Monday, April 25, 2011

SWOT: alish 1st term 2011 evaluation

Firm decision
loving my current work
Truthful than previous years
Work XP
self discipline
not too old (yeah :P)

Still a little pending -work, study matters
Busy Body/ Concern for a wrong reason
bad interpretation
bad influence
choosing companion
bad experience

yoUTeeeM dk

Work Contract

tiba tiba malas nak truthful hahaha :P

anyway... the evaluation is just a draft.. i need to do it tonight... i already listen a few comment from others.. list it up few stuff and suggestion from friends, families, employers, personal evaluation is a must.... list more tonight but not herelah obviously
i just need to think through few more things: am so stubborn to change sometimes... but the bad thing was.... most of my friend thing that am too weak and should be more selfish.. so 1/3 friends might already hate me or my groove.. if i do that than tak sia sia lah i stray myself away from people these days... i know i been saying this for quite a few years.. that i wanted to be alone.... i still think there is time for something but most time it is just for family... and i do realize that am hurting people, provoking people sometimes, and with that i back myself up why i only turn up for few events only.... besides.. most of my friends were married... malas nak mingle sangat... segan bukan pasal tak kawin lagi.... am not jealous or what ever but i just refuse to answer alot of question..

and i do realize to .. for a woman of my age... am a little more than behind other people in Life, Love, Work, DLL... so SWOT and change for the better InsyaAllah

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