Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hitori, Pizza (+Recipe) and Asam Pedas

Yup i stayed back at BP and Ibu went to Perak for 2 days..... she finally arrived last night @ 12 ++ so since am alone i figure out to cook something that i can eat the whole day with out having to keep cooking for self...

solution 1 :Pizza
First day and first pizza i made

Today: breakfast pizza.. i lessen the cooking time the crust is much nicer
Yummmmy ... still can't believe i made this lovely pizza from scratch

Solution 2: Asam pedas lada kering... hoho my house never serve asam pedas lada kering. Ibu's recipe always asam pedas lada hidup.. but since ibu is not around.. why not fulfilling my hunger towards hot and spicy food bwahahaha

Okay okay here is the pizza recipe... i know am always mean when it come to recipe sharing.... it is hard for me to share the amount (not because of i don't want to but masak campak baling that's what happen)... i learn cooking by eye and takes some time to adjust until i come to this stage.... (Tiba tiba teringat masa kat office bebudak ajak join kelas masak dan buat roti.... huhuhu jahat sebab aku jawap apelah gunanya jalurlebar dan youtube kalau tak digunakan sepenuhnya... dang)
however.... this is from youtube but will tell you what do i twist from the recipe. dont be so stern and need specific amout for everything... taste it and add what ever necessary.

No i didn't twist anything from this recipe - except for the part he ask to leave the yeast and warm water for 10 minute, i do it 15... because when the yeast is still sleepy and you mix in the flour to earlier, then bread just wont rise.. trust me... when i try to do oregano baguette that is what i learn from try and error....... but if you malas there is this no-knead dough recipe which is equally good but a little messy to handle. Click here for the link.

after kneading

The sauce

Firstly just skip the misleading story and personality. The recipe will only start at 4.46 minute of the video... and i change most the recipe....

the important component

i keep my herbs in freezer, don't thaw if you follow my way of cooking, i froze half of the thing that i find it hard to find in bp.
i saute yellow onion and garlic paste until translucent, add garlic paste, a bit of chili giling (still not spicy at all), i use 2 fresh blended tomato (preferred-Romano tomato-> the color should be fiery red and oval shape)
and a table spoon of tomato puree, stir in basil, rosamary, and i put alot of oregano should be 1 1/2 table spoon i guess, owh and i put bay leaf , somehow, another twist would be chicken bullion just 1/4 cube, salt and a bit of sugar.. don't put to much , i put it in just to cover the cili giling effect on the sauce.

simmer to thicken...

since am to malas to shop for topping .... meat ball should be okay...
tell you what.. use bakso recipe,
or if you malas buy that saudi meat ball thou am a little suspicious with that brand...
(safest: 100 gram tenderloin, blend with, cornstarch, a bit of garlic, it is a bakso meatball so a bit of salt and pepper). boil the meat ball until floating, put in the sauce, turn off the heat. since the meat ball is still warm, so does the sauce, it will absorb everything. and i skip marjoram, i didn't keep any and i skip bell pepper too, i will put it as a topping, and i don't like fennel as much as i hate celery stalk.

wallah after reducing
the topping
to cheat the sauce... buy the Kimball or Prego garlic and (something a herb) kejap i google for you.... haih kat sini ada tomato and basil. but theres the one with garlic and herbs?... that should be okay.. Italian sauce should be fine... but depends on you-lah but if i ever wanna short cut this recipe i wont go for mushroom .... haaa jumpa pun
it is tomato, garlic and basil sauce or traditional.. this two je lah i guess.. i pick it as the ingredient showed on the list is closest to the sauce recipe.

happy trying :P

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