Sunday, June 29, 2008

What an IDIOT

I grew up with all guys in my life. My brothers were awesome and never once made me felt uncomfortable. Guy, guy, guy, but this time i can't tahan any more. my Idiot friend is annoying me.... am so piss i don't care even if he read my blog and this post is totally about him... for 2 years i don't even care what he was and his attitude...because we were friend and close one. until he recently broke up with his mate...
i don't even understand why he existed (this ego idiot guy) and he blaming her for the split

1. he use his GF friendster to sent msg to her EX questioning whether he and her still contact and have some string attach (ya clash can't still be friend meh? complete psycho). she trusted you with her username and password and what you do, using it to vent your jealousy in a wrong way. can you be more gentlemen and use your own ID At least.... what an ass.
2. He accuse her to have affair with her ex just because she (with her parents) when to visit her EX in hospital badly injured of accident.... not like she when there by herself and run towards him with hugs and kisses i am sure she will not do that since the parents is by her side...
3. he used to date some one else besides her at the early of the relationship (owh now pandai la dok jealous and all). he even play hard to get and keep deceiving her last time.... WTF
4. everything happen he keep blaming her not once blame him self for his insecurity.
5. right after the break up he wanted to use his best friend to substitute her and replace her straight away.
6. he and his friend curse her ( WTF if you already break up what ever happen between you and her should be a secret, you have no right to insult her that way, and tell everyone about her, be more mature plezzzzzzz!!!). he was proudly telling me how idiot he is..... (seriously i felt the gurl pain- thou i didn't know her) .
7. Face it like a man, you was wrong since the beginning and get life!
i once face this problem and what i get to know is the Man that i thought the ONE is the real big JERK... just like him.... similar not even a little diff..... man seriously you 27 years old not 17.... DUH! i dunno am really frustrated with him.... he should not treat her that way, not to the one you love.... i dont understand... am so far am really happy with my ex except the 1 complete idot like him, we still friend and respect each other so much....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

new acronym for AIESEC???? lol

check my friendster which i seldom log in since the existence of facebook. notice this comment which is lol. Doria UTM student wrong branding nih :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Private practice

i can't wait for it to be premiering in Malaysia. thou most of the people starring in private practice is not as young as grey's anatomy i think i will hit the series scene. well i still remember when they show a lil sneak peak of the practice in grey's anatomy because of that i think i will become a hit new series..... so there......

got this vids in youtube but i think ntv7 Malaysia put a nicer background song and really making me mo anxious to watch it....

Pertandingan Zapin Johor 2008

We (my family) when to watch Pertandingan Zapin Johor 2008 (few weeks ago) because my brother in it. it's been a very long time since my bro join. since he so free that week he join his previous team which he used to join and the team win. we were so happy that day because, worth it lah (because me and my parents drive from BP). we not always able to support him or any of our family member that much..... but my parents really glad to be there

Disclaimer: am proud of my brother and Kumpulan Kesenian seri budaya(kksb) because they don't mix girls and guys in one stage. besides that KKSB is the only group (since before) with real MAN dance in it (am not discriminating anyone gays or lesbos but i think it will be better if we narrow down stereotyping some group to join dance so.. there....)

//the Vids in you tube//
Johan Bagi Kategori Terbuka.
Kumpulan Kesenian Seri Budaya (Batu Pahat).
Pertandiangan anjuran Yayasan Warisan Johor di Stadium Badaraya, Johor Bahru.
30 Mei - 1 Jun 2008

//the picture//

Monday, June 16, 2008

Damn.... i put on my weight again

sigh.... really.... i want to go back to school....
yup i say it.... not even full 2 month yet but i can't fit in my pants anymore.... help..... i think i just cut my 3 times meal to 2 meal per day but it is really hard because my dad prepare breakfast for us. so i can't bear to not eat since he will keep asking why am no taking my breakfast. the most important thing is that every meal comes with dessert...

