Friday, May 23, 2008

Wish list 1

haha i know my birthday is like few month away but its not wrong to list down my wish gift list right so
first we start with the cheaper price product so friend pick you choice

1. Finger guitar pick(alaska pik finger guitar pick) -cost you not more than 5 ringgit each.
2. Guitar pick holder (Dunlop scotty pick holder) - well more or less 5 ringgit each
3. Ernie Ball thumb pick RM15 each
4. Wedgie Mic stand pick holder +- RM12
5. Planet Waves Pro-Winder String Winder/Cutter RM 20
6. Coffin case shape wall guitar holder - that is RM 30 Ringgit
7. Shubb Deluxe S Series Steel String Capo8. Hercules stands GS432B Tri stand Guitar stand (preferred ;) ) not more that 200 Ringgit i guess
9. Kepur 5.zer Guitar Strap with graphics
10. Intellitouch PT2 Tuner RM50
11. Fender ACP-1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup RM200
12. Gibson Acoustic-Electric guitar = haha $200USD, its not so costy for a good friend like me right haha

that's all for now my wish list..... :P anyway i would like to share a video with you guys. it's kinda boring when hearing same old comment that Malaysian singer now days is not as cool as P.Ramlee and Saloma years of contribution blabla i dunno we often only commented our own national treasure but rest assure the vids below is performance by Micheal Jackson the way you make me feel feat Britney spears... see how differ the performance.... Micheal Jackson is just as energetic by the time he promoting thriller...... the quality just not the same.... all over the world sindrom.... singer now days..... (of course not including Marie Digby :P)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Language on you PC

sigh... after a while i just notice that few of my friend is wondering why the hell i post a blog and all of the characters inside my blog is ????? so to help this few friend is to tell them maybe the post is in Japanese or Chinese char. So how to enable it so we can see the wordings?

here is the How To
1. On you PC
2. Go to control panel>Regional and Language Options
3. In the Regional and Language Options window go to Advance tab
4. In the Code page conversion table choose the language that you would like to be able to see in document or when surfing the web (E.G. Simplify Chinese come in pair with normal Chinese char you can choose all the related language you wish)
5. And wallah that's all you need to do.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saddam Visit Mc'D kuching

Am speachless thanks to Lasker i get to share this Vids and of course Kenny sia too....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So this is what i do after facing all exams

When to Hafiz house (actually was like I'm busy body-ing to follow him)
The journey


Me at his house

His cat- hungry i guess
Him -while we wait for his mom to comeback from shopping

Then after that we visit the park near his house
what i 've heard from him every district in Johore must present their district landscape and houses to present themselvesthis should be rumah Johor Bahru and the above picture is my home town which is Batu pahat

Busy business man
This is why we were here - he wanted to show how big the fish in the pond and even about the existence of the koi
this is the pond bridge connecting the island and the other side of the pond

This lamp post is so cute - well for me
Being Scared to view my own student resident block
my room and 3 more is still use by student but i still think it is not appropriate to put us in situation. i was bathing for gawd sake. this is the second time i kena. first when they change the curtain (yes the person who distribute and change the curtain inside our room is guy). i was half way to my room and wallah my room is open there's a guy changing the curtain and I'm with my towel.... sigh... really stress after that...... second one is i wake up because of the sound the furniture being thrown down to building.......... how the hell I'm suppose to move around. and the best things is my room is the furthest from toilet... Fair enough..... with almost 15 guys around i guess i skip bathing that day.....

this is the view when i open my door. all room is open and no more furniture
They upgrading the colleges, see i think it's wasted because the furniture is still quite new they can recycle it or donate it. but you see they throw all the furniture from the floor to the ground - less work is see but wasted
This is another view from the door- i almost got hit by it
Cooking for friends- and for myself of coz

Chicken Curry

ME on last day test

Claim my price at Mc d - lastly after see Fadli can do it
Claim makan from my friend - he was the one made that deal okay not like i say i do it then i ask money no ahh...
Shopping with Taufiq and Nurul
aha i don't drive that day so happy
i dunno why are they hiding from me just now

Cooking again - chicken black papper, kentang campak(potato and soy sauce saute with chili and onion) and telur dadar (omelet)
When to immigration in Putra Jaya with Liliana and also Fadli

This is what we have for lunch in Rasa-Alamanda that day

this is my food- Spicy seafood Rice

Fadli's Mee what i don't know
Liliana's Mushroom Rice
Then Sent Fadli home- more like sent him to terminal 1 Seremban

The JourneyGoing back to highway
And when back to my home town home in Batu Pahat - sigh long journey

First thing i see my dad spoiled the pond- all of them but look quite okay but he say all the fish is dead so that's why the pond is covered by plant
And Journey to bukit Beruntung - attending my Aunt Funeral
when for makan in Hj Samuri Satay place at Sg Buluh Jejantas R&R
My bro with his fav fruit- Mango
Mom magic trick and bro magic trick
Me and my second bro...

My eldest sister in law

Eldest bro and mum
Walid (walid is equal to dad but arabic) and second bro

Desert at Baskin and Robin
And end with IKEA Trip

other then that just home chores and went out with mom, dad and bro :( Pale pale pale

Disclaimer:Takziah diucapkan kepada keluarga Arwah Umi Chah(Bkt Beruntung) and Keluarga Ami Kassim (Muar)