Saturday, August 07, 2010

Recipe, cook and dine in

Anyway i was watching travel and living this whole week... i always find that channel is some what boring .. anyway but i am up to try every recipe in

World Café Asia

(there is bebek bertutu instantly i think of fara.... she once brag about it) and

i found this blog ...

maybe i will try one or two recipe. Just that i am totally turn off by her black pepper chicken... maybe her twist is to make it as malay possible... but no go for me(well the first black pepper chicken i cook was 11 years ago... after i try them in one hotel, I decided to replicate the recipe... and i wont change the recipe.... ) it was a nice blog with some recipe wanted to try... but yes with alish twist -remove some ingredient that wasn't exactly fit in there....but her idea of what to cook fascinate me.... uh i miss my nephew and nieces why aren't they back in BP.... huhu they seems to love balik kampung to be tortured by my mum with math from 8am to 10pm. the only break they get is lunch dinner and praying... hahaha... i am sure my mum happy with this since she failed to torture my sibling and i to do homework's all the time... :P.... ti ish misses you .. come back please i will cook something nice :D

offsite: damn you key board before this i hardly keyed in 'r' now 'i'

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