Monday, August 30, 2010

Mee kuning + Masak lemak Cili api ?

yes Masak lemak cili api with yellow shi noodle... bwahah

Defy was telling me he had this dish with mee... yup mee kuning....i didn't respond to him about how ridiculous for me to have masak lemak cili api with mee kuning.. but i was so eager to try i keep going to the market to find kani...... huhuhu

lastly my mum and i decide to have nasi lemak instead for breakfast.... anyway.. so we went to hoe aik a local supermarket after we went hunting for kani... and there they was .. siting there .. 3 of em... and i tell my mum can we have crab instead.. so she agree.. i quickly grab kani and mee kuning and start cooking.......

the taste: surprisingly yummie

we still left 1 and a half kani in the pot for sahur.... huhu didn't get the chance to fully submerge the mee because mum need the tang- she ate it with rice lah as usual..... huhu my masak lemak may look a little dull but since we are using chili padi kampung... small amount is enough to flame the whole kitchen..... will do this again.... soon!

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