Friday, July 09, 2010

1st week in KL

On The Way

suka suka je sepahkan kemeja kat dining room orang.. thanks for the hospitality....

Before i reach KL obviously i will stop by my sister house which is sister in law+my eldest cousin house in Bandar Mahkota....
5 days ago they move to new house ... and luckily the old house was like across the road.... i love everything about Abang Seth and kak Miss... unfortunately things happen and i am sad but i always feel like meeting my own parents and have my own younger brother and sister.... Fatin cook that day... am full.... i lean on kak miss while watching tv...after 3 and half hours there i decided to continue my journey.... hug kak miss and mintak guitar dengan abang seth (ahaks tak malu... saje je not for real just wanted to bully Abang seth) ... i always miss them.. but i feel ashamed sometimes but i have to admit.. i always see them as my real family....
Day One

I am trying to save budget but i choose Subway for the whole day food
i always bully my friend... told em: you have to learn how to eat while you here with me :P...... my friend here doesn't have the pleasure to try anything alone but the whole 3 weeks was fun.....
so we order 1foot Italian BMT on toasted Parmesan oregano bread.... divide to 2 and my friend seems to like it... but i am not selective with the topping ... i always ordered everything except for cucumber and pickle cucumber since we already have pickle jalapeno there... and fresh green chili.. it is more appetizing to me.... 3 sauce because i love it to drip all over my finger.... BBQ + Thousand Island + Chilly sauce.... yeay.... laparnya terus ... oh we park kat at asia 33 that's why we have subway that day.... just to buy Active Directory CD in Digital Mall
Owh how much i hate KL groceries store... tell me what capsicum family was not there

Day 2

So i decide to start making my own breakfast

and i have Nasi ayam - the cheapest on menu there for lunch and hard to resist carlsJR yup.. manage to ask my friend to try it too... kih kih kesian dia berjaya jugak aku hantukan.... but as always we loved it....

we split half...Since we were there to take our first carlsJR bite
after CarlsJR we decide to stop eating expensive stuff
so as always self prepared breakfast
basil chicken for lunch in food @ garden
weird ... for lunch hour that place seems to be to empty

and we don't manage to keep our hand off expensive food... but we share.. we ask for another plate basically we just divide everything to two... this is my favorite ... Hot peri peri 1/2 Chicken... because i wouldn't order extra hot for beginner since we on journey to try food that i love which the other person never tries it.. i say .... Hot peri peri.. i find it less dry and easy to mix around since you have the extra hot peri peri sauce
Didn't go for lunch... i had my self prepared breakfast which i drag to lunch... i didn't went for dinner before going home too since my brother sms "Don't eat first, i bring you out for welcoming dinner"....
he bring me to the so called kopitiam wanna be
The Balqees White coffee
the place is clean... nice and cosy.... BUT...i will continue at the end

so before the dinner is serve.. he apologize for not bringing me out for dinner and even have time for me..... so he order everything
Mango Platter

Olio Aglio

Chinese style chicken with ginger sauce
and banana split
Well cont after the but.... the appetizer and dessert was great... love it maybe because it was not prepared by them.... i cook better olio aglio.... my brother who sat in front of me is a better cook then theirs.. so there... the chicken ginger was to dry.... rosemary doesn't fit in there..... it taste like eating charcoal.... and my brother olio aglio... is to salty... we ask for extra parsley.... as you can see from the picture... it was like extra bell pepper.... i ask my brother why the hell we keep coming there for the food was that suck... my brother answer... maybe we can teach them something by asking them to add or reduce something from the recipe.... aha the last time he was there we almost make a scene with the boss... sadly i think they will not learn..... but we need a place to watch FIFA.. there is food and always a table to fill..... owh the waiter is suck to... you have to show one the menu sheet so they will not wrongly order for you.... lol... jahatnya.. i dont think we suitable to eat at wanna be place.. we often piss them off to correct them... to bad on our side... i always cook and my brother manage thing like this for living... so the situation is that bad....
Day 5
didn't go for lunch again..... had my breakfast box
am having donut for hi tea
and went to makan places for my dinner - Mee Soup Johor style...

then i went to I-City with my classmate


i do some groceries shopping

and i finish all my salad and bread + other stuff
sakit hatinya the place i went to is sri kota near my brother house.. sakit hati because i can't cannot find what ever i want
well even baking essential cheaper ... do you know how much this cutter cost me 4 ringgit... in batu pahat 15.90 ringgit... how can't i sakit hati about this
and sent my laundry in... and went up to bangi straight away.. sorry ayin promise her at 11 atcually but i waited for my favorite dobby to sent my laundry in.....
lastly i manage to arrive bangi and Ayin drive me to Kajang for haji samuri. i am sorry ayin i still say haji samuri satay is the suckiest satay i've ever tasted.. there ...sorry birthday gurl but thats the truth... Thanks for the food and sorry no pressie for you .. maybe one day i can deliver some for you... anyway..... i kesian my friend harini bday diaorang i gave them brands chicken essence :P... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYIN SORRY! :(
p.s thanks for the home cook lunch :)

Sunday-IKEA with ED

some of my plan for my house to be insyallah kalau ada rezeki bila kawin nanti

the last time i met ED was like last year January or February.. for IKEA too... we enjoy it so much but we actually really sad because i want the 3 ringgit hot-dog set and ED wanted the curry-puff set the line was so long we decide to forget about it.. but we had a nice lunch.. which is in the Asian wing...
we split the other to share different type of ayam penyet

the roasted ayam penyet

and fried ayam penyet

we wanted to try the ayam penyet so many times but am not pretty sure why we always end up at PJU5 Having Dinner there.... well ED was like my best friend when my relationship with Eis started to falls apart.... until i met my recent Boyfriend he was like the best-est friend i had..... and before we split up to our car... Ed bagi ni :.... so nice... but too bad the ayam penyet was under my expectation... i miss ayam penyet in benafe.. tak sedapnya ayam penyet kat situ... sebenarnya sambal dia yg tak sedap


Doria Abdullah said...

Woi. You ni kerja atau makan in KL? So much food one...

I prefer Subway to maintain 1 sauce. Mayo bukan sauce kan? LOL

I PM you in a while. And SOMEBODY tukar baju blog d... LOL

aLiSh said...

gi makan :P.....

Mayo dressing.. sama lah thousand i lsland :P

dah lama lah tukar.. since they put this free things my XML File semua lari... i got fed up ganti the one they put up :( not nice hate it

~haNNa~ said...

akak pgi bukit mahkota ke??
tpi bndar seri putra ke bukit mahkota???
dua tmpt yg berbeza taw..
dlu kte ddk ctu la time kte stdy..
smpi skg, klu kte lepak kte msti dok kt ctu...

aLiSh said...

Hari yang akak call tu akak nak jumpa adik lah... kat e ke j tak ingat..... alah kalau dari tol belok kiri kat trafik light... kolej adik kanan.. rumah area kiri (dulu kanan)... gambar tu exit keluar nak balik ke highway la

-nothingness- said...

Haha! i just read this. truth to be told, i was regretting ever going to kjg hj samuri's. it is by far the worst i've tasted in my life. next time, we'll find other things to eat. mcd's anyone? :p

aLiSh said...

Dont regret ... you can judge and start goint to other places...

i want GCB... is it nice? McD's Grilled chicken burger?