Monday, December 28, 2009

Video for Michael Jackson's posthumous single, This Is It

The official video for Michael Jackson's posthumous single, This Is It, has been released!

Directed by Academy Award nominated film director Spike Lee, the video is a montage of MJ's hometown of Gary, Indiana, as well as footage of Michael throughout the years.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Halal Act only GoingTo Be Formulated Next Year

why only next year ? (read: Halal news on bernama)...
first and for most ... for all Malaysia who didn't know this... Jakim did put up a website for us to check the status of product we bought on market... (Jakim Halal website-Check status using Product Barcode, Description or company name) ... even you can SMS

Type halal [product barcode] example halal [ 9551234567891]

and senrt to 32728 | DAPAT

my issue here why next year... why not immediately (well this issue has been going on since years ago.... how many "Next year" should i follow until it will be implement)
i gave you the link to the website because i have been consistently check out the site and
it was there since i was first told by a friend 3 years ago... but the database never expand and i cant see any update available. Close but no Cigar i must say... i hope i don't have to put up with "next year" on the next year December newspaper.

Big dream happen when the engine run smoothly... Don't just Bark at the tree... Its important for the people it is important for the dream and it is important for our economy....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Another lost this year

Kinda lost in explanation... i never expected there will be another lost this year....
But Brittany Murphy died early yesterday at age 32 from cardiac arrest... she was found unconscious in the shower by her mother...
i hope there will be no foul play cases... LAPD is doing autopsy on her thou her husband doesn't want any autopsy done to her..... hope to hear more development on this story... well
i do love Brittany Murphy .... well despite i hate her in uptown girl (the movie make her look too dumb) but hell she such a good singer and actress ... RIP Brit

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Icy Queen

The picture on the right look much much warmer than where i am right now.....

I receive a questionnaire to be answer by a post grad student in UPM and realize that I am now the only person here feeling it.... i decide to stop complain! nothing can be done as am the ugly duckling here.....


2+ month ago I decide to stop sharing anything within the cult circle... after learning that

"you just wasting your time to tell the truth which at the end the story will be twist and spread across the globe"...... nope i don't think any PHD involve...but PROUD will be much suitable. ..

am not enjoying this more and more... well I choose to be the freak here...

I stop meeting old friends more and more and even avoid them ..... for me if you are the only one trying to work things out while their mind and mouth still stick to 17 Years old head than avoiding them will be better... no this doesn't apply to everyone.. some people who I think worth to work it out then no invitation needed I will come to you

am not feeling well today.... Heavy headache after my nap, feeling temperature cold which remind me of that cold the hearted cult....

Breaking the news: If you aren't invited to my wedding (past tense, future tense and present tense)..... this note will make you understand why...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lecture(Ceramah) in Bugis language.....

Hahaha i was so happy today... well i check my blog chatbox and i saw a comment from Ridwan.. nothing to expect at first but i follow his link... and i found this in his blog (embed is a ceramah in Bahasa bugis)

i am so happy because it remind me of everything...... just that i never know there would be one... and "so familiar..."

thanks Ridwan for visiting me.. and all those info you share in your blog...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shock 1:
5.00 Am i heard a loud sound through my bedroom wall. I rush out and see Ibu lying on the floor... did ask her to go to clinic but she refuse.... please suggest me what to do in this kind of event... am shock and i don't know what to do... it is strange when the only think i can think at that moment is nothing... call her just now... she said that she feel less pain now.... still i am confuse what to do......

and ..... Shock 2:

hurm I told hana strange things today... I miss my daughter... yup, 2 of them and then she ask "kak alish ada anak ke" well I almost forgot... yup it is not mine... but i have been dreaming about them this few days... rindunya tak jumpa diaorg... sigh.... would it be weird if i say i wanted to have kids badly(now days).... must be strange for people who know me since I've been crapping how much i hate kids.... especially the one who cant stop cry.......

ah hell, what the hell i've been thinking this days...

Shock 3: ... have you ever feel like slapping on someone face?... well i hate to say this...

"know your own shoe la wei..."

just imagine... someone i know that she doesnt have this thing around her life. well she put up this mengada ngada face ....

she use or do things with these stuff.... but guess what ...

it is not her's!

but she acted like she cant live with out it.... and she own it and don't even care if other people need their space too.... what a pathetic....
well good thing i have it long before. Jadi saya tak mengada ngada macam tu ....

