Friday, April 27, 2007


I am now inside my car; in few minute times I will be driving to my bro how is Taman perindustrian tebrau 4. Since I still and hasn't yet settle down my accommodation in senai so i guess i will crash in his house for a while,if possible i don't want to stay there. still feelings down about unable to join any of AIESEC activities and well the most important things is = I didnt getto meet
Emily in penang. I really look forward for it but....well the time clashes very bad. i cant event move around my schedule for AIESEC anymore.Eh, feeling awkward suddenly ppl look at me like im weirdo or something may because am now sitting inside my car and park on the side road of FKSG (i think fakulti kejuruteraan geoinformasi/of informatics- hehehe tak ambil tau) next time whn I get to know where am I, i tell u guys.... anyway i need rest since my body is aching moving all my things from 3rd level of my block to my car. Ga na sai... cant believed still full after 2 trip. (well last week my bro who pick up my stuff and still my car full today). any way wish me luck on my house hunting tomorrow and wish me luck for my industrial training.......... legs crossed :).......

p.s so thats means i will be off from blog and email too???? oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo NVM in sure by Tuesday i make time for WIFI

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Missing Study Week

I'm surprise. can't imagine I say that. Well I am so not study freak but i love the environment. the atmosphere is actually overwhelm me: well
1stly. my residental block actually free from sound pollution and guess what nobody from second level actually screaming and annoyed us anymore.
2ndly. every body have the exact same looks (stress look tense etc etc).
3rdly. and seems like an enemies can work together in study group.
4th. and my study group member very helpful, pu cua i join the study group ^_^// claps to cykin, chiew thing, uyul n jay :) sampai hati you guys leave me last night everybody check out from the hostel yesterday leave me with AIESEC meets :( after the meets the 3/4 of the block already empty) so empty until i lost my interest to stay up anymore.

but the most things that i miss = supper.... menu : roti jala, nasi lemak and normally maggi with eggs :).....

Note: Very Sad i cant join AIESEC activities this 3 month break. bye bye NPC tata NATCON sayonara EB tip :(

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Last Paper Black Pepper Lamb Chop Party

attendance: alish, uyul, chiew ting,cykin and jay
location: K04/3o4 KTR, UTM Skudai

basically we finish our last paper today morning since everybody is going back 2 their hometown today evening. leaving me with ICX transition until Saturday since Mr.Ethan won't take any excuse so better i didn't skip anymore transition (due to miscommunication LC UTM transition 3 weeks ago) where i ter-skip 1/2 day i don't want to make anything worst.
continue with the black papper lamb chop party. while i kena paksa cooking they all study SCK3833- web programming. and need to rest early today, /me will be presenting my WP tomorrow later afternoon i will behaving matching transition with Ms.Doria and later that evening Cherries meeting. Gambate to me ok :)........

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend in Batu Pahat - PART 2

This time I will introduce to you 2 most famous spot for lepak-ing in batu pahat.

1st Spot

Dataran penggaram

Activity that you can do here is:

1. Buy kites and fly it. Or balloon.

2. We have Kids mini car, bike and etc etc…..

3. Sighting = UFO, Handsome and Pretty Village ppl, and couple who don’t know the way to hotels.

4. Became 1of the Littering bug after eating foods from the street hawker stall. Join the unaware of what they do to earth group with littering around dataran.

What they have:

  1. nice fountain but rarely open now
  2. public toiled.
  3. hawker foods.
  4. kite and ballon stall etc etc

2nd spot:


What you can do here:

