Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I live in my own little world. it's okay. they know me here

The Dinosaurs trip

so the plan was not really going on so well (basically it was my fault not to double confirm the bus schedule for double Decker tours.. end up spending time walking around which i like because i lose 1 kg to help me eat that much of nedeje and nyonya food, and lepaking at bistros)
..... there is a lot place we fail to drop in

but i get to test Eky's DSLR and i want to own a cams... nope... not DSLR .. just a camera (don't think i can afford DSLR thou). ahaks nice eh to have a camera ... damn pergi cuti no camera :(

and elect myself to be a model (sebenarnya because i don't have camera so i pose and ask people to snap my picture)

glad to have all of them here. and thanks for coming.... (shits my personality colors are still red...)

i end up buying nothing because my plan after hi-tea is back to jonker street to buy gifts but i lost my interest and once i reach sempadan johor-melaka... i regret my decision not to follow my initial plan staying another day alone in Malacca.

the food is superb.. i will form my owh kaki's to join me for one day trip to melaka. fuhh... sudden rush wanna visit penang too... just wish that i have a traveling partner... i like to drive alone... but once arrive... i need to have someone to share my experience with

dim sum yum yum(mana halal weih :( ... but the smell was so nice ...)

the peeps

The Video:
thanks to Aimin and am waiting for the second part :D

p.s : .... about the accident.... will not elaborate on it.... will get my car back soon... yey but... will have spot on it still... not going to spray it thou :D.... just glad that i will get it back soon... that's all.. am okay.. thanks for those who are concern about me... i still felt bad.... and i can't write the reason.... just that the only thing i disagree with all this is , how come i didn't do what i would normally do... "balai cerita"... no... i didn't manage to drag it (aimin tell me it is better that way so we still can enjoy the holiday... but all i think was my mum back at home and rui yik)... settled + thanks but still felt bad about it....... :(


faizlaster said...

lame x tengok cik gembira cam ni..ngeee

aLiSh said...

alhamdullilah.... walaupun accident kat melaka tu... bu syukur la.. selamat... down jugak la sikit.. but masa tu ramai kawan... tak elok rasanya buat rang lain rasa kita punya ketidak gembiraan... cian diaorang datang jejao

faizlaster said...

hehe..btol2...tapi xpe la...sume slamat kan...:D