Sunday, January 30, 2011

30/1 Happy Birthday Walid

Al Fatihata khusuusan ilaa ruuhil l'marhum
Syed Ahmad Bin Syed Abu Bakar Al-shahab. Al-fatehah..

Dear walid... happy 74th birthday... i know you can't read this... i misses you so much.... there is so much going-on on my side.... i am lost in many different aspect ... I hope that Allah will hear all of my prayers for you.... am sick again... and each time i lay on my bed i remember you will stay by my side when am sick... i think i whine so much you left me...for a little while i blame myself for not being a good daughter that you refuses to comeback.... i know it is not what it is..... am a little stressful this days.. i am sorry to cause you so much burden... i wish i didn't... there is so much to tell you.... am torn and i misses you so much....I will remember you each time i cross with the word 'mubiin'..... Allah blesses you Dad...

i try to watch wonderpet almost everyday knowing it was your favorite lullaby ... watching hachiko again yesterday remind me of us and toteng.... which you always tell me toteng resemble Lassie (picture).. which we all know toteng is stray inbreed dog :)... owh ...i watch stuart little for you too yesterday.. so does cats and dogs.... and do you know there is a movie from 'The Series of Guardians of Ga'hoole' ... the one i pick up from your office and make it my yup ok it premier last year obviously you didn't know :huhu

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