Friday, July 16, 2010

2nd Week in KL

can't remember much of second week am slowing down some activity thou


i think i only had my lunch box so no picture kecuali SS-ing in elevator
but now i think i remember why i skipped lunch because i save it for Karate Kids with few classmate
and had this for dinnerthat night
i just realize last night even "the mentalist" use motorola... my moto ok but if am not mistake his is v8 and mine is v9... tu pun kena kutuk gak ... uwaaaaaaaaaaa :(

Had Something from
but i am not sure what it is... tak ingat... ops owh owh dah jumpa apa... taken in my K770i.... so i had yong tau foo?
and am so hungry because i had yong tou foo for lunch... gila ke apa alish ni... hahaha as you guys know me i always fail to diet... so there..... dinner :

So this is again Thai basil chicken stir fry ke apa... anyway... it is not as spicy as they stated there
and as always no.10
(The waiter:
password wifi sini 10 20 30 40 -
my friend terus mencelah ye saya nak: no 10 satu... kelakar la)
thumbs up for this... i think each time we stop by noodle station i order this

more SS-sing in elevator perut saya semakin bulat telah kelihatan

so i had jom jimat set- RM6.70c
don't be deceived i have extra chicken because Chong is vegetarian at the end i share my lunch with johnny...
left: Chong the vegan, Right : Johnny Diet king
and we watch A-Team @ signature

Atikah And Fads... Thanks for much for the movie and dinner... Aku doakan kejayaan dan kekayaan korang supaya leh lanja alish lagi yeay

Malu they younger than me yet they belanja me... mudah mudahan korang di murahkan rezeki amin.....
and we so in love with this shop near my brother apartment - this people with Calpis (カルピス)
100yen shop
yes i notice i gain weight here...... teruk gila gain weight
started my day with my brother's power juice
if am not mistaken celery stalk, 1 carrot, 1 apple and entah (today is his of day- he made this if he manage to wake up early- Love you bro)
had pan mee for lunch... 6 ringgit mangkuk besar gaban
and refill my salad stock......

And this is my dinner... yup number 10 again

i only had this for lunch my breakfast box....
and i didn't had lunch.... i think i do had dinner but with my brother... FIFA showing USA vs something... i cant recall
owh me and my class mate habiskan duit dekat Lowyatt Plaza that night

Lepas kene pukul dengan aida sebab jual wireless headphone yang aku kirim dia belikan.. aku beli balik different design... bwahahaha (aida ham sekarang kitanya wireless hp sama la :P)
Saturday Sunday

Mostly house chores... i tot i suppose to lepak at Ayin's house the whole day lepas sending my laundry, but i cancel it off... Ibu tell me not to bug peoples house... anyway since Ayin's mum and my mum are so close i decide not to break rules so i do house chores the whole 2 days...... and watch the whole season 1 and 2 the mentalist.... yup Eat junk, mamee tomyam with blackpepper sausage and my tuna or chicken black paper sandwich to je..

kecuali on sunday morning lapar sangat so i tapau hailam traditional chicken rice special.... which.. hurm so-so

on the other note.. am getting scared each day.... i meant not the KL trip with what happening now.. at-least i had my period today after absent for 3 month

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