Friday, April 02, 2010


I don't even know there is such a census.
what the eff.... LOL and I don't even know where to start..
have you ever receive a call asking you what political party would you choose in the upcoming election?....
wasn't like my vote PNC?... so if i answer Democrats would i be banned if republicans wins (And vice-versa)... well i start to think this way because she ask me that kinda of question...
what is the purpose and why she keep saying "please answer am just doing my job".... Ridiculous.


Doria Abdullah said...

Alish this is for real?!!! You can choose not to answer the Q kan?!!

aLiSh said...

huhuhu sorry terdelete

Have you registered btw?
yes lah eh i tot we when register together?
bukan ke :P

i choose not to answer i was to weird to even answer

then i told her apa apa lah pilihkan

then she ask me please!
then malas nak layan i just shout the first thing came into my mind. i think she piss thou... ahaks

Doria Abdullah said...

Sista, you register alone la. I registered earlier at home and you registered kat Pesta Konvo. Hehe.

First came to mind... Blue dacing sign ah? Hahaha... Kalau you shout arrow kesian kat dia... Result bukan2. XD

I had a few theories la, about this call.

1. That's some sort of Merdeka centre poll. (Flaw: If it is a survey from Merdeka centre, that fella would have intro-ed herself and purpose of calling d. And Merdeka centres wouldn't do such polls kan?)

2. Maybe it's one of those UMNO Youth Labs thingy. Correct me if I'm wrong but under Rembau MP there's this group doing some sort of research... Myabe this is one of them kot. (Flaw: If it is from Youth Lab, x kan tanya soalan macam ni kan?)

3. It's PKR doing the call.
(Flaw: Byk sgt ke duit PKR tu?)

The way I see it, no3 is the most possible explanation LOL. Mungkin dia guna iTalk kot. XD

Oh ya. The call also means your info either kena pick up from somewhere or some stupid fella sold your info out. Kena berhati2 tau.

aLiSh said...

believe it or not i answer SEMANGAT 46 well until she sounded like really annoyed... i was annoyed

btw talking about you point no 3....
the phone call was from a mobilephone Italk kot?

ya lor.... you should be careful to but i doubt thou ... if you really careful with what you join and all might be no problem ahaks.....

exam macam mana?

Doria Abdullah said...

Eh heh heh... Tgh belajar skrg. Taking things slow. 2 papers next week, 3 papers the following week, 1 paper the following following week, then get out of here. XD

Malas belajar la Alish. Dunno why. Just feel like tido-ing with Char and Moo. XD And read OTHER books than academic books.

Banjir ok? Ingatkan you kena puasa Internet. XD