/me cukup pakai kancil at least ada dan boleh bawa kereta dengan "baik". ko pakai org len punya tak payahlah nak belagak macam menatang tu ko yg punya... come on... pelik orang datang dari kampung yg dekat dengan bandar pun macam ni.... ada org tu ada kereta tak boleh bawak tak belagak pun! kereta mahal lagi!

Shock 4: Why people keep accusing others? i don't care if it is the truth... but what if it is not? am not hurt but i am disappointed

Shock 5: I think people never or better to say refuse to see it in bigger picture that's why they pro to one side! ..... well i do my owh research each time so i can smash back the steam potato... steam potato is my own idea of people who absorb everything and process it as it's own with out 1. listening to other point of view. 2 doing some research .... owh people mind set... seriously i hate to read newspaper these days... yup i don't read tabloid... they exaggerate everything!

Monday, December 07, 2009

I have a problem with wording issue

Disclaimer: Am not activist nor do I being supportive, and I am not going to discriminate... But i just hate that words

Disclaimer 2: I understand that sexual preference is important and I know Our Religion Against it

Okay ... where do I start......

I am sure that you guys are well aware about the "Fatine" issues ...

but some how, I hate to read it in any Malaysian Language Tabloid or blogs or anything related.... I know s/he is confuse. I know we can save her if we want. but we can't, if we keep addressing her as Bapok or Pondan or mak nyah......

I feel disgusted by these word...I hate to read it ... and I know how to quickly flip over the sheet... but come on!

  • I think we don't have the right to contempt her
  • I believe words are prayers
  • I think 3 reminder and execution will be better
  • I believe if we stop using those kinds of word able to reduce the aggression ...
  • I think we should try to find words that are suitable to be use appropriately in Malaysian Language for Transgender, transvestite, transsexual or queer.... (As Example Banci in Indonesian language represent both for transvestite and hermaphrodite- not like i want to use the word banci because you know what, we might have contribute to another strike from em' which is funny)

My psycho phone

Oh these two phone sangat gatal sekali..... 2 phone with different gatal.... i just check my SE and it is lock and then i look again... "insufficient balance" yup!, she when out browsing game by herself.... and my M..... miss M here thinks that it is funny to call Dr.Shukor (one of my lecturer back in UTM)by herself(not once but dozens of times)... enough with the event i was screaming in SKK hallway because she sms Dr. shukor by herself using the quick template.... tak dan dah nak malu...

i manage to save my self few event.. and today i have to delete the number (well i bet he change his phone number already but i didn't check but i guess its okay... i will be so proud now if she can dial the number ......crazy....) memang nak kena hempuk dengan aku dua ni langgarkan antenna dua dua baru tau! and i tot i was crazy .... nevertheless might be because am the owner of these two bright phones..... good thing am using prepaid...

Friday, December 04, 2009

A guy calls 911 For Escort To Lil Wayne Concert!

aha you guys should watch this vids....

le maintien de bonnes relations: Debt, Trust and Words

I wanted to share something around my life this week and i think you should know it too

A very dear friend of mine Pass away few days ago (Al-fatehah) from a car accident.... how ever 3 of them survive...... why i wanna touch this matter? hurm so we used to work for a company who fail to pay us our salary (4 of us excluding the Barua).

the owner of "Virtual Space Center SDN BHD" and his BARUA wan owe one of my friend who survive the accident. I don't really care if it was like under $1000 but you should know the amount..guys i think you should really consider paying him back his money.... he might or might not need the money... but a dept is a dept.... what if he didn't survive....

just as reminder for all of us, yes including me.... how religiously inept we might be but don't pretend like nothing else matter except for yourself and your life stop using others generosity (When you in need you begged him but when it is time to payback you ignore him... almost a year now! stop hiding! )...

you know why i publish your name.... because this is to much .... upon my dept i let it passed!... but someone is in need...... For others information i hope somebody do google this name and find out about the "douche" and should learn from us.... he just using you! (As i say people now days even if he do have A.Prof in front of their name they might be just as douche as Eric Cartman! ) .... i cant stop remembering his face when he show us how opportunist he is.... (Saw a lot of UTM pc in the office last time... guess la how he get it! )

"Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody." By Agatha Christie

Trust: "Don't trust people who don't want to trust you" By alish :) am too generous and surprisingly forgiving these days and this is just a reminder for me to start being a hard ass! except for the issue above am being to soft these days....

