Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kimchi, Kerang, Grievous + Poignant news feed and i miss yú yuán miàn

well i decide to make kimchi today...

The Prep wasn't that hard... and i use this recipe from youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sX_wDCbeuU but basically you just need to remember... move quick when you mix everything or else it turn sour (blame the equinox).

the vege

the main ingredient

almost there

and after few hour in the fridge the juice start leak out from the vege...i enjoy it so much ... a little bit too gingery and hot for me.... ni mesti berangan masa measuring the ginger :P

And my kerang rebus
mum was not around tonight... since am alone it would be ridiculous to cook heavy stuff... beside i had my cadbury boost before i had this..... and will show you just how i like my kerang rebus

you will need a cloves of garlic- large if possible.. two if small... same amount of ginger.... 1/4 yellow onion medium size and i small stalk of lemon grass (smash it)...

now... make sure you boil the water until it's really bubbly

throw in all the ingredient .. with salt of course... remember not to oversalt... they have enough salt....

okay here is my trick to have a really juicy ..... after it start to bubble again...... put in the kerang ... 3 -5 minute... turn the gas off.... let is sit there for 3-5 minute sieve and serve..... you can have the soup if you want to... the tang taste wonders... but if you want it with the soup you have to clean the kerang thoroughly... like how our parents do... batang daun pisang..... (hate to go kedai makan just to see all the kerang dried up like that... serupa beli kerang kering je kan)
(i know some of mummies out there tell you guys "to know whether the kerang is cook or not... it will open"... ~teet~ but this my friend will lead you to... not so sweet and juicy kerang)

What next.... owh owh
Wanna kongsi with you my zaman Jahiliah... i used to addicted to this....
yú yuán miàn was introduce to me by Kevin(who now is a doctor...) the stall located next to Big Orange in BP...
you can choose to have this nice taste of handmade noodle or a simple kuew tiau....
so what i miss about this Mian is when you bite the noodle.... it is so springy and the taste was wonderful and also the fragrant + the yú yuán(Fishball).... i am not sure about this but they tell me the noodle and fishball was specially made for the stall

on the right will be the 'la yú yuán mian', while on the left would be the normal one... i will buy both.. small size thou last time...... ooooo i had it with Fān shíliú suān méi -normally..... ape ek.. jambu batu dan asam... kih kih kih oklah i rest my case translating all this... terus rasa lapar.....

hurm apa lagi nak kongsi today......

Grievous + Poignant news feed

yup memang lah tak boleh baca.... i use Photoshop to hide the msg.. enough with that picture...
an now
thou John Perry Barlow tells us "Groundless hope, like unconditional love, is the only kind worth having"
i am still confuse only one part of hope in my life..
yes just like my FB status just now "Kalau kau tahu, bukankah kau tahu"

the fact that we know and people know it but do they really know it.... or will they actually understand the meaning of it.. or they pretend they don't know it.. what you feel what they feel.... once the statement like that came out off your status... means that is just it... and once i read it ... i am losing it..
no .... i feels like a slap on my face to wake me up and understand hope and what life meant to me...
now.... i know people will still be confuse with what i want to deliver... i simply will put it this way...
there once something did matter to me most, and yes really important.. but i realize.... once the news about what i think important turn up vice verse... well it is about time for me
to forget about it... but.... i am human... feeling sorrow to what fate shown me is endless....
but i know there is a light.... i just hafta believe more.... ( norman and doria read this they will be sick of me)...
habis nak buat macam mana Eleanor Roosevelt tells me
"The most important word in the English language is hope"
and happen to be faith is my bible to live my life... now... you guys must be completely bord of this confusing note ....enjoy the vids i posted in... and this cat is me :) cute-kan i know :P

-----Read and copied from Aja's Note-----
My dear,
dont be too excited about love,
Love is not just about the good feeling you feel,
But its about pain, disappointment, confusion and goodbyes too.

My dear,
Dont be too excited about things you want to have,
Dont be too eager about all the fancy stuffs you want to buy,
Later on in this life you will find out they are not making u feel whole.

My dear,
Dont be too proud about your beauty,
Or about how rich you are,
Because when it comes to friendships,
Pride never finds a spot in anyone's heart.

My dear,
Dont be too sure that there is always other people to blame,
Because the longer you think about it,
It will always have to do with yourself too,
And sometimes it is nobody but you who cause the pain.

My dear,
Dont be too sad when your heart is broken,
Because a broken heart is always a stronger heart,
And you need strength to fight with worse pain along the way.

My dear,
Dont be too sure when you think that ur life is complicated,
Difficult or full of conflict,
Because as far as we know,
You are having the most amazing moments in ur life,
Before you are becoming an adult,
And the real deal is in front of u.

Good luck!

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