Monday, February 07, 2011

Social Network : No! it is not the movie am talking about

A social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes", which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.

Me: WHAT! no way .. you didn't just said that do you?
IW: No, you craving for attention... seriously i understand. so, who is this guy?..
Me: Hell no.. that is not why i deactivate my Face Book

yup so... at 3AM yesterday (ya! really 3am like i don't have a life) one of my ex's called and ask me about FB.... yes okay i told everyone i am not going to explain why the hell i deactivate my FB, but just so you know... i have been really shutting down some of social network i signed in....

My Social Network List:

Myspace: Closed! since am not following Bands anyway i just close it down for my pleasure...
Friendster: Closed! hallo ...that was like ages ago since i last log in... (before i remove the account... it stated there ... Last login: May 2008 lol... that was really ages ago....)
Digg: Closed! - didnt have friend network so i removed
Imeem: Closed! - i am not using the playlist anymore

flickr: Schedule to Remove! - i still need to do some picture backup
photobucket: Schedule to Remove!- i still need to do some picture backup
tumblr: Schedule to Remove! last login : 6 month ago
bloglog: Schedule to Remove! i need to track where people coming from but now they have Stats(blogger stats) and nuffnang have trackers as well... i am scheduling to remove.

Facebook: Deactivate! Schedule to Reactivate (peeps, i only deactivate the account.. am planning for a comeback but after ... well after some chaos went off my shoulders....)

youtube: Active for amusement, chillex and recipes
myshoutbox: Active for blog purpose
ShoutOut: Active on my blog. i add this public chat because of Emily and never remove since ... most of them Penang Bloggers and i love to jump into conversation once in a while. Hopefully i didnt annoyed to0 much :D
Buzz(google)- Active on both account
Yahoo(Answer)- Active amused myself here when am bored :D
linkedin: Active! for ex colleague in HSBC :D ya i know ... still can't believe i did work there :D
Twitter: Active - BS-ing purpose

and now i regretted asking people on my last post about should i reactivate?.... seems like all of it was negative thought that people have on why am i deactivating it and why i should reactivating it... =.="' erk... and again no i didn't remove the account, i only deactivating it... ya it was like: just login now to reactivated in a blink.. ya baby.... that's about it... i don't remove :D FB was a little chaos that day an i dont find more time to do the security option allover-again... damn new profile.. hate em!

but i guess the only good things is we know who is the psycho stalker, average stalker, concern friends and etc etc....

a friend told me ... alish get a life... and another girl friend laugh... i dont think you can survive ... 3 hours top that is my bet... ya see who is your mommy now.... lol :P ...have a niceday people ... happy socializing... am off to the sky with G6...


mozou said...


saje je ni takde keje

aLiSh said...

meh alish bagi en mozou kerja me... em haritu kata nak email document mana? lalallala ~ ngee

Mood: saje cari pasal