Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raya Frenzzy @ aTikah house

huhu the old board get together for Eid Mubarak celebration. Thanks to Atikah for the food and DUIT RAYA (CHI PAU) hahahh...

I love this one picture so much...... all off us Queue to get our duit raya.... so i will start to elaborate the picture.....

Yea Yea Duit raya
1. Izzy seek for forgiveness from Atikah (but look more like pretending to ask forgiveness)
2. yup she WAS happy for this moment... will see afterward.
3. this gurl... Joanne... see what in her hand? ang pau right... she was right behind me before this but... she cut Queue and try to get second round...
4. this time the "we don't care what it is.... we just stand here queue and smile..." they pose and smile while others preparing script

that's me kiss Atikah... she the gurl no the story no 3... she was right behind me....

Serious talk
in Facebook she claim it was $$$$ talk... but see her face.... more like disturb.......

Family picture 1
Family picture 2

Family picture 3

Makan free.... so am full :)

She reluctant to take picture with me

Simon ko a.k.a the VIP

Mrs and Mistress which one will he choose..... Fadli and Khailun in actionMrs and Mistress which will he choose..... Fadli and Khailun in action 2

Digi style Family picture
( but no worries we equally divided to maxis and celcom to)

Izzy (oit buat apa tu...rosak gambar) wif jo........

well for this picture .... things like this is normal for people who go around when for visit... depends on the 'kuih raya'.... honey corn flakes, famous amos, almond London, samprit, kuih tart.... first come first serve babeh..... i kantoi (caught red handed) hide famous amos look alike...
we have fun call few people and wish selamat hari raya to simon, kar teck and ariff... it was fun... anyway thanks for the outing guys ... miss you guys

Friday, October 10, 2008

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