  1. eats eat and eat
  2. with large pedestrian walkway
  3. and various kind of foods stall to choose from just name it (Malaysian famous nasi lemak, roti bakar- toast using real charcoal woods (or tori kabar –batu pahat language), roti steam, roti canai, planta, prata or cheese nan, what? u not crave any of i….t how about Italian fusion food? Or secret recipe or hurm “wester food”???
  4. Restaurant list with well some of the menu,
    1. 1001 malam- so they say that they sell western food
    2. Ramly- burgers, torikabar, roti steam, nasi lemak in daun pisang, or mee hoon in dun pisang…..
    3. Old rex Cineplex which turn to be Chinese food court with large LCD screen selling liquor on street walk and other Chinese fast food (chee chong fan lah, popia lah, char kueh lah what ever kueh lah they can serve you..
    4. Dawood-Roti nan (cheese, normal). Tandoori chicken, maggi goreng or mee goreng mamak
    5. Maryam 24- well normal mamak food like rojak, nan, roti prata etc etc
    6. Casablanca- not sure about this have a late nite supper once but cant recall what food did I order I think various type of kabob kut….
    7. 1001 café, well basically small stall of the 1001 malam above but selling much more easy to eat kinda food like chips (fries), nugget n sort of stuff,
    8. Secret recipe – I don’t think I need to explain this one.
    9. And most famous (since recently) sup sitam – sup kambing lembu and ayam eat with white bread

  • you think it has no different well hell yeah none of the stall next to longkang like penang (sorry milly- this is the truth about the diff BP walk and penang)
  • oh yes, talking about food I almost forget to introduce to you the Italian fusion shop. Well not sure about the shop name was it quenary or qeunary well what ever they basically sell fusion food but since I ate there once(but I guess Lazio taste better) so no comment……..jeng jeng jeng while me and my brother take a breeze of BP walk air + snapping few photos around he harassing us like he thinks that we have something go to do with the shop. Well hello me and my bro have no interest in your shop (yes, the owner of the Italian fusion restaurant approch us and ask us)
The Italian Restaurant

The owner: need something?

We: no

Then we walk in front a bit suddenly I think the traffic light which is 100 meter infront of us turn green and me and my bro mesmerize by the mat rempit so we stop for a while waiting for the second round of mat rempit… thou no video evidence due too kelembapan of my bro and suddenly that fella( the owner of the Italian fusion food) approach us

The owner: what you guys doing here

We: was trying to get mat rempit video????? (well …that what was I really think)

The owner : what are you guys doing, need something because I see you guys were taking picture around and my shop

(mean while me and my brother same thinking thought – what the whaa…)

We: sorry la man you got the wrong idea, we just finish our supper at Ramly and I park my car at the dataran so while walking back to the car we snap some picture for fun. You can browse the picure if you want to.

The owner: no no…. just that if you need something just ask around.

Me: owhhhh Just open is it?

The owner: ya by right 4 month

Me: Fusion Italian food?

(while my bro is browsing the picture)

The owner: ya

(cha tau he keep yaya-ing me so iiiii)

Me: my name is alish and this is my bro…. I live In johor bahru and my brother live in KL. Im sorry If you got the wrong idea about what we doing I just want to take night life picture of my home town….. (and hell yeah I will blog it). Your shop look nice from this angel. (stupid me making he face look like cant belived us).

The owner: oklah I go back to my shop then.(with sweating like a pig and face like tak puas hati) (eh eh… pandai pulak nak blah tu)

Well yes we know that he afraid of some thing.

So me and my bro set up a list what might that fella think/ afraid of

  1. set up a restaurant without permit
  2. sell liquor without permit
  3. drugs trafficking
  4. children abuser
  5. kills someone?
  6. afraid that some one want to rob the restaurant
  7. well this one me and my bro think what has he been thinking = we going to open italian fusion restaurant next to his one…… I think me and my bro face has the power to threat ppl I hehehehe

[selingan luar dari topik]

ME: muka lu nampak sangat macam chef kot

HA(my bro): why does he feel like we observing his restaurant because both of us obviously look like chikai malay.

ME: can’t agree with that statement our attire might look like chikai but your chef face might be the threat

HA: Se meh?

ME: haaa naaaa….

HA: lu ligger (lu gila)

Well my bro is a chef specializing in pasta. Representing Malaysia for food fest in Beijing and has been working in London for ask him your self don’t want la to sell him here!!!! And has experience in various hotels such as JW Marriott in KL. So why not??? Right???….. well his answer is simple… because I can’t make any impact to my parents.... well suit your self bro but for me a simple kampong guy like you has been going around the world cooking and having a real life experience of living diversity complaining that he doesn’t have the face that ppl might not have a respect of you, you are wrong bro…. we only 2 years different but you has a lot of experience meeting really different kind of ppl all around the world and what you do is wasting it all by coming back here with the unknown reason because I know that the owner of that restaurant still opt for you and the prove is Charles coming down to Malaysia and meet you the other Monday…. what more you want to say???? ….jawab???


