Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ticks me

I am keen to read my mum family history... in fact... my sibling and i ... speak sufficient Bugist and always proud of it.....

i think i have been reading almost every link shown in
but sadly there is one article offended me as Malaysian which was copied from

Yes Bugis is widely known here in Malaysia because of the 5 Daengs.... The Sultan's and PM Background. BUT

1. Malaysia does not originated from Bugist
2. the statement

"Jadi kalau memang masih merasa bersaudara, dan merasa bagian dari Bugis jangan lagi negeri Anda membuat marah kami"

what the.....what is the purpose of that word?

which is similar to one Indonesian post grad student in Malaysia who receive scholarship from Malaysia always smash my country and somehow one of this word once pop up....

why they always need to Claim something, Provoke Something, and Snob at everything?

They provoke, they feel offended, then they start to piss off.... and guess what among themselves (Instead of Veni, Vedi, Vici)
I don't know but it making me want to label something to these people....

Moral of the story: We should not be
divided to Race or Nationalities. or keep provoking among each other.

Everyone came from somewhere and stayed somewhere and move to elsewhere... D'oh!

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