Words: Funnily some people who claim that they can create a better country curse for others misfortune.... guys cammon we don't do that.... "Sedara se-agama ok!"

"If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. "By Abraham Lincoln

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jour de l'Action de grâce and Eid al-Adha Bugist Style

Jour de l'Action de grâce
falls on 26Nov in US.... can't stop smiling each time i remember it... sigh.... my dad.... what a dad...
Great one.....
but if say to much people will misunderstood me.....

Eid al-Adha
before i start elaborating the cooking event more then the event is self ...
i still wonder why some bugist people here in Malaysia caught up with burasa' and asam pedas...
while ayam lengkuas, ayam serai and most importantly lepat luih is left out during the festive...
but anyhow i just wanna show you some of the preparing process with vids included hopefully.

Burasa' consist of rice, salt and coconut milk...... cook with Pandan Leaves fragrant
(Click picture to enlarge)
Which is wrap with a special banana leaves mainly pisang nipah or kapuk (play video below to
see how you shape it)
.........(owh i regret to tell you the one you buy in pasar malam is just not the burasa' you guys think
it is... trust me... especially the one in BBu or pontian.... differ... even the color) ...
and after that if you view picture mark with number six that is process Bugist peeps call it bebat...
a process of protecting the initial burasa' with a multilayer oversize banana leaves and seal tightly.
after the bebat proccess
the burasa' will be cook again for 3 hour.......

to differ which is burasa' and which lepat luih.....takes only a true blood to unlock it
(p.s my mum happen to strongly influence my dad family into this :P we not the same race/ethnic)

another Bugist delicacies (not to say unknown but more like infamous... )
which consist of sticky rice, salt and coconut milk undergone a similar process to burasa'
but normally we use a type or triangle prism moulding/molding which you can view from the
video below

The End product (Burasa and lepat luih)
So how to eat them

For Burasa' : Normally asam pedas- ikan Belanak or parang, but i prefer with ayam masak serai
or ayam lengkuas
For lepat: Bejabu' - well know as Serunding in Malaysian language..... or rendang

and this is my beautiful plate of the delicacies
A kuali/wok of Ayam masak serai (Lemon Grass chicken - Consist of onion, chilly, lemon grass, galangal, unyik/tumeric, serve with tumaric leaves and lime leaves as garnish-and extra flavor)
and the serving table- we should do alfresco today.....the kitchen was pack luckily we spread the carpet for food prep yesterday
owh lupa pulak Happy Eid al-Adha Peeps... and yes happy thanksgiving too

end of horror..... TIREDDD

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bahasa Bugis

Hurm i plan to start a blog on "Bugist language".. but some how there is some blog existed one of it is cgabeng bahasa bugis but i was lucky that he actually copy paste from others... but i find the language do mix with local culture... as for Johorian Bugis.... it is blend with a few local word... and some of my friend in sabah speaks with a mixture of Filipinos .... but not to far from makassar and sulawesi.... I do hope I can compile everything soon yup but of coz just the language and food maybe.......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Blind Side .... please please be available here

Can be more frustrating i check like few local cinema for this movie... The Blind Side not even in the list in coming soon tab @ GSC nope not in TGV , dan
1 movie suppose to release this month...
well the one i waited for... (definitely not new moon)

The Blind Side
well yup i know... but i sort of going for this kinda movie... watch the teaser here

besides Caroline

was release in February, 2009
i was hoping it will be available here just that i hate to Pirate it if not necessary.... but sometime i just opt for watching online no matter how bad it is

looking back this year i only watch few movie in local cinema and end up watching online for the one that i have been waiting for... sigh.. lastly pergi movie let people decide because none of it my option(kecuali inkheart-memang nak tgk) and lastly Bord of it... sigh

other Movies

on the other note... aku sangat tension today and wish not to talk to anybody... Am sick and Freezing cold.....

Monday, November 16, 2009


Sigh ... hurm made a mistake today.... firstly am not in a very good mood.... fierce to be exact... i know EMO but hell yeah i am fierce if people keep pushing me to admit something that i didn't do for Gawd sake.

and mum never made it easier... than i piss someone else (which reminding things from the pass)

and then yup back to me.... how silly we think we cant forget the most important things. The think that we plan with hopes and dreams... by the time we achieve it we have to let go and forget about it.... am still piss about it... i mean me... what a mistake... biggest mistake in my life..... and worst.... it is what am not suppose to do..... i remember that day... darkest day in my life.... ending with nightmare horror and a fight which i didn't trigger... man... why life is such a drama...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Weekend: 7+8Nov and My Breakfast Pack

Last Weekend: 7+8Nov and My Breakfast Pack: Meeting Ayin, Masak lemak Turi+ Ketam, Steam Senangin and the breakfast pack: Sandwich and Kebab.

