Thursday, July 31, 2008

Major Confuse and update..... my update :)

hurm it has been really long time since i update the blog ..... am so busy with study and prepared my self (ya lah mengada ngada apply for Faci) for Colours(camp) and Aspire (camp) .

Colours Prep

Colours faci team...

Clyde pensive look... tired maybe arrive from Singapore...

When to Putrajaya last week with:

Putrajaya Carrefour door



Stupid Love mechine who grade me as old school

Jeanne is checking out her love catergories
When sushi king with fads

ChawamushiSushi king fried tokoyaki

Tokoyaki close up

Same set all the time....

ah .... when for alignment and change my tyre :) Duit terbang lagi huhuhuh :)and yesterday is the most confusing day for me, AIESEC Gath exceeding my expectation so congrats for AIESEC UTM Learning task force (snap snap snap).... 2 picture below were taken after the gath.... owh about the confusing thingy... got a call from a person named him self JOE.... you way to freaky man......

Attend today BIP and BIC seminar
, so sleepy until i found this guy in front of me go online and now am online as well hahaha got chance to update blog... LASTLY

Owh and my series of unfortunate event...... my car window crash...... badly..... reported and got back my cash and still waited for my tinted....... (Pemotong rumput indon tak pergi sekolah... hello Malaysians car mostly tinted that's why the glass is not scattered around......they insisted it is not their fault.....)
End of update and cant wait for SR to come to Johor and spent his off day with me...... Tuntut Dark night, Pampered me who has been sick for 3 weeks now.... and a lot of discussion

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hebat Dari TANGGA

I love this song a lot since 2 years ago..... well my ex roommate and exblock mate never herd of it before. hurm i have no comment and the rumours that wondered around is not true I DON'T HAVE A BOY FRIEND ok but i do have somebody special inside my heart... always... like Family and hurm i put it here SR..... Thanks to SR i felt really happy these days and SR always there on time and never fail to call me every night. Something just can't be explain and something just happen suddenly..... i even try to stop SR from calling me but he said he want to call so i let him be.... anyway here is the song ..... enjoy :)

--/////The Song\\\\\--

hebat - tangga

--/////The Lyric\\\\\--

bagaikan tetesan hujan di batasnya kemarau
berikan kesejukan yg lama tak kunjung datang
menghapus dahaga jiwaku akan cinta sejati

* betapa sempurna dirimu di mata hatiku
tak pernah kurasakan damai sedamai bersamamu
tak ada yg bisa yg mungkin kan mengganti tempatmu

reff: kau membuat ku merasa hebat
karena ketulusan cintamu
ku merasa teristimewa hanya
hanya karena, karena cinta
kau beri padaku sepenuhnya
buatku selalu merasa berarti

kini ku merasa hebat
karena kau yang membuatku makin kuat
jantungku bergerak cepat
semua yg berat bisa lewat
inikah cinta yg sejati

melayang ku terbang berenang di awan
tak akan kita kan lepas dan jatuh sekarang
cinta, sang cinta, kita kan terus mencinta

repeat *
repeat reff

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coming Back to UTM

Hurm arrive back to UTM is really pain in the ass... to many things to do after the few series of calling HEP for my Accommodation location and lastly me (+Doria) register at Kolej Sembilan the Factory look alike building in our university

My part of the room

Feel totally disgusted with the toilet... until today.... totally ewwwww
My car from my room

Lunch and Dinner with the Peeps

Cut my hair for real

Meeting my bro

Completely missing my long hair

Visit friend family ladang kambing
Just to let you guys know why didn't i elaborate more because UTM WIFI connection is getting bad and now shifting to worst... from WIFI UTM to Facs connection even Library..... not so Technology i guess... why don't they add up the bandwidth...... it is not feasible to me and and it is not cool to be in the state of restarting since i have a very important task to do and K9 was F****** Far and suckie.....

Friday, July 04, 2008

English and Me

well talking about English and me, am struggling to improve my English in various way... like this blog and also force my self to speak in English with everybody, thank Gawd I was AIESEC members, yup platform for me to talk in English..... so the real story here is... i called Tune Money today to ask whether they receive my initial payment and what date will my card arrive..... so i call the customer care line, then "pilih no 2 untuk Bahasa Malaysia", am ready to speak in Malaysia language..... then..... the voice from the other side shoot " hello ....... may i help you" and what did i say is " owh i tot i choose number 2 which in BM anyway, i want to ask about my payment"
there..... i know it... Gawd against me from talking in my mother tongue... what so funny is instantly it remind me of talking to the peeps in kubang kerian, and i remember each time i talk to Fadli it is like automatic switch to English or when i talk to none Malay.... its really hard to try not to mix it in. although with full stop before the next sentence... how... am not good in English and not good in Bahasa Malaysia as well..... am so scared now since i will write my thesis soon...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Am not ready to go back to uni

  1. just not ready
  2. i will miss streamyx
  3. no college to stay (ya i call hep they say i didnt apply... what i did apply i still keep my excel form about my placing-ass, even my friend help me out. Gawd why???? ktr got vacancies but with junior as my roommate, i love ktr no spot check, can cook samore, and food was great there- well if they stilll keep the people that will be great. k9 hurm will try)
  4. my PSM (Final project)is complete disaster with my hard disk rosak and all what a stupid thing to happen am still waiting for my ptptn to gimme money to buy a new one.
dunno what should i do atcually.... UTM is great
but facility ... hurm.... gym-check, swimming pool-none, free internet connection in room- no thou some college is, rule and regulation- highschool level, nice room- not in most colleges, happy-no.....

well my friend will be graduating last sem mean friend-less... woah samore hafiz staying outside, man cammon what should i do......

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

For the 8TV quickie


Episode - Show us how this note book change your life

(double click the picture please to see it clearly)

8tv quickie, 8tv quickie on 8TV who is the winner of the notebook..... alish alish is the winner, the one who deserve to be the winner.....muahahaha

I will be back for my final year next week, I badly need a pc solution besides bringing back my OLD pc (yup outdated and heavy).... I can’t stay all day in computer lab; if I have laptop am sure I can be online via UTM wifi.

Why I should win:

  1. Will fully utilize the laptop for mobility and building( yes building! and execute) my final year project.

  2. Save my time and space to concentrate on studying without feeling insecure (ya lah coming back late to be connected to Internet and all)

  3. Lowering my bone force (by carry light item like hp laptop :) muahaha)

  4. Helping my parent by providing them peace of mind (no need to buy me laptop, no need to worry about me coming back from my faculty late night)

and the rest is up to the shrewd of 8tv peeps.... please please grant me my wish