this is my favorite breakfast: baked bean and egg

My least favorite breakfast: Mee goreng, Mee siam, Nasi Lemak.... instead of giving me energy the help me to go back to sleep after waking uphalf boil egg most of the time because my dad love it

hurm well well well start to talk about dessert since am home the fridge is full with ice cream that is our main dessert but you guys always see ice cream around so i put other dessert picture first. Moose cake
Durian ShakePengat Jagung (some say bubur jagung)Durian mom favorite

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HIV and Religion in: A hand to lead, A heart to care

well upon request from Dear Doria.... i will elaborate a little bit more here about the session mention above.

the speaker of this session is:
  1. Dr.Ghazali Bin Hj. Hassan (off USM) (Representing Islam)
  2. Mr. Lawrence Chan (representing Christian)
  3. and Dr.Aniza Abd Aziz (off Kementerian kesihatan Kelantan)

from what i can recalled:
* both Panel 1 and 2 Agree that to overcome the spread of the Virus is through Abstain against being together with your illegitimate partners. Dr Gazali share with us how Muslim should handle their nature call according to The Quran.While... Mr Lawrence spread the idea according to our religion itself it is better to Saved sex rather than safe sex. because when you practicing Saved sex, means that you will keep your virginity thus also means that no promiscuous behavior. This will help you to prevent your self from harm and also danger of getting HIV. by meaning of safe sex there is still 1% probability.

* Dr Aniza together with Dr Ghazali share their story in convincing the Imam how bad the situation is and they only get Young Imam to concern and understand their main objective. they able to work hand on hand but that is just the start, they really want Mufti too involve in the matters as well.

Wrap up: by religion point of view abstain is the best way to prevent HIV speed up spreading their wings. by society they hope that religious institution can help spread the information on HIV ( especially how can they spread up and harm reduction). they hoping by educating the religious institution, they able to fight stigma and discrimination. and even associate the best way to share the information (like in Kutbah and Tazkirah).

other then that i don't remember but i will update if it does come back to me. since topic such above is like a "Taboo" to our community i tot by providing such session make me really happy.... so tu dia.....

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Emily and Nazlin

both of you come back Malaysialah then we celebrate together okay.....

and again Happy Birthday May the Force be with both of you.....


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


is a campaign run by USM Kubang Kerian students, to create awareness and fighting together with HIV and AIDS issue by gathering University students from various courses to join their Project in USM Kubang Kerian.

Main Blog:

The LogoMy Journey going to USM
We Depart from UTM 9.45 PM and arrive later at 12 Noon

After subuh view from my sitting

Stopping for petrol again: some where in Pahang (in picture:Fadli)

Stop for light breakfast in Terengganu (The Nasi Dagang taste great and best thing is its cheap

Fadli's Nasi Dagang
Nasi Lemak

Our transport from the place we sat (you might dunno how happy we were to know that our transport is not a van but Pajero ..... Thanks UTM HEP)... Evil laugh for 15 minute after knowing it...

upon arrival
we stay here Desa Murni
Get myself jakun(exicted as if you never know the things before) to see they using the recycle paper food container for our everyday food

the first thing is see after clime up the stair, the hall wayi stay in DM2

I will be so happy if i get this kind of cupboard and also study table with a lot of place for books in UTM
but Double Decker bed is i study there i will separated the bed to get singles
owh and here is a good part you also will get your computer station....

If UTM full with cars their place full with bicycle
We went to supper with Mr Azim here 'Mamak Spicy' but my me goreng mamak still sweet.... how can kelantanese people eat sweet things??? Owh ya thanks Mr Azim for belanja-ing us.
The Conference and work shop

Day First:
what we do:
we Register, went for briefing and ice-breaking also movie marathon (Movie: Akhirat).
my Comment:
we get to rest a lot since we arrive early, the ice breaking is cool get to know my first group of friend from AMIST ( Boo, Nick, Prema, Yue Ni, and Christine) . The Movie was great Starring Vanida Imran, Tony Eusoff, Nabila, and Jins samsuddin. Combination of great actor and also real living issue = HIV and AIDS...... Great choice

