Thursday, January 31, 2008


Happy Birthday To Hafizal Zainal ...... May ALLAH Blessed you and grant you with health and good wealth.....


Happy Birthday To Hafizal Zainal ...... May ALLAH Blessed you and grant you with health and good wealth.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Happen Last Week ???

So my mum lastly admitted to the hospital.... yup REMOVE WHAT NOT :)) sounds funny eh... no..... OK but im happy that she okay now :) hope that she will FULLY RECOVER SOON so some pic here...

MY DAD manja manja wif my mum
Friend Visiting: EPPY, Hafiz, Lan Rengit, Safwan, DD, Izah,Farhana and ITA

this is the View from my mum Bed... and im happy because i sleep there tooooo... and i wake up with singapore view ( but im happy for the Strait)
Me SS-in on my mum bed
Mr Bro SS-ing

that is Abang Amir moving Ibu and Ibu right after the surgery

Everybody reading news paper

When Ex-close friend come by.... touchy thoucy because he drive from malacca to JB that day :(

Friday, January 11, 2008

So I did Google Myself

i was waiting for Izzy Confirmation to follow me to singapore now.... i already call few person but being turn down even from the JR's :( ahaks..... hurm yes come back to the topic.... im so bord so i google my name alish so here what i think interesting for me lor

  1. my name Defination....Al´ish Alish
    a.1.Like ale; as, an alish taste.
  2. i have my own Wholesale alishwholesale
  3. have a same name as Soviet greatest engineer alish lambaranski
  4. i have my technology alish technology co ltd
  5. also my own apartment

    Chez Marie Alish Apartment

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (たったひとつの恋)

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (たったひとつの恋) for me so far this is my Fav j-drama from Kazuya Kamenashi so far.i can see that he atcually really master his role in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (たったひとつの恋) . yup well

the story about the love story of
Kanzaki Hiroto(kame) and Nao Tsukioka (ayase).
come from a very different background and personalty. the relationship was cold at first. and we can see that they hardly fit each other except for the attraction. i almost campak my laptop when watching episode 8 and 9 but last \ly relief when watching the ending in episode 10.... at least the ending not like coffee prince (korean drama- like that so much too but high the ending spoil :( )

i cant find any opening for it but you can watch it full in you tube anyway.... but here is the glimpse of it lor..... cant find the original one but this is one of the Fan Vids...

well my friend say I'm Emotional.... yup true i guess. but to hear kat-tun song Bokura no Machi de in it I'm so happy .... because remind me of Akame happy time and the song is the one that Akanishi cover Kame in one of teh concert so cool..... i love the song so much :)

synopsis from wikipedia:


A story of pure love between the son of a man who runs a ship repair factory beset with financial troubles and the well-bred daughter of a national jewelry chain store owner. The backdrop of the story is Yokohama.

If you feel you have lost the purity of your soul by watching stories about womanizers seducing impudent women, or by carrying out calculated maneuvers in your own love life, here is a story for you. A boy and a girl from highly different social backgrounds meet and fall in love. Their love, of course, faces a lot of obstacles. The setting is in Yokohama, a modern port city known for its romantic atmosphere. Hiroto Kanzaki (Kazuya Kamenashi) works hard every day and night for the survival of a small ship repair factory (inherited from his father) as well as the survival of his mother and younger brother, who are suffering from health problems. Living such an underprivileged life, Hiroto has forgotten how to smile. In contrast to him, Nao (Haruka Ayase) is the daughter of a popular jewelry shop owner in a fashionable street in Yokohama. She attends a prestigious exclusive women's college and grew up cheerful and blessed with affluent love. From the moment Hiroto meets her, his closed mind slowly opens up to Nao, who is so innocent that she utters whatever she thinks. Their three close friends, who are also 20 year old's, play an important role in their developing relationship.

The scriptwriter is Eriko Kitagawa, who earned the nickname "The Goddess of Love Stories." This classic love story enables those who are in the same generation to feel empathy, or be envious of the characters' lives; and the rest, who were once 20 years old's, to reminisce about their own "Love of My Life."

Bokura no Machi de Lyrics

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Marie Digby

she is good in singing, good looking gurl and she also play instrument (guitar, keyboard and piano). she is half Japanese and half Irish :P no wonder she so beautiful. after her hit (Acoustic version of Rihanna umbrella) she has been invited to few TV show and radio show as well .... and i gladly want to wish her a very good luck and hope one fine day she will break the record :)
so here i attach two of her video that i like so much .... enjoy.......
any yes She is my new addiction....

Britney Spears - Gimme More (Marie Digby Acoustic)- Attach this because i like it so much ( remind me of AIESEC thou ahaks)

Joan Osborne - One of Us

she also write her own song. in you tube it self she have
Subscribers: 37,571
Channel Views: 1,277,519
so i guess we just wait for the album to be out this year April.....
and i don't think she need you tube anymore... seriously
well i also attach link to download her own song here
she also existed in my space

Owh Ya thanks to WHY ot taG- what ever you prefer thanks because sent me those link to what this gurl

Friday, January 04, 2008

Back in UTM lastly

yes after a while away from blogging... time to write again..... I'm so tired.... just began my new semester , have fun last week run here and there.... so i think its time to write back since i got a lil bit of time here... yup i did mess my room. I'm so tired of driving from my home town i just put everything i didn't organize it at all (until now act) i was alone then the next day my roommate came back and got few hour of sharing session ( So jealous, her sister bought for her this new zen creative from japan- can't find it in Malaysia :( so sad )

28 December 2007: arrive UTM

29 December 2007: konon konon try to make my room neat and went for house hunting alone and have a very late night supper with fadli that night- yataii- didnt get scanned by pak guard

starting from the time i arrive the hostel block is not just for girl only (meet up few handsome guys also) but now this one for sure
the on that day it self since everybody not yet arrive i decide to eat kimchi ramen for my Lunch
30 december 2007:
then the day after that we ( me and my LCP-Fadli) went for house hunting together..... this is one of it....after that suddenly we decide to sit down and have our lunch (but lastly we went to find fadli earring )
I still remember he say... NVM alish just park inside i pay for the parking ticket, i don't think it going to be expensive.... not like we going to watch movie.................AND eventually We did (I Am Legend)
so this is fadli with his new botak head
(actually promise to publish it with boxes on his head to hide his botak head so the other AIESECers from LC UTM have to meet him to know what is his new hair style but.... lastly i only publish it now after everybody meet him already

my class schedule changes and add up (still lack 3 more credit hour on this schedule.... i think the Facs auto generate schedule for each student when nuts or something) but NVM not as lame as having alot of late night classes now which mean my chances to take foreign language berkecai....

hurm we have our ICX sudden meet

And not to forget my New year Count Down.... ahah where eh hurm Lupa leh..... Definitly not Pavilion la!!!!
hurm having abit down time now but i guess i will be ok as always :) huraaaa i in my facs sponsorship team..... PIC lagi tu hahhahah