Sunday, May 09, 2010

Selamat Hari Ibu

I wish my mum in person since she cant read my post on net...
I sengaja ignore her request for butter cake and cookies 2 days in a row so that i can prepare her the cake......

Menu for today:
Cake for IBU(It does look a bit messy..i shouldn't move the cake to much.... should have put it in the tray once i start to decorate... but its okay... the white and dark chocolate glaze is superb..... ye saya puji diri sendiri.. no fondant for IBU... i misplace the whole thing and malas to start a new batch....)

we share it with them
and after 30 minute
the cake tinggal
and for lunch... i prepare Lempeng and curry for her

my personal note : Thanks for those who sms me Happy mothers day... i appreciate it ... esp to Defychanwa arigato who sms somewhere at 9 am...... the first one todaY... and owhh you make me cry.. thanks... :)

untuk yg lelain tu... memula aku rasa nak sepak je korang ni sebab rasa sedih, kelakar gembira semua datang sekali... but thanks... can't believe i do have mother figure ViBE :p... awww perasan habis...

To my friend Uyul, Jujah, Dak Dak convent (Ayu, Ilyana, Atikah, Yati, Eja MN dan mummy instant Fara) + Dak SAL (Aisyah, Daya) + Jue jue, Mrs Sam..... Happy mothers day..) huhu sorry kalau terlupa siapa yg dah ada baby.. saya memang pelupa

Segoi-desu ne... atashi hontoni ureshi-desu..... arigato gozaimas Defy-chan..... :D
There's nothing left to say
Don't waste another day
Just you and me tonight
Everything will be okay
If it's alright with you then it's alright with me
Baby let's take this time let's make new memories

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