Saturday, July 17, 2010

3rd Week in KL

I don't have much activities thou third week... atashino ボーイフレンド ada hal kat KL ....
we finally get to meet up after a year.. yup i know... my friend warn me me if am careless i would lost him thou i just don't want to push it... we promised and i believe we could withstand all interruption... i do jealous but i found it ridiculous to fight over the girls who like him... yes you guys should impress we meet once a year.. well we met once last year a very short 3 hours... we met this year.. jalan jalan kat Putrajaya and that's it..pergi Alamanda cari A4 size envelope for sending in his proposal... exit from Alamanda.. pusing pusing inside precint 2 and 3
..... amik MEX sebab jalan tu jauh sikit we manage to talk more... exit bukit jalil... patah balik sebab salah amik exit to kl, sepatutnya seremban.... sorry ボーイフレンド... lupa... aish ingat nak balik tdo da. Urgh i miss him loads.....

no makan story as well... but i do a lot of shopping thou... a lot of things on my list but i didn't manage to bought it all like those pot herbs in jusco... or anchovies in olive oil or those canned blueberries and raspberry ... hurm seems like my cake plan will be put on hold.... i have like 45 item on list ... tak cukup duit pulak.... i showed my friend my shopping list he shock his head because i put SANMA there... then he ask what is SANMA i just had to drag him there.....
Yes this is sanma... only available in kl grocery store
my plan for this would be sanma takikomi gohan

So the things that i do in my 3rd week:

SSing: Every morning


Try to replicate this but failed... but love the look thou.... damn it i suppose to pull this out since am in midvalley city (lotsa lotsa shop-lots).... i can't even manage to replicate and restyle this look.. boring...

my friend and i notice there is missing frame on the wall.... the IGB hallway

uh the best part about living in my brother apartment is
1. it is like a lego land.... no pulling out hand breaks are allowed
2. you get to park it you HEBAT enough
3. if the car park in building compound are full... feel free to do this
see that proton saga he totally taken my place...
Doria stayed with me once... we park at the side pavement kesian , she help me to align the bricks so i can manage to get my car up there

as always i use streamyx at home i cant bring it around with me... I left my Sony cable if i use bluetooth for modem connection it will be too slow.. on third week abang sal bagi pinjam broadband kak win and every night surfing till morning

i always wanted to try this in noodle station

i ordered wonton in soyu and mix my own spicy favor to suit my buds
there's a white pepper, soyu, chili onion shrimp oil, and chili flakes...

Had vegetable soup ..
that is while watching England kalah..
why did i order this eh?
owh hurm well my so long never met ボーイフレンド he claim I gain to much :P blekkkk

arghhh to much love from my brother - banana fritters with vanilla ice cream drizzle with maple syrup is indeed the best last dessert in KL...

mee rebus in sri hartamas
(Funny orang johor makan mee rebus kat kl pelik tu)
Meet my elders brother in sri hartamas for our last dinner in both of them... thanks for the hospitality.... well we never look alike ... you should see my other 2 brothers.... too different

Goreng telur masukkan nasi dalam bekas mangkuk baki sambal tumis my mum makan... sikit kicap + slice of bird eyes chilly... nothing like home cooked meal and jasmin rice

hurm i like this lamp thou.... nice

i learn few things... skipping rice will not help you shave off those lump.....
i have salads, sandwich and noodles almost every single day and i still gain weight
rupanya DON'T take butter head, or ice burg lettuce they only help you to gain weight
should have stick to my favorite : romaine lettuce

of track issues:
why the hell i dream about Farashafina again...
she was crying , she has the look on her face when she look at Syam... why is that..... after i ask about her well-being suddenly a man came to me
it ended with he asked to follow him or i will end in matter of that week.. but i just don't want to share what happen in that's awful even the person i love was... NVM... ALLAH please save us all....
i never finish discuss with my ボーイフレンド about the hate sms and all those BS
we don't do sharing that much... he never ask about my past....
especially pasal kes ugut ni..... it all happen after he went off outstation, out of Malaysia, he IDD called me only on weekends.....i feel bad talking about what happen.... maybe i felt guilty when
i almost share it with my ex bf..... i am trying not to be nice with all my ex now... in my respect to my
... problem for me clash doesn't mean you need to be enemy.... hate, dislike every-other thing should not be spoiled by your ego..... i like to explain so that we can be close again.. i am lucky to have him (He know when i start to doubt... he always explain)thou it might sound a little stupid or childish...
contoh habib... how much i hate him... i still try to make him feel comfortable thou he is totally absolutely ridiculous

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