Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another late birthday celebration

mybro just remembered my birthday today so last minute ask me to buka puasa together......

the pic:

the bro and sister in law.... sorry the pix blurrr due to amoi naughtiness

the naughty amoi and me.... her name is Hanna

Dont you think its a bit to much for 3 adult and 1 adolescent?

the cake.... chocolate banana from secret recipe.... again blur because my stupid phone lahhhh.... cant take anymore the cake finish d..... hahhaha....

again extended thanks to my sister in law wif the "stress management" cake.... to my bro for still letting me use his laptop until i find replacement for my burn laptop.......... Dell, Kak Wan and Hanna .... thankyou so much......

Friday, October 05, 2007

Presentation Memories

my presentation memories... well fun fun fun.... my evaluater is
PM DR Kamarulnizam and puan raja zahilah
not going to elaborate more because you guys can read in my PSM blog so might as well don't redundantly post thingy kan..... so this is my few friend presentation face......

MPP voting day

as far as i remember when back in SAL Col MPP sux hahahah i need the cert for the AJK need thie signiture... donno for what and there...... lastly i would suggest not suppose to existed lah since not working.... and here in UTM well well....... WHERE TO Start....

The pix:suddenly my faculty turn to be this jungle and even nicer at night ... it look like scary cave.....

just imagine you sitting resting your self inside the cave with ular tergantung gantung and other things....
worst case senario: the voters bincang-ing out side the bilik membuang undi

the voter sequence : registered, scan matrix card, get the name list, wait turn, vote, receive goodies, go back.

haih... still didn't see any benifit of voting them thou my frien atikah and a guys which i know back in MHS time.... taufik md noh other's only recently pop up from no where and they do last minute advertisement by sending the information under my dormitories doormat... i was hoping there will be swimming pool in my college.... pusat sukan gym so far away.. i want in my residential college la!!! monorail maybe ..... or pumping station inside UTM.... they can isolate it a bit far but not to far...... MPP please hear me ahhahahhaha.....

the post from Hafiza Zainal

so sweet... isk my wordpress i cant login anymore lah.... anyway thanks eppy..


Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Belated Birthday Celebration

Oct 2, after my presentation the

The location: Agus Restaurant
The Attendance: DD, iza, hana, 2 kawan dd, afiz, rennis, Azlan, Eppy

The Pix:

Monday, October 01, 2007

CICT makin' me mad..........

I was cursing the CICT for this few days connected to net but unable to surf…. Damn I have a date line to meets with my outdoor and presentation this Tuesday and there. Phone rings. It is Rennis…. Asking me where am I about so …. Yup I was in faculty copying next sem schedule to pre registered it toms. With me there is jay, cykin, nurul and Taufiq. Still on my cursing mood Rennis came around with Khalid. He wanders around pretending what not. And suddenly tell me. I tot I wanted to pass you the cake ( 4 my birthday). “eh pass la” my lame reply….. Then he went to the car and fetches it…. There blue berry cheese cake…. Thanks RENNIS …. Atc I just browse the cake shelf in Lavender…. Jusco …… and planned to buy raspberry chocolate cake from lavender and cheese cake from secret recipe… Guess God here my Stomach hahahha….. anyway hope that this wifi problem ease at once ASAP .

The Cake