Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Birthday Baking Project

Owh .. dont get it wrong.. the crazy part was i came back from work normally 9pm++ and come as early as 7pm++ so you know how limited my time is.... but hey got it all don't.. owh owh owh.. this is the step by step process i promise

-Fondant Making-
you ill need Icing Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Almond Essence, Vegetable Shortening, and glycerin..
Knead Icing sugar to the liquid stuff and knead until the dough not sticking to your hand and easy to mold
Extra Love to give to everyone near me,

So for this month we celebrating for two lovely sisters in SMC (Eyeda and Ham)

-Kek Making-

Beat the Egg with sugar till fluffy, mix in milk and canola oil

mix in coco and flour
bagi for 80 Minute Melt the Creme and Cooking chocolate

wait for the chocolate to cool a bit till you are sure that the chocolate ganache coat the cake not to thick not to thin. Start to decorate

And Wallah ... i loving it
My first complete birthday cake project - done
i should skip the skirt piping ahaks... smudge habis

--Cup cake--
yup i decide to back chocolate cupcake with Chocolate ganache and butter creme

well i can't buy small amount for the cupcake cup and decide to use muffin cub (Which a mistake -well there is two mistake am going to show so cont)

Melt the Ganache on double boiler (since i done it the day before so this is the remelt process)

And the output
nice to melt in mouth not for love at first sight
my second mistake was Icing coated Strawberry where it spoil the whole look

ahaks i love this set (well the peeps think this would be suitable for kids )

and wasted resources...... bought this cuppies holder but cant utilize it...
so there my crazy birthday baking project

Happy Bday Eyeda and Hamreeza

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