Hurm last week doesn't go as accordingly, so after a while i decide to meet Ayin... at first the journey was suppose to be on saturday but some misunderstanding because of me and confuse Ayin (Aih sorry Ayin) we finally decide to meet on Saturday(But I meet Fara instead- thanks far for inviting me to your house.... thou I didn't share much about me but that day is about you... sangat gembira OK)... back to meeting Ayin in Melaka : I segan to meet her since i gain extra weight ..... but then jumpa jugak. nothing much to share from this trip.... kecuali dapat ticket... meet the horses, makan in cafe... the only thing we do chat next to the pool..... uh i dah masuk kerja letih gila no go for relax

Ayin Place: Wish i stay here too

the neighbour house - religious one indeed
Misty and me
Me and galaxy (sebenarnya ye saya memang pengecut- guess what am scare of horses)Steady
not going to view this pix too long.. i might feel sad ... jauhnya

And my beloved bro was home so he buy some crab and as always the menu is chilly crab but + Masak lemak Turi + Ketam

and we had steam senangin for dinner (pix blow- still prep the fish)

SO for breakfast i decide to pack a nice kebab for the kids in SMC....... Chicken kebab with garlic sauce .. tomorrow will do more since i wanna finish up the tortilla and wanted to make a fresh one......
Reheat the tortilla

Fry (or best Grill) the marinated chicken (Garlic, paprika, pepper and salt)

spread the garlic sauce (Aioli) line up tomatoes, salad and chicken +pickle is desire
Roll up and i cut em into small bites... pack it with sweet chilly sauce (home made non cook sauce) ahhh now lapar balik thou i finish up all stir fry black pepper lamb for dinner tadiand the simple egg sandwich..... but with white bread

Off track story sangat gembira my salad supply is saved......

Function to Bad Rate Buyer Temporary Taken Out by

Function to Bad Rate Buyer Temporary Taken Out by .... do you guys agree on it i don't think so...2 of item i buy the seller was so rude.... they mislead the buyer and i dont want lelong to end-up having group of seller who mislead- well as we know lowyatt also provide selling and buying but LOWYATT also are well know as the most dangerous place to shop... removelah.... remove (click the pix below to read the reason-BULLSHITZ)
for me if the seller didn't fucup people will not put up bad comment... so buyer just simply want a justice.... I not yet "bad comment" people thouthe item I bought on the promotion page clearly post up RED but when the item arrive it was totally orange and a bright one..... or the item stated it came in with software but nah i google pun tak dapat.... and the person didnt reply... i have 20 more days before rating session ended but will see lah ... how lelong wanna overcome it.... i still think it is a stupid step. SANGAT BODOH OK

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Body Odor: Fights back naturally

BO omg can't stands it... okay i know you (who ever you are) strong religious believer but hello BO just doesn't goes with our religion come on... remember we must keep our self clean.... nope it is not what you think yes alcohol is a sin but that is when we consume excessively which later cause nausea and hangover+ anything that going to leave major effect to your body is sinful. but alcohol contain in deodorant and antiperspirant is so little beside no major effect in your body.... and fatwa in Malaysia categorize this product as mubah/harus so why not just use it.....

okay so you still forbid alcohol in you life why don't you use natural way to deodorize ur self... follow this step:

Bath: bathe with lemon and bicarbonate soda or vinegar or try apple cider vinegar + mix in essential oil or rose water. recommended 3 times a day.

after bath: mix bicarbonate soda with body talcum and smear it to your armpit or apple cider vinegar. or some corn starch to make it extra dry.....

always dry your body well and wear fresh clothing each time... wipe with fresh set of towel... wash your towel like 2-3days once....