  1. and a nice pedestrian walkway for PA TOH!

To be continue............... but again not sure when till then ......arhioz :)

note: Last paper to go then i'll be free from facing finals..........muahahaha

Want to see More Picture From Batu Ren? click the link below

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend in Batu Pahat - PART 1

before we start Nurul Akhmar nordin thanks for the cams :)

Upon hyper stress I decided to go back to my home town batu pahat, johor…. Yes, few of my friend who already stop by say that batu pahat has nothing to offer. Anyway and any how after 2 hour driving I savely arrive my parents house with an identified entity swish around kitchen. (So my 4th bro was home for the weekend as well)

LANDMARK You are entering Batu Pahat

UPON arriving everybody(my mum n dad + 4thbro)
is chitchatting in the kitchen
This is my house (rindu -it's been so long i've been around in it)
left up to left down- surau, second living room, from the corridor, view upfront, kitchen, and both side of main living room
my extra messy room (kinda messy but i more worried where is my desktop monitor)
what i love about my house is i dont need to go so far away to publich rainforet reserve by MPBP but just 1 step away i'll be there. Backyard greenery
thus, make my day harder to left batu pahat

how ever i had so much fun and i will continue the story soon ...maybe after toms paper :)

Note: Missing Emily so much.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Today i want to share with you guys AIESEC UTM Gabon dance (global village)
NLDS vids post by mngaddict of AIESEC HELP University College
to see more video from her
click to the following link

The Vids:

Choreographer: Ms Joanne Tan Poh Ai

Dancer: AIESEC UTM members

have a nice day all

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today event: web programming presentation
Evaluator: Mrs Sarina Sulaiman

Sleep late last night around 5 am, hanging out at my group mate places trying to finish all the program….

Msg to my good mate: Thank you for your cooperation ( Mawar, yana and cila) to present and finish our project with flying colors……

Msg to MHM: thanks for always being there for me. appreciate it and sorry to bugs you some time.

Pix of the day:

Thanks to: Norman tan for the Kurosaki Ichigo poster… I'm very touch because it happen to be each time you gave me present non of it is not in my interest.... (p.s don't be to nice to me almost every month u gave me present but i never did the same to you feels awkward wor

today vids:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Event: AIESEC UTM Transition camp

Venue: FKE(Fakulty kejuruteraan elektrik), UTM

Date: 9 & 10 April 2007

Attendance: EB and EB’s Elect

AIESEC P2 member : UTM EB's Elect

aLish meng'ss'kan diri sendiri
bits of AIESEC UTM transition

This term LCP (looks like mengumpat je?)

3 days ago Emily was complaining she still hasn’t got my blog address. I told her before my blog has been forfeited due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway Bai tahan she keeps asking for it so it’s about time I do one. And this time would be about my University life. So….. Ready set go……………

Almost 10 month ago I’ve been accepted to continue my study in University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai . Yes, I’m excited. I have high expectation on studying in UTM. So when my brother drives through under the main gate my heart was jumping like hell.


Ok, this week I will introduce to all of you my messy room.

aLish BlockThis is my block when the first time I see this block my heart was devastated (since I read in the brochure the only show the new block is outside off linkaran ilmu(faculty block-library, main hall, mosque, HEP building and). But then after a while I know what is the advantage other than it is near to linkaran ilmu my block janitor really keep my block clean(I go to others block but it is no as cleans as my block and I really glad get that block.

Alish room

This is my room as you can see I have a roommate her name is jay, but since this is my blog I respected her with not showing her part of the room.

Yes, this room has been clean for picture taking purpose (tips- u can see the real stats picture above)

This is my messy table

I never good in keeping all those wire … hurmm anyway every time a came back from class I dump all my things on this desk. I normally never put my laptop on this table because under the glass is where my desktop monitor use to be (sent it back yesterday because interference is not what my mum will agree with). So thats it for my room introduction