Saturday, October 02, 2010

4 Down few more to go and haih~ unfortunate event

Huhu the door gift

Firstly sorry if i can't make it to your wedding... 7 wedding reception and i only manage to attend 4 of them... but for tomorrow, need to discuss with mum about this...

first stop: Lily and Maha..... Wedding reception
congratsss may love bring you wealth and prosperity until the end... and sorry cant give you the two door fridge for your wedding gift... but since i was told that you really going to try for kids, i think that is a perfect gift :P wink wink

Second stop: Afiq and Fana
Bebudak kecik tahniah cepat cepat dimurahkan rezeki hendaknya.. uih best wei kawin anak.. belum sempat tua anak dah besar...

3rd stop: Zainal's off Zainal and Din construction Daughter Wedding reception
Huhu i love roasted kambing... and the gamelan too.... thanks for the invitation

4th: si kudud FUAD:
aihhh dah habis mengah dah makan aje.... but sorry i am so tired and turn to a selfish bitch and park right in front the tent :P ahaks manage talk for a while and... time toooo.. wohhh no not yet sista

5th: Open house (Avon jln rahmat)
uh didn't manage to even get out from the car.. just sekodeng from a far... huhuhu

Anyway the bad news is

on the way from first to second stop... suddenly there is a large stone... hit my car..saw it clearly it's coming from a lorry opposite direction of where we going to... and there (moral of the story.. you will be lucky if you use expensive glass materiel and be lucky the shield didn't burst to you and you still save felt at ease but... once you have a mark there :( )

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Doria Abdullah said...

aduh. i mean the glass window. bloody lorry driver.