Drink: fresh water, no coke, no Pepsi, no teh-O no anything else but H2O

Avoid: strong flavored food like curry, onion, egg, cocoa
try: high in zinc food... clam, oyster, dark leaf green vegetable like spinach

that's just it ..... bukan susah sangat pon nak senangkan org sekeliling kan

for those who okay with alcohol try bathing and use deodorant before you sleep... it make all the different for people who didn't do this everyday... try to use spray type of deodorant if you love walking and sport.... as you may spray until it cover the whole body....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Very busy .....

sigh what a weekend: Kon labor & Delivery, caramel apple, a very sweet breakfast, a repetitive dinner menu(Chilly crab and lamb chop) and my pack breakfast almost went wrong + Ferrero Rondnoir

Disclaimer: You are about to watch a miracle+disgusting(For some people) Vids But its okay wash it with my food post aha.. sorry people.... but really wanna share....

Saturday subuh i was annoyed by my cat she scratching my face my hand and my back...... at first i was piss.... it was 5.30 in the morning... okaylah bangun since Azan subuh calling me....
wash my face and brush my teeth and there she goes again ... she called me and walk half way..... since i didn't follow her she repeat the same step until i finish brushing my teeth and get my Wudu' done.... ok i follow you ... she is now inside the box.... i keep deceiving her because i was up to something... alamak boleh kentut pulak... went to the loo again just to see Kon repeating her steps before..... and there was something on her bottom and it was ..... small kitten leg.... OMG OMG OMG i scream IBU.......... my mum deceive me pulak since i complain to her in the kitchen kon was bugging me since 3AM man so basically she just doesn't want to witness it.....
i grab my phone and try to capture mia first experience to assist my cat delivering her baby.... man it was scary and i cried.... 1. she panic 2.i panic 3. my carpet 4. few more to go...... thank God i read the guide the night before... since this is her first experience she was as clueless as i am..... i follow the step what to do first and what to do if she didn't eat the placenta and cord....

after the painful to watch session..... i continue with what i suppose to do... and amazing 1 hour the kitten is completely dry and the best Alive.. all of them..... this is her first one hour milking pix

after the kitten sleep she rest on top of my bed

yup there..... the spot that i hardly approve (luckily we wash her after the process....) congrats Kon am so proud of you......Now to wash our sickness... but i bet you still sick of the vids haha
anyway... since now its me and my collegue cafeworld fever..... i am so wanted to try all the recipe inside the game...... almost all blog and web publish a pretty same recipe which require kraft caramel cube well as you know not ever going to be available in my kampung so i google how to produce the cube pulak... adeh what a pain in the A

before that you need to chill the apple and pat dry only before coating the apple...
what you need is heavy cream in my case i use whipped cream instead (i almost cry to find this on the shelf.... sangat tak sangka.. next recipe i need Greek yogurt and not sure where to find it)
so combine 1 pack of cream with the same amount of honey... i whisk it first and taste it in advance......
heat it on stove until i think appropriate .. ya i know am not a professional candy maker..... if you do have candy thermometer please heat it until 250F and you are now ready to coat the apple.. tilt the heavy bottom sauce pan and start coating....

jeng jeng jeng 2 normal caramel apple 2 espresso caramel coating .... improvise biasa la... oklah not perfect but edible (not sure not up to my taste but my collegue seem to like it beside.... they say it taste like cadbury choclair)... so that is my Sunday morning
owh almost forget i prepare my breakfast before start the caramel apple process with a
Sweet savorie Mr lova lova freshtoast ala doughnut :P (see wether you guys perasan the product)

prepare the toast batter.... 1 egg 1 part of milk and 2 teaspoon of vanilla essence.... fry it and try to remove it sogginess with kitchen towel dont pat dry but flip it on a clean kitchen towel....

after the disogginess(woah suka suka buat new word) the bread coat it with same part of Castor and icing sugar....... best serve with melted dark choco or home made without cooking strawberry jem (blend je strawberry with a little bit sugar) fresh and sexy.......
p.s recall it now..... something like powdered french toast in cafe world kan hahahha

while up to today yes to...... having a repetitive dinner menu..... dried rub lamb chop for me and chilly crab for Ibu

i prepared egg sandwich filling sekali no bread ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... what to do... cant keep it ... can't waste it but i was lucky ada sebiji telur lagi..... crack it... + salt +water+ flour.... make a crêpes out of it and bungkus all with the salad leaves.... and wallah surprise it was edible and ok lah me and my colleague didn't went out for breakfast that day...

the crepe egg sandwich up close and personaland last but not least i love it ...... more Ferrero Rondnoir please