Friday, June 29, 2007

What to do This Weekend

My bro leave me alone this weekend... as a practical student i don't afford to go watch movie every weekends.... (SAVING money for Harry Potter premiering this 12 July hahahaha -in Singapore) or went out for yum cha..... so What i have to do is what ever show they put on tv.... a lil bit suggestion for those who facing the same problem with me.......
They Already set up shows until end of july check it out on the following link :)

Gol & Gincu The Series 2

In 2005 Gol & Gincu Movie Came out to entertain malaysian entertainment scene and on the 4th june of last year (2006) they premiering Gol & Gincu the series in 8tv and well this coming :
8 July Gol & Gincu the series 2 (2nd season) will be premier on 8Tv Starting 8 july and i will be on air every Sunday 10pm
more news from me about this topic stay tune to mean while... forget how the stories goes for the first season.... click the following link :)

Watch The Making of Goal and Gincu Season 2
(1st July 2007)
The Official Link:

So You Think You Can Dance

TIME: 8.30PM
It is true the final will be premiering on 8tv national television to night... don't want to miss it because they will dancing thier heart out :)

Batu Pahat HILTON ????

I was So busy yesterday so i don't have time to do blogs anyway i still not yet finish reading every post from and normally if i cross to someone blog i will check out their Rss feed on food first...
Batu Pahat hilton???so.. i does know this place (pic below) it is near my house and the location is infront of TIGS(Temenggung Ibrahim Girl S) Back door. The Nicest lontong serve her and guess what... do you guys know Dapur Arang? (Stove using sharcoal :) ) they cook and even heat the cattle with it... no wonder the aroma of the food is A++
huhuh (*cries* wanna be back to my home town d :( )

if you happen to have a meets in this place Call Batu Pahat johor.... drop by to following link to know where to make sure you always in full tank while you stay in batu pahat

p.s Luckyly yesterday i didnt puke overdose because of SYTYCD Malaysia

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Versi Nak Jugak -ALISH Snap Shots

Hafizal Zainal invite me to see pix in his blog and haha ok he got him self snap shots so i want it to be on my blog as well... so you guys out there... interested to have one? click the button below :
And if you is still blur what blogging world is all about you guys are and were gladly super duperly invited to get the chance to know:

Pix To Share:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


First of all i wanted to say sorry to my VP ICX ( Vice President of Incoming Exchange) AIESEC in UTM Miss Joanne Tan... and yup my LCP (President) AIESEC in UTM

because i was unable to join NPC (Nation Pioneers Camp) in Penang and i was not able to get any leave from my Industrial Training to join AIESEC activities until MRD started. anyway thou not able to join for 1 week i manage to come for 2 days and really glad that still to meet with you guys and settle up few things... lastly thanks for understanding my situation here.

AND AS ALWAYS some Pix to Share With

With My LC Mate:

Exchanger Rocks:

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dream And Kerna Sayang

Artist - Tajuklagu:
V.E - Kerna Sayang

The Lyrics:
Dari tadi kau berlariku fikirkan..
hanya engkau yg ku idamkan
tak pernah pula kau bercerita..
siang mlm kau menderita
jangan dibiarkan perasaan menawar hati
jangan dibiarkan semuanya berlalu pergi
aku di siniku tetap berdiri
ku mengundang kasih
pergi sendiriku takkan kembali
agar kita kan bersama
jgn pulangkan kerinduan
tiap kali kau berjauhan
tidak mudah ku melupakan..
kerna sayang
kali pertama di pandangan
buat ku terbang di awangan
jangan pulangkan kerinduan.. kerna sayang
engkau memungkiri janji.. bukan aku
engkau yg melupakannya.. bukan aku
hanya aku yg impikan..
agar kita berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu
tapi itu semuanya kenangan.. yg tinggal hanya perasaan
dlm doaku hanya ingin selalu di samping mu..
oh pulanglah
aku di siniku tetap berdiriku mengundang kasih
pergi sendiri
ku takkan kembali
agar kita kan bersama
jgn pulangkan kerinduan
tiap kali kau berjauhan
tidak mudah ku melupakan..
kerna sayang
kali pertama di pandangan
buat ku terbang di awangan
jangan pulangkan kerinduan..
kerna sayang
"setiap kali ku mengenangkan mu
siang..mlm.. ku doakan kebahagiaan mu
yg ku pinta hanyalah.. tulus hati mu..
agar kau balas kerinduan ku".....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

How To Take Care Of your Wound from 1st Degree Burn

What to do when you hurt yourself (by your careless act) with hot water or from your stove burner (practically by anything hot)

  1. Don't cover the affected skin with anything (normally ppl will apply Colgate(tooth paste), margarine or butter, egg white or any kind of paste base thingy BUT Do run it under tab water until you feel ease a bit.
  2. Go straight to seek for doctor treatment
  3. After being treated by professionals and receive your medication... constantly put on the medicated cream (make sure you clean it with alcohol swab-if provided before you apply the cream)...
  4. if blister came out don't prick/punch holes it. let it be....well like what i feel now the burn kinda itchy.... - mind you not to scratch it with your nail Instead put a layer of thin cloth and scratch the cloth instead (you don't want to get scars don't you so just do it this was).
  5. thats it :)

