Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Alish

sigh.. how much i wanted everything to go with the flow.... am just tired..... yup yup graduate another year of mylife without proper achievement... how much i hate to talk about how bad i felt all over again.. how bad i wanted to be what i always pretend to be... i should try once not to pretend .... the only part i never failed to show myself is how much i hate certain somebody and how to keep my distance from everybody.... well the truth is i am not sure about anything, the truth is i hate myself not just at the moment..it all started back in schooling days which after graduating from it i promise myself to change my way .. at the end no matter how much i try i am still failed in this particular session.... and damn ....

i am now trying something different.. forcing my feeling towards something, make believe of things that I've always unsure with.

i keep my faith up.. i keep my chin up always..... just hope that this feeling just flown anyway... funny.. i was suppose to be happy today... instead here i was... writing.... crying... and keep thinking what's up with me.... your loves one sent you a card in advance, pressie was here, you basically eat tons of stuff.... call with all those wishes.... and am just stupid... there i said it.... till i think i wanna write again... i just hope tomorrow i will be in bangi and have a nice chat with Ayin

p.s Thanks my loves ones (Friends, Family, Defy)

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