Friday, February 11, 2011


i think everyone notice .. so whats up with the fireworks tonight.. so as Malaysian i am shameful for not knowing whats up with the fireworks tonight... yeah ... i know it is just me
whining again -.^v

so my twitter timeline was streaming with hateful comment... the snippet up here is one of the sample i manage to ctrl+prt sc.. i really felt a little unpleasant with this scenarios... it hurt my so called peace, multiracial soul... because i know

non-muslim keep up with the loud recitation everyday(if you ever notice it started at 5Am, and that is everyday). Fireworks is one in a blue moon. what with the complain. ya even i illegally played some last Raya....

okay so maybe i was piss because artists suppose to be a role-model when come to stuff like this....

and i also know as a tutor i myself never perform as a role model... but i try to make my students understand that every little positive things that we do everyday is a good things.... (Pick sample: study, futsal, jamming, bowling, shopping, cooking, snooker, jogging, sleeping, eating, reading novel.. etc etc). But there is a limit for everything.. every little things has it own pros and cons

but redundant tweet is a little to much... the time-line wordings are differ each time.. but common.. i follow you means i think you such a cool Lads(stable boy babeh! -no i meant ladies)... beautiful, young, successful.... and i envy you (that is no more now)... and shameful to say it was like a batch of sorority members bashing toward the nerdy... if like; 1 celebrity .. okay i understand...maybe she mingle only with her own kind (race, pets or whatever)... mana tau.. it was few of them =.="' ...

show your Malaysian colors please! (ahh like i should ask =.="'... Ladies you should know this ok!)

p.s it is hard to be celebrity ... i know ...especially what comes to someone like me... but as the muggle said: truth will out... lol ...what are you alish ?.. HP fan?

guys wow check the date : 11/02/2011... 1102 2011

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