Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post Raya + Doa Selamat

well i just wanted to label it as doa selamat... a post raya meet actually... this time around i would not bother to re arrange the pix and all but ya so, here is some of the pix
Attendees: Post grad lab, SMC, Tutor FTMM and FPTEK
p.s Thanks Guys... for tolerating the food and the delay :D

Makan time
Grilled Chicken Tortilla
Self timer Family pix
ahaks dessert :Pengat jagung and my all new self made orange cake new recipe
Self Timer first round
Why lah i have to cook and i have to adjust this damn things....
yup the guy were so excited while the girls malu malu kambing
Still: They call them the beach boys
All new Shashukar recipe
Al fresco dining my personal choice for hi-tea
And again
Makan makan... alamak there is the tray for jalapeno poppers and i didnt manage to snap the output
Almost perfect family picture

Jalapeno poppers .. serve hot... so tak ada gambar baru kuar oven :P tak sempat

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