Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Previous week in SATS

our boss YM Raja Shahrin Belanja-ing us in 8 kati...
since it is a big lunch together (the whole ict dept members) we wonder what it is all about... ye lah suddenly aight....
so we came out with a top 5 list why the hell our boss belanja-ing us
why YM belanja-ing us
1. his house loan for his house in setia tropika approved!
2. his personal loan approved.
3. salary increment
4. celebrating his new new new Lumix SLR digital cams
5. try to slim down his wallet
any how as far as i concern he someone i would like to be if i =boss one day..... because
  • he = knowledge base
  • he= understanding
  • he=very good with his JOB
  • he=very versatile
  • he=gain ICT member and management PPL respect
  • he= very up to date with general knowledge
  • he= work excellence with no sound came out from him + he = not a big talker :)
  • and a lot more

Celebrating Pooja Bday

we also celebrating Pooja's birthday who will leave us next month for other better JOB in KeyEll.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sharing LI - PART 2

this is senai airport departure hall. well since i love choc i also love being up here. well actually we pay a visit to all SATS server... so here me and my LI friend resting and wait to be given a chance to observe Senai airport more :)
introducing 3 SATS practical trainee.

me, afiz and lan. well the fella who walk with us.... no there there the one touching his head. well he is second after our boss. Mr wafiiiiiiiiina hehheh... nope Mr wafi.... SATS most famous technician :P
alish miaw
me me me don't tell me what cya means to meeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... this is me yang dah siou :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sharing my LI -PART 1

my second day pix? seems like no work is it? nope....tons of em :)
below pix is JMF stands for Johor Military Forces...... act i proud to take picture in front of it thou i cant come in (well its DYMM Sultan Johor Prop) currently as you all know the only state in Johor still obtain their own military force is Johor, thou there is alot of issue going around but better still I AM PROUD TO BE JOHORIAN (sense of security eh???? hehehe)
runaway :) + parking space
today vids:

blah blah blah xi xua xua xi xua uh uh

Thursday, May 03, 2007

LI location: Senai Airports terminal services

Start:30 april
so interesting until i cant wait to blog it out :P

day 2:2 May
i want to do networking for my table :) (desperately need to update AV)

continue checking and try out data entry for flight :P

to be continue

wish me luck ehhhh :P