Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Aphroditē dejavu

" Pahatkan nisan serangkum syair, Keluh pujangga kasih tak sampai"
This particular sentences was pick up from a long lost movie "Ali Setan". Which currently affecting my life.

Dejavu.... so what dejavu is....from what i understand it is an anomaly or an act of remembering the same situation happen previously in your life (Which trigger by something- well before this the person don't save it in he/r memory). but dejavu scientifically it is a delay of processing the event in your life. so it is some sort of disease... geh haha

come back to the sentence above.... it is literally explain as " writing a stanza of poetry on a tomb stone, the creative writer come to a sigh.... because love is not conveyed" i think so lah my vocab is so suck.....

so what make me write about this..... hurm i have to admit I'm a player but i never take it that way... my perception of love is a straight forward kind of love.... give and take... if my partner failed to change in the time frame i set earlier...then i would say goodbye.... it takes two to tango so does love.... you can't force your partner listen only to what you say, or to left his/her friend, or force them to call you lover but you never did to him/her, you can aspect they will understand you always.... so give and take is like a love bible to me..... i call you sayang so you will call me something too right.... or i understand you have all sort of friend because i do too, you love your ex, i have my favorite one too...... but the only thing i failed to understand is..."Busy" gawd.... guys if you use this excuse i will kill you.... yup so what dejavu had to do with my love story..... i always have ex become close friend or vice versa.... boy and rezza krishnn is the absolute cool bf but hey boy just got engage the other day... rezza probably with his boyfriend now..... and Mio is the one never realize but we know what happen to the story... but most of all i hate to admit this... there is a great guy (Which my mum love so much) name Kamarul... well after i rejected his love (because he ask me to marry him after just like 3 weeks know each other not couple okay because of the weewee dry huggies pampers from kajang i decide to end it) and i never get the 'one' that i want....., like a cheque bounce back..... really dejavu...... until i found Ramunia Poseidon.... but all this diversion of story is not what i want to share..... transparent is my second lovebible..... i belive that if you don't love someone anymore you should tell them, if you hate what they do you have to tell... it is now or never then regret and end up in a relationship which is to burdening for bothside... i really hope to find a guy who know the timing or all this.... i rather breakup knowing what when wrong, or break up because my boyfriend tell me he got some1 else..... rather then being in clueless position.... so what is my third love bible..... it would b understanding..... it is really important for me to understand my lover (yup schedule, foods,
what he love and hate) what you guys need to do just tell me all this and i will schedule myself when to bug you and all.............
love bible Aphrodite devaju to be continue......
next week

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Falling in love with Nitrus

well i cant sleep again thanks to Gawd its 2.30++ now.... so what happen today...alot of things happen but i rather not to blog it...come back to falling in love with Nitrus so i keep changing channel... since i skipped dinner so i just watch TV in the dark to avoid my parents see my face.... and there... unzipped 8TV showing this great adorable rock band Nitrus (or indie band which now i am so confuse)..... the song was.... hurm...... so what touch my heart today and guess what i found them in facebook Nitrus Facebook which link to Nitrus blog and so i become their fans... maybe i should go out toms to find their CD... am getting bord sitting at home being sober all the time...... time to move on girlie...... and i try to find them in youtube to embed in this post but sadly i can't find what i want...... but hell yeah i give you option..... maybe after you browse the playlist below you wanna know the Benar salahku song... you can download it to your phone..... get it from the picture attach....

i initially wanted to share with you guys Benar salahku which i dedicate the song to the other side of Johor coast... desaru...... but i cant get it so feel free to listen ... i personally like kamu and sisa as well...am so crazy with their song resah as well which i also dedicate to desaru haha.... so there.... my insomnia post today. the playlist below not that nice would prefer to listen it from nitrus myspace playlist but i cant embed it here.... so my last option is from reverbnation eh dah pukul 3 setengah .... time flies la... i was so busy trying to get the playlist right.... but i guess it okay since am not sleepy at all... they sound like my long lost fav band RadioHead and R.E.M... hope your days better than mine.... nite2 reader


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Back from dead

yesterday my insomnia getting worst... i sleep late and wake up at five and unable to continue sleeping..... damn celcome i can even check my balance today... luckily my maxis still okay..... such a busy day yesterday.... i went to pick up my Degree++ cert but guess what .... degree++ office close yesterday... at the end i drive alone around like hell. sigh... what the toot...... almost had and accident today morning...since when the road turn one way.....i just pass that same road last week... all the honking make me more dizzy..... the whole morning i hear the same song over and over... YUI it's happy line... some how it make me better........

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Insomnia or DSPS?

it has been a week like this... can't sleep can't do anything much.... was it because am thinking to much...i dunno... i even try to eliminate my afternoon nap habit... still not working... start to think whether i should consume sleeping pills or something... i even try the boring youthsays to get me bord and start sleeping... but yup failed..... just wish i have somebody to talk to.... sigh...... what should i do....counting cows.... ewww disgusting ...sheep can't be gua too lame ...... drink a lot of water... makin teruk ada lah keep visiting the loo........ any ideas?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Compilation of Selected deleted scene from Aspire faci intro vids

heeyaaa'll.....to do the aspire faci video intro we (shooting starz) shoot i think almost 4 dozen of clips.... what they don't know yet is i made a compilation vids from the deleted scene.... i only use 1 dozen of it and still got like 2 dozen of deleted scene around.... which is too obscene-and good one (by means the person inside the vids might felt intimidated if i show the whole world). anyway i will share both the original that we use and the deleted scene compilation. and hope you guys enjoy...

p.s if you reading this from facebook you might need to view the original post(use the link) to view both video..... thanks and again hope you guys enjoy it.

////the original Aspire Faci Video Intro////

///deleted scene compilation///

in the video: Lem, Doria, Atikah, Joanne, Simon, Fadli, J Kartek, Izzyan and yup... mua....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

to excited?

yup am to excited to share the link to the news post ... to the RBFDS in nst 2008 hahah


while i was searching few entry for it,I found Leona Chin Blog who previously join RBFDS and Win as well... she even race for this year Merdeka Millennium Endurance... but yup but i was a little bit how should i put this intimidated? by the post about RBFDS in JB where according to her she(one of the participant) clock the test in 38 sec... well am not sure anymore but yup still put my hope on... i might don't have her kind of car and all but i still believe i can do it....

read her post about the search in Johor here

Thursday, December 11, 2008

RBFDS in NST yesterday

Thanks to Izzy if not I wouldn’t know my group picture with some of the RBFDS participant was published on news paper....

Anyway I did expose the test on previous post right (hurm I just wanted to clarify it is not just simulation test) . I just want to share my happiness with you guys geehee that’s all

gladly to tell most of the picture of course no name on it haha... so does the graduation days last time, so does the advertisement for SAL college last time and some others which now I have to dig in one of my box....

My scanner busted so this picture was taken using my vga phone cams. Boleh la..

the fat white shirt gurl with an arrow above her is = me haha :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

So I went to RedBull female driver search (RBFDS)

yup so i went there today in Sutera mall,Johor
with 2 of my brother; my eldest and my 4th brother. the test is quite OK but am not sure about 2 of the test. the test is as follow
1. Questionnaire about Merdeka millennium endurance and Sepang stuff (spoiler je lah takkan i gave out all the tips gua)
2. Simulation something like Dytona thingy
3. drive test (they searching for people who can drive the course below 55second++)

sigh, am so wanting to be inside the team but they say they will contact if i pass the test.... wish me luck because this is my dream...... owh there will be more test if i pass this one...... so happy just to go today because atleast i try before quitting :)..... owh ya this vids is my 3rd test