Friday, January 28, 2011


Labis: yup labis... do you know that labis is the plural of Labi- Labi lol.. the britt people do knew humour :p nga

Any Other Business: hurm went to al-ikhsan today.. the price was fair enough 120-250 but the choice are ... well... let see what BP mall have thou before i plan for JB :D

just so you know al ikhsan is on sale till 6 feb.. follow the link :D you will fine what in store.. cheap sale weh

oleh kerana dah rambang mata nampak harga kat al-ikhsan... terpaksa beli converse bulan march nanti bwahahahhahah > note kepada ehem ehem yg mau ikut ke jb tu ye :P

sila click gambar bawah ni nak tgk harga n design.. yum yum

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