Thursday, December 15, 2011

When 1000 years ago Companion and soul mate means spouse

While in this Y2K (yup a bit too  lame to use this term) era we clearly can reach and share tons of info regardless privacy and secrecy. The marriage institution was clearly jeopardized when we can talk, meet, add, view and fall in love all over again without remember such important thing as spouse.  What happen to those vows you made? Can’t we just be like our folk back then just accept and try our best/ or make do with what we have.

On my personal note, each time my married friends contacted me to ask for advice, I swore I pray to Allah may this will not be in my karma list…
WTFish of course it scares me off.
This is not the era where spouse will sacrifice personal satisfaction for our happiness, most of them careless about their own appearances than what the others would say about us. I would say “Rare event” to see/know such guy willing to accept their wife for who they are (minus the lucky sibling of mine and few cousins i say they just plain lucky compare to those wallpost i read). AND it still bothers me to hear a colleague of mine; brag about how he actually threats his wife to keep slim or else (you can guess whathefish h said here" jatuh taklik nanti baru ko tau) and I say... He don’t deserve her… what are you playing at? She obviously loves you and what you do is you dare to threaten her? He is not good looking either well-off … if I was her, since most of us know he start saying that even before marriage I won’t even shortlisted him in my dream man…. I am sorry but as soon as I see his face at work I just hope that “Ally Macbeal” possess me.  Meanwhile please do keep your problem with your spouse in your pouch. I don’t want to be lucky not to be married at this age or even happy to be free being me.
Yup I know I am not fair by keeping saying man and guy up here…. But let us hear this stupid situation 

entah la.... sebenarnya aku sakit hati tengok kawan kawan aku dapat laki yang perasan good good ni...

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