Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SSC- Start Stop Continue

morning everyone... have a nice day and as promise am trying to ponder upon my SSC

  • Having fun more off hours instead of kerja and home
  • Reading up more - computer science stuff, mechanical stuff, self improvement
  • layout a new plan
  • listen more
  • removing friends that you feel most annoyed in FB list.. FB is just a social network... if you don't like to see those comment, advice or status than remove, so you can understand and learn them better without being prejudice over words
  • helping people who in need the most

  • Being childish
  • Being judgmental (especially to people who try so hard to get attention and being snob or brag about everything.)
  • Advising (by using example, story)
  • making excuses to delay solving your emotional conflicts (loving the wrong person is not a reason).... try to accept people who are already there for you....
  • making more enemy or at least try not to make anymore
  • feeling hatred and betrayed by people around you (Especially new friends)
  • being easy to be taken advantage or mistook as
  • reading certain pelik stats and commenting it as if you pandai in that matters (contoh: ah kenapa berat badan naik ni-- haha ko pon sama je alish ..)
  • stocking up pantry and try to use the existing canned or bottle what ever
  • being so nice to teach/ answers students questions and assignment problems off hours...

  • Helping around mom more
  • learning to improve you tutoring skills
  • isolating myself (not keeping but choosing to who an whom)
  • understand that people will not try to understand you
  • don't hope that others will mengalah for you or all the time fr you
  • Jogging at least once a month (ah malasnya need to be fit, need to be fit, berjalan pun tak mau =.="''' parking jauh sikit la macam biasa... dah semput)
  • try to be truthful to self and everyone
  • saving in ASB at-least 20 ringgit a month
should list more if it cross over my mind later. and re-evaluate, be more precise and realizing it.

++++++++++++Confuse +++++++++++++++++

  • stop/continue telling people i am gay / bisexual as a reason why i am not married
  • stop/continue hitting people for real when they make a mistake... sarah sila dengar cakap ti-ish pukol kang
  • stop/continue eating too much
  • stop/continue making my monthly budget... lari je debit and credit ni.. haih
  • stop/continue agreeing to go for shopping windows.... ko tu malas jalan...
  • stop/continue giving people weird nickname, jc, jb,jm


mozou said...

hidup mmg complicated. so kita enjoy!

aLiSh said...

thanks en mozou.. ada petua tak nak lupakan orang macam mana.. lagi lagi kalau dia berhutang dengan kita... tak suka lah teringat pasal hutang kecik ni... call tak angkat but no phone tak tukar

mozou said...

kalau org tu byk buat salah maafkanlah dia. hutang2 dia tu kalau boleh halalkan, halalkan je. selagi kita ada rasa benda yg tak setel pasal org tu selagi tu susah nak lupakan. tp kalau hutangnya tu masuk 4,5 digit mmg better takyah lupakan la.upah je samseng2 gi kutip hutang tu. hehe

aLiSh said...

saya dah maaf kan orang tu, dah minta maaf gak, saya dah redha n halalkan pun but... saya tak tau kenapa tapi setelah lama gila tak contact segala... saya rasa amat marah tiba tiba huhuhu