Picture of the day:

(snap this picture on the way from car park to my office - Location: Senai Airport (Sultan Ismail Airport), Malaysia

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Local Entertainment Scene
This week on MET by support our local music scene
(still remember GOTCA call rudy and JJ "kena-kan" Junior about the meetings etc etc huhuh :)
to vote :

Yoohoo Another Version of SWEAT

 I Injure myself yesterday ... i give my self a present which is 1 degree burn :) from pressure COOKER. (thou i hurt myself... deep inside i felt very happy now)

Friday, June 15, 2007


1. co-incident.

Giving my self a long sigh.... what the..... today i mengada-ngada try to spy on Ayin msn live space and *sigh* i saw this

coincidentally i just create another blog for my self with the exactly same name which is Yours truly alish. Just wish that she is okay with it. *crossing legs* ... Sorry Ayin....didnt notice it :(


For me to hav our own SYTYCD is A++ for 8 tv, love the idea and love to watch it BUT i still find last nite(+ other nite as well) "So you think you can dance Malaysia" is not to the level i expected it will be. My opinion was more about the contestant from last night show only 3 out of 8 contestant i agreed that they have the enthusiasm to make SYTYCD work...and all the judges giving the same comment from day 1. "It was good, i like,it was ok and you look like pancit" etc etc (reminded me of 1 of my friend who ask us to show some respect when she her self loosing it and never respect others opinion and suggestion!!)
...Whaa... and the saddest things is i don't like Jehan at all when hosting ANYTHING.... (suppose because he looks like fakers...) anyway i don't mind about the language (the mixing malay and english thingy) better still we are Malaysian right?. wanna know comment from other about SYTYCD:

read this crap sheet from 8tv (please be reminded that you have to be registered user)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Local Entertainment Scene

really glad when prison break and Desperate Housewives season3 premier on8tv before Media Corp ch 5 (Singapore show it) the reason is simple. lately i have been away from johor like few time and most of the province cant get any of media corp channel (unless using mobtv). if last time before 8tv existed it is suffering when you away from johore..... we(mostly Johorian) thinks that Tcs (Mediacorp) produce more quality dramas from aboard... well now me and most of my friend watch ch 5 just to recap last week show on 8 tv.... for me it is a good sign fo those Malaysian wish to be up to date with current shows on state.... more proudly about 8 tv is the say that they are different.... and indeed they are :)
Feature By 8tv Malaysia

Prison Break Season 2RendezousAs Michael reunites with Sara, Mahone and Kellerman strive to make sure they stay apart.

Ugly BettyThe Beautiful World of Ugly Betty Review the season's most heartwarming and comedic moments of Ugly Betty in this hour-long recap special on the hit series' first season.

Desperate Housewives Season 3Liaisons Susan considers moving from Wisteria Lane to London.

So You Think You Can Dance- MalaysiaTop 8 (Live Show)Tonight, the Top 10 contestants put their best feet forward while trying to amaze the judges and win Malaysia''s votes.

The OC Season 3The Man of the YearRyan and Volchok make a deal after a fallout at prom.

happening radiostation in Malaysia
alish rate:10/10

This week on MET by support our local music scene

ca you ipoh mali ( sighz)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 June 2007

-is a very important date for me (huhuhuh).... before you guys read further sorry i cant wish both of you on time (aihhh tak dak cash la nak top up my credit :(( huhuh)

2 of my super closes nicest friend

1. Happy Birthday Emily
(cant wait to see you without bracie)

know her the first time when we met in NLDS we just Click right at that moment and start to back stab others.... chech no lah.....start to annoyed others with em's cam whore attitude and with our laugh.... knowing you is yet the best thing happen to me since in this past 1 Year.... you'll never know what and how am i feeling to have you as my friend

2. Happy Birthday Ayin
(If let say you going for intern ship soon please let me know okie:))
budak ni i know her back in skool days in Convent BP. from all the Friends i have only you and Fara i still did keep contact and the only 2 person i still remember the DOB. when you were transfer to our school it sort of save me from and having the feeling of being alienate by other.... its a great deal to have you as my friend and having you as a friend bless my day everyday.

For both of you thanks for being my friend.
i pray to day for both of you so that you will archive what ever you want and wish for in your life. take care and miss you guys.

