Saturday, September 04, 2010


Yep.... after being so busy everyday i manage to crank up the oven again.. thou i did bake cake yesterday to give some to zaini and kak jam.. and my last chocolate chip cookie order this week.. and i manage to stay awake for Ayin's stuff.... thou am super tired from all those baking... and students keep gTALK-ing me until 2 am almost everyday.... nak refuse to explain tak sampai hati pulak.... owh

p.s Thanks untuk semua yang order sampai 2-3 bottle choc chip cookies sorang... halalkan makan minum aku.. sebab aku yang buat mana tau not up to the taste..saya minta maaf awal awal... anyway Thanks .... Rezeki raya kot...

bangun tido terus keluarkan bahan bahan Macaroon...

so this is the output: French almond macaroon with vanilla and chocolate mousseline..... sweet for my tooth

it took me sometime to start mixing together the almond flour and meringue.. i read dozens of blog and vlog how they failed to archive the macaroon foot and what you should not do and what to focus on.. okay thats it kalau jadi jadi lah...

the worst part is why suddenly the batter become to watery... but i said again.. tak apa alish bukannya sedap pun menatang ni kot... (but yes i was tempted after i saw eunice box of macaroons and fara's request last time)
and there.... my foot flatted back which totally my fault as i lower down the heat to fast.... it suppose to be heigher... ke sebab aku takut dia hangus (damn i still bad at using the new oven.. i am scared to take any orders as it produce some type of smell in my stuff... which i didn't enjoy every bits of it-the taste is still a bit weird...) huhu apa sebenarnya and

finally just to advice to people who are going to do this.
i understand now why the hell most of the blog and shops using this flavor: passion fruit, green tea, strawberry, raspberry.. sour, bland and bitter taste with the mousseline. as mousseline alone is too sweet.. especially since i choose vanilla.. huhu i scrape some off and put in dark chocolate ganache... as for me..if i ever wanted to do this again.. it would be pistachio or dark chocolate.. huhu
to sweet..... not my cup of tea... maybe mocha and coffee can help me... with the vanilla.. yup i will try it now... huhu... tabur nescafe on the vanilla mousseline.... yup apa lagi orang lain cuba gak lah ye :P good luck

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