Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fuhh Reactivate

Yup finally... i completed my 1 month challenge... it is not that hard after all.

okay i lied i escape to another realm

anyway ... i do want to aplogize for lying thou... i keep telling people i just opt it out because i need space and time for work and my head but ... each time i tell anyone who text, called, emailed or ask (thanks really appreciates and feels happy to know that people do care.. huggiesss) but seems like no one believe me... so i lie around... a little... sukoshiii ngaa.... but hey am back in business, sorry and thanks :D wink wink love you guys loads :P

so here is my new hype... just for coming back .... anyway : i'm Coming Home :P


mozou said...

kutuk my baby, tanak add.huhu

aLiSh said...

mana ada kutuk... setiap kali saya pergi sana saya tgk kereta tu.... saya puji lagi... saya kan tanya je tu kereta sapa... maksud comel lah tu