Day Second:
What we do:
2 seminars (global view on HIV/AIDS and Stigma and discrimination), 1 Forum (HIV and Religion) and 2 Work shop run by Sahabat and Malaysian Aids Council People.
My Comment:
The stigma and discrimination in Kelantan for PLWHIV is quite serious and really eye opening and surprising session for me. (Speaker is from Prihatin)
I completely amaze by Kementerian Kesihatan negeri Kelantan dealing with the issue and how and what they provide to help easing the Issue.
An the Best things is they talk about the issue it self relating to Religion, i get most of the answer but although the Imam in Kelantan maybe already start to realize about the situation am afraid if the other state still not working together in order to fight together gain HIV.
The workshop was so cool they get people from Sahabat (if in johor we dealing with Intan Life zone) to run the workshop, we get to learn a lot there and especially the session is as interactive as i expected (AIESEC Way) .

Day Third:
What we do:
2 seminars (Harm reduction and woman & child living with HIV( PLWHIV), 1 Forum (A Hand to Lead, Aheart to care), Student presentation and Red Ribbon Charity Night
My Comment:
i have nothing to say but the speaker idea was ok. he presenting his idea how to deal with increasing number of PLWHIV. "In Malaysia the number of people infected with HIV virus is through sharing needles is the highest, to fight the spread of any kind sickness, the vector must be reduce or eliminate, since Malaysian that get infected by HIV mostly from sharing needles so the needles need to be encounter, by having a project like what Sahabat is dealing with (NSEP-Needle Sharing Exchange Program)".
The forum was really great. They invited this Maam infected by the Virus from the Husband(Associated with Prihatin), just great because she tell us how sad she was even when her second son killed because of the same reason the husband did and how she manage to survive. she make the whole plenary laughing and also crying because of her act and am really glad to know that she manage her self good. really inspiring and make me wonder at my self.

Some of picture to Share

The NSEP set given out to IDUs
Workshop plenary

Group Picture Lunch

Gala Dinner

OC and Participant Group Picture

UTM delegate group picture
The Door gift...
Makan makan Makan
Upon Arrival Picture

Me and Pravee one of the OC (they call it Excos)
Group Mate
I like the steam fish a lot the ingredient was just right without spoiling the natural taste of the fish. 2/3 of it me and khailun makan it since the other seems like dont like it that much
Remind me of home food.
Me and Darma the Project Director... Nice Person indeed the even excort us out to the lift since we leaving right after the dinner.Me and Darma Again

Khai Lun and Fadli

Me and Mr Driver
Iman putting in his pensive lookThe Dikir Barat performers

I dunno if am not mistaken this is BOB from AF (well i don't watch AF so i dunno) i dont hve his picture but Mr Driver did have.
This is Shirley Soo Sean Li my favourite OC and Philips to and CC to ... eh ALL lah
This is Wira their PR. didnt get chance to talk to him thou... Busy man I C but i didnt snap to much there is this thing call Facebook so why worries
The Journey Back
we depart from the hotel arounf 11.45pm. with a very heavy feelings and also steps but we have to go. i decide to take some picture (My Pajero Mate)

Mr Azim where the USM ppl call him the misterious man..... sigh
And the Map given by a stranger in petronas ... a johorian..... thanks for the Map we not even close to lost on the journey back
am glad that although my name were left out earlier but fadli insisted to talk to izyan about it so am there learning few more things for my own and better society. i guess different approch does make alot of different since what i learn before follows Standart charted Module so.... i rate this conference as excellence. woohoo.....

Disclaimer: all the picture provide by the project blog (, Ms Loh Khai Lun, My self and Mr Driver (Mr Azim)..... thanks

PLWHIV: People Living with HIV (the new term for PLWHA)
IDU: Injecting Drug User
NSEP: Needle Sharing Exchange Program