Friday, February 22, 2008

Alish and AIESEC UTM this week

Chap Gor Meh together in Johor Chesire home
So the ICX team celebrate Chap Gor Meh together in Johor Chesire home
Snap Snap Snap For Job well done
esp to: Shota, Lina and Angela

Lina Before performing

Angela Opening Speech

Junior updating the AIESEC room Board [20012008]
Snap snap snap for the job well done junior (admin team)

CRRA Opening
so we have the opening ceremony for CRRA in Pusat Ko-Q UTM skudai with first their first event ...... Charity RUN.... But i cant be there because on 16 and 17 of February i have kursus else where so i can only help the PM team a lil bit (yup i will post something about the CRRA opening if i can get the picture from them soon) but for now a lil bit from: Friday[16012008]

and sunday[17022008]

Owh ya on Tuesday me and my LCP go for Sia-sia Trip to meet kak Azlina (the Apt Landlord Rep) but end out she on MC. so some picture at ichiban ramen.

What i want to order initially

End up With

Red because add extra chilly

Upon Fadli request

Fadli say:
what word, when you double it or triple it (mutiple it) for how many times.......
you can still form a word from it

J _ _ _ _K
(and yes Malay word)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

ME and AIESEC UTM update

there is alot of things been happening around.... in AIESEC in UTM but I can't list it all and im not very good remembering whatever and what ever....the event, the date, and time so it kinda mess but I think is okay not complete thou



--------So we have EB outing and of coz minus fadli-------- [06012008]
So the EB team decide to go out together for bonding session. we have fun in the bus, while waiting for everybody to withdraw money and waiting for decision to eat where and watch what.....

as always anak org miskin as i am kena drag to eat something expensive " pengaruh dari anak anak org kaya --- well style is everything eh---- and again we took like 30 minute to decide on sushi king until "some people personal image reason" we end up eat here...... i like lamb so much ...its okay to be tasteless and for the first time....... but its lamb for God sake ...........but not worth it....

the Group picture without Eky

before tucking in and realize it's just a chunk of lamb and prawn
Eky almost Die of waiting
and my happy level just been boosted up due to great movie.... congrats OC...."Simon"
SNAP SNAP.....just let kartek be ......he until now still dont understand it

another session of discussing where to eat
--------Intern Party------ [27012008]
ICX Department junior is the OC for this party......
ConGratss Junior... SNAP SNAP
throwing for Angela and Lina From Korea....... so not to elaborate more this is where i not going to elaborate to much but you guys can feel the heat eh.... ICX Junior is HOTTOGO

Angela and Lina is performing one of their culture .....i guess- still not there by that time
the face almost proud to win the musical chair- simon looking like he's going to call "orang kampung to tell that he is winning soon"

a sudden victory pose

aha Rennis(Raslan) is explaining something weird
the Snob FSKSMers for a moment - minus department and AIESEC post
another Snob ss-ing

the Junior and Senior together
Makan time
Lion Dance for opening i guess....angela look like she scared of something
a moment of khailun becoming a fake Korean intern... hahah jgn marah haaa
the start of musical chair

---------Sending Lina back the day after intern party------- [28012008]

After Sending Lina to JCH me and Mr.LCP have our breakfast together...... OTW

Sweet Just wake up face

STOOPID VIDS TO VIEW- Warning any vomiting process after watching this Vids not under Site Problem :P

-----------Info session------------- [23012007]

i know the shuffle is totally wrong for the date

OGX Team... Congrats for the Info session Job well Done.... SNAP SNAP
alish random moment 1
The LC member in info session

alish random moment 2

THE Triangle (unofficial dead poetry club member)...Doria , Eky, and alish....

Control Cun moment

The intern-Angela, The LCP-zulfadli, The VP ER- Doria the KOIIIIII gurl
LCP changing partner again.......
LCP post-mortem mode
The Official SS team in AIESEC

---------after info session----------
Just another Sudden moment........ we love MC'D

---------MC election---------

[26012008-2 am] the journey start
(in Simon car...alish, simon, karteck, izzyan and Jo)

YES WE COOL and REALLLLLLLLYYYYYY Have fun..... with the journey to USJ... now stoping by in Yong peng for coffee break (some great moment before i got scared karteck driving)... So much for the Fun EH!!! Makan Makan and stop at Play ground and have A very good old-time sake for swing.

[This is Where uninterrupt "Togetherness Moment" adjourn]

[Election start at 9.00]

Some Random moment with Janne

Control Cun moment with Michelle
The Great moment with DD and Lia...... so sad tata-ing them

Some blur moment

another control cun moment
alish ber-darly-ing moment

Fadli and Rene Random moment

the shake your booty moment

Me and Cecil Get together moment

mr Brandon and the Cams

Sexy Lady from the MC office....

Fadli Ber-Daryl-ing... I dont know Daryl Look Scary to me that day
----------dodge ball frenzy EB get together and EB time off----------
We should do more this guys ......... Sweating ...... and bonding.........
sorry for the blur moment HP pix

Another Stoopid Vids to watch from intern party

The Next things is Another intern Party With Jeanne DP, Liliana Ramirez and Shota and other HIV/AIDS intern

Me Bonding Moment With Jeanne and Fads after The Luggage Moment for Jeanne in Singapore

Jeanne DP....... Her first Nasi Lemak @ Danga Bay

Fadli Dont know how many times nasik lemak.....

Bonding session with shota Kawaii..... at jusco for....Sweeney Todd and Arena......

Fadli plucking something... i dont know ask him

This is the movie

Fadli Try to tell shota something but he try to post for the camShota Bonding With LINA, me, Fadli and Simon......

RAMBO moment- Killing = Norm

Watching Duyung Poster moment

Didnt have time to elaborate more but i will try to update it soon ahhahhaha IF i have time lah but i guess i will have time.... like now just finish my night class and my partner in crime didnt do to class due to his Test ... so Bord like hell...... till then.... tatattatatattata Muakssss....... alish Love ALL