Friday, December 03, 2010

The Rakyat Mindset: petrol price hike and 50% for summons

In the news paper: Discount for traffic offenders
In the news paper: Petrol and sugar

and some of the respond we can get from FB news feedsWell for me if you don't want to pay and or as the person up here don't want to contribute on next election than just don't break the laws and hello tons off public transportation or at least as a guy ... there is a motorcycle for you to ride and yup go around.... you can use car for family outing reason

at the same time cut your carbon footprint and hell yes.... these people are so funny i think i want to puke at...well for me am lucky am sticking with my kancil no matter what the others said... :D

i proudly kena tahan 2 times because of my speed limit is kmh 121 and when i was stopped to recieve the tickets... i said "okay samanlah"... because i know it is my fault and guess what both tickets is not in the system until now... 2 years checking for the ticket... it is just not there.... no need rasuah and yes no money for next election.... guess what there is tons of other taxes you have to pay as well... hurm kinda boring don't you think.. reading all this sort of things... i don't think i need to post few more example of this... just go to NTV7 and brag your ideology at "hak pengguna" that might have effect rather than fbpost :D

owh and i was lucky i don't use white sugar.... and i dislike to consume things that are to sweet..... besides do you know that white sugar is bleached(okay i might been exaggerated is just sulfur dioxide bleaching).... i prefer brown and other type of sugar... better on the taste because of molasses flavor and healthier...

mmm am just bord so i commented this because i think that other people are too keen on politics and failed to really think on what we can contribute :D.. as i said i don't agree in all the price hike but... i think carbon footprint and health are far more important... maybe you can cut down some for your future :D

and later midnight more people fighting hahaha in fb

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