diri dilukai

walau ada yang memetik hati
kanapa meraka bukan yg dikasihi
kalau hendak diikutkan hati
jauh pergi si replacement terbang tinggi
mencapai langit menyejukkan hati

wahai si kekasihi hati
dengarlah rintihan si replacement ini
tergugat rasa kasih dihati
dipetik orang berulang kali
bukan ingin memaksa kekasih hati hati
cuma ingin rasa dikasihi
kalau si replecement bukan pemaisuri dihati
berterus terang wahai kekasih hati

bersama bukan sehari
kenal bukan hanya semasihi
untuk si replecement ini
hanya dia kekasih hati

Your Truly,
~For Ramunia Peseidon~

Duduk berniaga di Kampung Cina,
Buat sempadan Datuk Penghulu;
Jangan harap pada bunga,
Bunga tidak kembang selalu.

Bunga puan bunga selasih,
Bunga keduduk berkait-kait;
Tinggal tuan tinggal kekasih,
Tinggal duduk baik-baik.
(Reference Kurik Kundi Merah Saga off Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka,2009)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Broken Scar + know them + listen to them

For those who watch KAMI or Follow KAMI you guys should already recognize Broken scars music. thou i do watch KAMI the series i never notice it until recently i run a massive search on all talented Malaysian entertainers.... for me it is not about the genre but it is all about the music......

Broken scar genre is listed as rock band in ReverbNation but sign under indie label. was existed since 2005.

Under the Broken Scar moniker, Kevin Teh, a charismatic singer-songwriter from Malaysia has made head turning music and delivered memorable performances pumped with high energy from the very first show as a solo act. Ask anyone in the Malaysian music scene and they will tell you that Kevin is like a kid on sugar high.(, March 2009)

you can listen to them here: (with recommended track: Shooting star, down, scratch and hey you)


know them more:

Notice them (the First Release-2006):

According to Broken Scar's blog their last perfomance in kl will be toms... so catch them if you can :) :