Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I love my kancil... i don't intend to buy a new car... that should be a lie.. but why should i ? my mum start to ask me to do so... and with my students driving expensive imported car..
it reminded me more on why and how i start to own my kancil... i love the small compact car which allowed me to use RON97 still.... i seldom pump in RON95... but that not just it...

since i start working, nothing come first but my mum.... the household add up a new account.... i just wont risk things so i can only satisfied me.... the bills these days just screaming to be payed ASAP.. well i always talk about money(and that is since i still back in yoUTeeeM)... i do jealous with my friend who hold mum's credit card, drive nice car, have less responsibility, back than but most of them married now... i mean maybe this is the reason why am i not married yet... or why i bare the consequence of staying in batu pahat... its all about ibu and family..... thats is much worth to be proud of i think... i am planing to further my study... but it just holding me up when i think about how would it be... i do start to think i shouldn't... hurm... am busy these 2 weeks... with finals is coming up, students presentation to evaluate... am just tired like hell...

am amazed with people who can travel away from home without thinking of such things like this.. because i cant.. i didn't make much monthly, but i love my job(Sort of), and i can't bare to see my mum work to hard at 67.... and she still think i can afford a lot of stuff which seriously i don't think i can or i should... although i am jealous and i wanted to have all those blings but i think i live a life that worth every second of it.

Well... for those who in despair out there..... Chill... Gambatte :D

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