Wednesday, December 17, 2008

to excited?

yup am to excited to share the link to the news post ... to the RBFDS in nst 2008 hahah

while i was searching few entry for it,I found Leona Chin Blog who previously join RBFDS and Win as well... she even race for this year Merdeka Millennium Endurance... but yup but i was a little bit how should i put this intimidated? by the post about RBFDS in JB where according to her she(one of the participant) clock the test in 38 sec... well am not sure anymore but yup still put my hope on... i might don't have her kind of car and all but i still believe i can do it....

read her post about the search in Johor here

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Pergh nak jadi racer nampaknya. mcm ni tak yah buat master, hehehehe.