Monday, April 25, 2011

Light reading of the day

somewhat agreed by this article ...

(for some people: this is not for Christians only... we learn anywhere but learn to understand which one to pick.... )

  1. it is often our attitude when someone differs from us
  2. ‘The appeaser does more harm than the opposer.’
  3. The man who will not face problems is the church’s biggest enemy.
  4. I often pray for courage to be like the first man. I have no trouble at all being a ‘nice guy’, but nice guys don’t move men toward God. Nice guys don’t leave behind them a trail of men and women who testify to have seen and felt the power of another world because they saw a living example. No, nice guys leave behind a lot of people who gladly acknowledge, ‘He was a swell fellow.’ I think we should be so wedded to the truth of God’s Word that people will not remember our niceness but our God and truth. Let them even call us stubborn if they want to, but let us so cleave to the truth in doctrine and practice that they are forced to think about God and eternity.
nice set of example... am doing SSC (Start Stop Continue evaluation )soon... wait and i will show you how

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