Monday, June 11, 2007

200 pounds beauty

alish says:
watch this movie yesterday in tebrau city... love it so much....there is a little bit off something in it... humour, love, friendship. watch it!.
The movie is about a gurl by the name Kang Hanna.... she have a very beautiful voice but she also have a over weight problem. she been used by Sang-jun (a music producer) and Ammy to lip-sing and record songs for a singer Ammy (beautiful but no talent artist). Hanna has feeling for sang-jun, she thinks that sang-jun feeling for her to. after Ammy humiliate Hanna on sang jun birthday she thinks that she need to do something in order to get sang-jun and other attention (after a few frustration being lie by diet pills salesmen to buy their product by pretending they love hanna). She Threat a plastic surgeon (who happen to be her phone sex Customer) with phone tab record to get her full body make over. and to know the ending hahaha you guys go watch it ur self lor :) hehehe

Minyeo-neun goerowo (200 Pounds Beauty)

Minyeo-neun goerowo (200 Pounds Beauty)

wikipedia says:
Movie trailer:

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Know me more by.....

My Month
*Suave and compromising *Careful, cautious and organised *Likes to point out people's mistakes *Likes to criticize *Quiet but able to talk well *Calm and cool *Kind and sympathetic *Concerned and detailed *Trustworthy, loyal and honest *Does work well *Sensitive *Thinking *Good memory *Clever and knowledgeable *Loves to look for information *Must control oneself when criticising *Able to motivate oneself *Understanding *Secretive *Loves sports, leisure and travelling *Hardly shows emotions *Tends to bottle up feelings *Choosy especially in relationships *Loves wide things *Systematic

PURPLE You are mysterious, never selfish and get interested in things easily. Your day can be sad or happy depending on your mood. You are popular between friends but you can act stupid at times, and forget things easily. You go for person that's trustworthy.

My Signature
TWO DOTS BELOW THE SIGN !!These persons are considered to be Romantic, can easily change their fiancees as if they change their clothes. They prefer beauty in other persons & they thenselves try to look beautiful. They easily attract others.

Joke of the day:

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Celebrity look-alikes???

Hampeh -
pix1 - no ang mo look alike with me???

pix2 - in attempt to get ang mo look alike but what that is siti not nora danish.... well well

pix3 -huhuh GAWD GRACIOUS Hillary Duff Look alike with me..... her birthday = me and her face = me.........????????????

Friday, June 01, 2007

Interesting findings

i was trying to spy on my brother SYED MAHADZIR.......... Yup i did came across his name like few time and even the name of his company ... plus in a few register listed Quantity surveyor .... than i came across with this anonymous syed mahadzir fotopages which funny-ly he also study in UK but the diff is my bro study in Reading U and gone to Leeds metro and finish his study there (Awek punya pasal he pindah uni *sweat-zha tao*)... continue with anonymous syed mahadzir fotopages i flip few photo's and lastly i saw a blog link which caught my eye so much it never.... well... ok not yet bord me :) .. the link you'll find em :) so CUTE its about.............. eh go read your self la :)

Ayin is OPT-INGn for intership

[15:27] alish hazel -----always "'-----: you going for intership?
[15:27] alish hazel -----always "'-----: soon ke?
[15:27] dust_junkys: i target august like that
[15:27] dust_junkys: this year
[15:30] alish hazel -----always "'-----: where?
[15:31] dust_junkys: erm so far i saw 2 forms i like : canada n india
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: ok
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: hehehhe
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: so cute
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: india
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: never expected that from you
[15:34] dust_junkys: LOL
[15:34] dust_junkys: jaaahat jaahat
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: mana ada
[15:35] alish hazel -----always "'-----: just that i guess you might interested to go somewhere like
[15:35] alish hazel -----always "'-----: nether land Ireland UK US Japan Korea or Africa

heheh i am jahat if not jahat means it is not ALISH huhuh.... anyway i was in changi airport last saturday :)


you guys know that i love cats right... today morn i chat with my room mate (in uni) then she said to me that she hate to continue her study and going to open a food stall soon... so this is some of it... guess how i felt huhuhuh *cries*

[10:33] baby_junior2003: la try2 kn
[10:33] baby_junior2003: nti pon aku nk stat kecik2 dl
[10:33] baby_junior2003: nk bkk stall je...
[10:34] baby_junior2003: da stable br bkk kdi mkn
[10:34] alishazel: bukak kat mana dah survey?
[10:34] alishazel: GOOD LUCK
[10:34] alishazel: sure berjaya
[10:34] baby_junior2003: da...uda kot........
[10:34] baby_junior2003: tq...
[10:34] baby_junior2003: insyallah
[10:34] baby_junior2003: amin
[10:36] alishazel: heheh sesame
[10:36] alishazel: nanti menu bagi tau aku tau
[10:36] alishazel: nak rasa
[10:36] alishazel: siapa masak?
[10:37] baby_junior2003: tu tatau lg..mayb tender org...
[10:37] baby_junior2003: menu utama ns gorg kucing
[10:37] baby_junior2003: kucing b;ack pepper
[10:37] baby_junior2003: kucing masak lemak
[10:37] alishazel: KEJAM *CRIES*
[10:37] baby_junior2003: kucing msk mera
[10:37] baby_junior2003: hahahhahaha
[10:38] alishazel: oklah kawan punya pasal aku terima aje lah
[10:38] baby_junior2003: ko org 1st yg rasmi kn
10:42] alishazel: aku terima lah *CRIES*
[10:42] alishazel: huhuhuh