Friday, June 04, 2010

Cupcake for Diyana + surprise bday party and farewell party

yup i didn't expect anything since i am sure we had my farewell party together with P.n Sam n En. Hatta...... i just wanna give adik cupcake since i will not be around next week... so i came in today instead

i was suppose to drop my cupcake and leave smc but ham seem to stalling me with all sort or reason... and kak jam said something about birthday. maybe the forget to tell me about en hatta so.... i guess...
but to my surprise there was my name on the cake... i am surprise and thrill..... THANK YOU

some picture i would like to share

The cupcake I prepared for Diyana's Farewell

The Cake they bought for me and En Hatta

The Gift

huhu siap rasa seram nak bukak :P
open sesame

Token from En. Hatta + cards
the hello kitty is actually a speaker (they ask me do i like the color- answer: hell no) LOVE IT SO MUCH macam tetau je my sonicgear = pagal.... dang wish i can plug in the speaker to my subwoofer but... obviously cannot
this is where i jakun... USB punya pasal
opening zana's gift........
i love shamrock.... i got it... don't care if it is clean and clear freegiftThe Food
Food: pulut kuning adik, kari ayam ham, meatball spaghetti kakjam, karipap/epok-epok, popcorn, sambal tumis eyeda
drinks: A&W, Coke, 100plus
group picture

Dear SMC (my friend, my family who is also my colleague),
thank you for the surprise pot luck. i never expected it before.. i know i shouldn't read the letter...especially zana's...i relief that i read it back home.. thanks .. it is lovely.. i am sorry i drew that line.... just for the sake of my self... i know i left SMC in a hurry... it just that i can't stand myself.... my disappointment..... i am happy to know all of you....... and i love you guys alot... thanks for keeping up with me... and thank you for the sense of belonging we shared together...... i am sorry if i ever hurt any of you.. but you know i meant no harm.... please halalkan everything that i use/take/eat/etc purposely or unintentionally..... thank you for all the hard work... thank you for letting me be myself... thank you for all the support.... and thank you for being you..... and and thank you for being there.........

I wish that everyone in SMC will reach greater success in your life.


p.s i use to do this to....
party planning.... miss you guys already :( maaf i am sure this cost you gusy alot..... :'(


Doria Abdullah said...

Yo. Early bday party?!! But so cute la... Esp the Hello Kitty speakers. Tukar speaker lah!!!

Just had time to visit your blog. The cupcakes look lovely :-P

Can I request one with Moo on it? XD

aLiSh said...

if you order i can make the moo lah :P

thanks.... ya lor i hate them but i love them hurm macam mana tu...

in batu pahat i cant find any sonic gear that how sad it was

aLiSh said...

p.s its farewell for me thou

EyEdA said...

tamaw nanges2 k??

aLiSh said...

sedih lah eyeda alish suka sangat kat SMC